Season 12 Episode 7

Saving the World From Ruins!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jun 20, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Ash, Dawn, and Brock, along with their new friend Riley, search for the source of the mysterious waves affecting the Steel-type Pokémon, and find Team Galactic. What is Team Galactic's plan, and what do they want with the ruins on Iron Island?

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  • Ash and the gang have problems now with Lucario wanting to attack them and Team Galatic to deal as well as well as their evil plans??? What is gonna happen??

    Ohh, this was a good episode! Okay before I start this review, I wanna say that I just caught this episode on Youtube and I didn't know what happened in the last episode so don't tell me, as I will try and see what it is soon enough. Anyways, this episode was well intense. In this episode it takes place from the last episode. Turns out something is quite wrong with Riley's Lucario and it starts attacking everyone, even Riley and destroyed its Pokeball??????? I also could not believe that Ash took a blow from his Bone Rush attack as well! And the worst thing is Team Galatic is behind everything and is responsible for everything that happened to the Steel type Pokemon! What's next? Well, this episode was quite intense I suppose with action. I know I haven't been watching the latest episodes after stopping from a bit of Season 11, but the events were quite surprising, from James Carnavine learning Vine Whip for example. There were funny moments like Barry hugging James and I thought they were gaying or something! Poor Chimchar also had to suffer as well if you know what I mean!! It was also good to see Riley and Lucario in action and in this episode as well!! In the game they were cool but well I will check out the other episodes before then to see Riley once more!! And frankly I didn't quite get what was Team Galatic's plan at first after watching the episode and I had to go to Bulbapedia to understand what was their plot! It was to scan Mt. Coronet to find the Spear Pillar lol! Finally this was a good episode I guess. Check it out then!

    Final rating: 7.9 to 8.5

    Final Grade: A-moreless
  • A climactic finish to the Iron Island two-parter!

    This was a great episode, definitely Season 12's best so far, just topping the Ash vs. Byron episode. Staravia used Brave Bird for the first time since it learned it way back in Veilstone City, Carnivine learned Vine Whip, pwnage battles took place, Riley and his Lucario threw an explosion into the air and blew it up over Iron Island, and there was more Team Galactic action! All of that packed into this one episode made it simply awesome, and I'm looking forward to seeing the climax of Team Galactic's ultimate plan even more now. Sinnoh Saga excitement is sure to keep on coming!moreless
  • More great scenes with Team Galactic on Iron Island!

    This two-part thriller was quite a great one! The steel type Pokemon were in intense pain, due ato a device created by Team Galactic to locate the exact whereabouts of Spear Pillar on Mount Corontet.

    I thought the whole episode has a spooky feel about it, what with the steel type Pokemon and the weird bright light caused by Team Galactic. We also swaw Crystal-coloured Aurora power, or is it called aura? Riley and Lucario were quite good in preventing a calamity on Iron Island!

    Team Galactic unfortunately achieved 60% of what they were after, but it will be interesting to see what happens on our next encounter with Team Galactic! Can't wait fo it!

    All up, this was a very good two-part thriller! I enjoyed all of the stuff on Iron Island, and I am really enjoying this entire season! Keep it up, guys, and I can't wait until our next encounter with Team Galactic!

    One final note that we saw Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in this episode, as well as Cyrus, although I don't wthink Jupiter talked. And Team Rocket never blasted off, lo!l!moreless

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