Season 4 Episode 37

Ring Masters

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Mar 16, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • great episode

    As Ash and company pass through an intriguing little village, they notice a Feraligatr in the midst of a battle. Drawing closer, they see the Feraligatr defeat one opponent after another, but it never seems to tire! When the gang meets the Feraligatr's trainer, they find out that Pokémon battles in this town are of a different breed. Here they practice the art of Pokémon Sumo. Overfed Pokémon are taught to wrestle and are forbidden from using special attacks in Sumo matches. As luck would have it, the Sumo conference is being held the following day. True to his nature, Ash decides to enter the conference, certain he can win. He is surprised, however, to find out he must use a Pokémon that weighs at least 80 kilograms. For Ash, that means only one Pokémon...Snorlax! Although Snorlax makes the weigh-in, it doesn't seem to be interested in moving towards the ring, let alone battling. Watch the surprising turn of events as Ash cleverly uses Snorlax's "guts" to his advantage.
  • The first sumo match!

    When I saw this episode, it was very unexpected to see a sumo match for the first time! One of the things besides battling, I like it. I enjoyed the sumo battle between Snorlax VS Feraligatr because it's way better than the same Pokemon battles. At least were getting new battle techniques.
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