Season 8 Episode 45

Rough, Tough Jigglypuff

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM May 13, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Rough, Tough Jigglypuff
While traveling towards the Battle Arena, Ash and friends get caught in a trap made by a man named Mitch. Mitch is trying to capture a Jigglypuff to give to his daughter for her birthday. Ash and the others try to help capture it but it is super strong, smarter, and tricky which makes it that much more difficult.moreless

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  • An excellent episode.

    This episode was great. Ash found this guy who was trying to get a Jigglypuff for his daughter. I thought it was fuuny when they got Jigglypuff to sing itself to sleep. At the end I thought that the little girl wasn't going to get a Jigglpuff, but it surprised me. To make a long story short I liked it a whole lot.
  • Better than you think

    At first you think, a Jigglypuff episode? This will be dumb. I thought this at first but after watching it I loved this episode. For once the "softy" pokemon gets to be the one kicking butt! The title literally explains it, that is one tough Jigglypuff. This is one of the best Battle Frontier episodes ever (even though it is only number 5). Even if you don't like Jigglypuff I suggest you watch the episode because it is quite funny and interesting to watch. I think that this episode will be one that everyone of all ages will enjoy to watch so go watch it!moreless
  • This actually wasn't bad for a filler episode. The writers really made you feel bad for Mitch.

    On the way to the Battle Arena, Ash and Friends get caught in a trap that was set by a dad named Mitch. The trap was meant for a Jigglypuff that Mitch was trying to capture for his daughter for her birthday.

    This Jigglypuff is much smarter, stronger, and faster then any other Jigglypuff we've seen before.

    This episode revolved around Mitch and the Gang trying to capture the Jigglypuff with various methods. The Jigglypuff used many different attacks however, and they weren't victorious. One attack actually looked like Dragonbreath, which is strange, because Jigglypuff can't learn Dragonbreath....

    Max does come up with a plan that works however. They board up Mitch's cabin with metal plates, and lock Jigglypuff in the cabing with Pikachu. Pikachu battles it until Jigglypuff uses Sing, which bounces off the plates and puts both of them to sleep. Even though the plan worked perfectly, Mitch could'nt bring himself to capture Jigglypuff because he felt that he belonged in the forest. He decided that he would give his daughter the Loudred he caught in the forest for her birthday instead of a Jigglypuff.

    Even though his daughter is upset at first, she says that she will love the loudred just as much as the Jigglypuff. Just as shes saying this, we see Jigglypuff flying overhead (Like a balloon)As it turned out, Jigglypuff loved Mitch chasing it all the time and decided to willingly come to be his daughter's pokemon.

    I thought this episode was pretty good, I just wish something happened.moreless
  • A great episode

    Rough, Tough, Jigglypuff is a great episode, and probably will be one of the best of the season. It was good seeing Jigglypuff again, even if it wasn't the same one. This episode was very well written, and it had a great ending with Jipplypuff following Mitch back to his house and staying with him and his family, which made his daughter happy. There were some funny moments in this episode, like when May was going to give Jigglypuff some of her Pokeblock, but her Munchlax ate it. Another one was when Jigglypuff wouldn't eat Brock's food. Overall, a great episode, I give it a 9.5 out of 10.moreless
Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson

Mitch Mitchum

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Lisa Adams

Lisa Mitchum

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Amy Birnbaum

Mrs. Mitchum

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Eric Stuart

Battle Frontier Pokédex

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