Pokémon - Season 1

Saturday 8:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Sep 08, 1998 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Pallet Party Panic
    Pallet Party Panic
    Episode 83
    Following the completion of the Pokémon League, Ash is back home in Pallet Town. Professor Oak and Delia throw him a party which of course Team Rocket crashes, but Ash is able to send them off with the help of Charizard, who proceeds to wreck the party. Later that day Professor Oak asks Ash to run a errand for him. He wants Ash to go to the Orange Islands and pick up the GS Ball from Professor Ivy. He agrees and leaves soon after. Along the way they become trapped ina forest where the same flock of Spearow from the beginning of Ash's journey is still causing trouble, along with their newly evolved Fearow leader. Now they must figure out a way to get out of the forest before the Spearow manage to get to them.moreless
  • Friends To The End
    Friends To The End
    Episode 82
    Ash is upset about losing in the Pokémon League and does not want to talk to anybody. when Misty tries to talk to him it turns into a fight. However, Ash does in the end decide to go and watch Richie's sixth round match, which he just narrowly loses. After the match Ash and Richie go out to the lake and talk about their experiences in the league. However, Team Rocket once again comes to interrupt the battle. After defeating them, the only thing left is the awards and closing ceremonies.moreless
  • Friend And Foe Alike
    The fifth round match-ups have been determined and Ash is up against his new friend Richie. The two of them are shocked, but determined to win the battle, despite little sleep that night. The day of there battle, Team Rocket use a voice changer to sound like Richie and call Ash. "Richie" wants to meet Ash and talk to him about Pikachu. When Ash arrives at the meeting point, Team Rocket reveal themselves and capture Ash and Pikachu and begin to take him and Pikachu away. Ash manages to escape, but Team Rocket is in pursuit. Now Ash must race back to Indigo Stadium before he is disquialifed for not showing up, while at the same time dodging Team Rocket's attacks.moreless
  • A Friend In Deed
    A Friend In Deed
    Episode 80
    Following his fourth win in the Pokémon League, Ash is enjoying his day off. He goes to get something to eat, and finds his mom in the restaurant cooking for him. After the meal Ash meets another trainer named Richie who he shares a lot in common with. They begin talking when Team Rocket come by in a car pretending to be league officials saying that trainers must get their Pokémon inspected. Team Rocket made a mistake and reveal themselves, so they flee. Ash and Richie chase after them, but eventually lose them. That night they camp out by a river and talk more about their journeys. The next day they manage to find Team Rocket, but Team Rocket wake up and trap them in the back of the van as well. Now they must figure out a way to get out and return the Pokémon.moreless
  • The Fourth Round Rumble
    Gary is battling his fourth match of the Pokémon League. His Nidoking is battling against a Golem on the rock field. After a little fighting, Nidoking is defeated and Gary is out of the Pokémon League. This defeat makes Ash nervous that he too may lose his fourth battle. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is making money by selling "official" Pokémon League badges. They also try to distract unsuspecting trainers so they can steal their pokémon, however Officer Jenny quickly puts a kink and the plan and they flee. The time has finally come for Ash's battle on the Grass Field, his final challenge before heading into Indigo Stadium. His trainer is the beautiful Jeanette Fisher, a trainer who is very skilled with her grass-type Pokémon. After tough fights Ash manages to defeat her Beedrill and Scyther, but when she calls out Bellsprout, Ash is in for his toughest league match yet.moreless
  • Fire And Ice
    Fire And Ice
    Episode 78
    As the Pokémon League continues, Ash pulls off a win on the Rock Field. After the battle Ash leaves his Pokémon with Misty and Brock, while he and Pikachu go to find something to eat. Misty is upset by this and her and Brock take him Pokémon and go to find him. They catch up with him, and tell him to take his Pokémon to the Pokémon Center. However, everyone is filled up. Luckily a strange looking Nurse Joy appears to guide them to a vacant center. It turns out to be a trap by Team Rocket who try to steal his Pokémon. They stop them and finally get them to a real center and they go out to eat. The next say Ash has his third battle on the Ice Field, and so far the match it tied, but his opponent's Arcanine may change that.moreless
  • Round One - Begin!
    Round One - Begin!
    Episode 77
    The Pokémon ceremony is about to begin, so Ash heads to register. Each trainer must first battle on four fields made up of Water, Ice, Rock, and Grass before reaching the main stadium. Ash's first match will be on the Water Filed against the arrogant "Astounding Mandi". Ash runs into Gary who taunts Ash as usual and gets him fired up to win, especially after Gary ins his first battle. with his first battle on the Water Field, Ash calls Professor Oak and has him send Krabby over so he can have two water pokémon to use. Misty and Brock advise him not to use Krabby but Ash won't listen, and when the match starts, Ash picks Krabby, but will Krabby be able to pull of a victory in its first battle, and in such an important battle?moreless
  • All Fired Up!
    All Fired Up!
    Episode 76
    Ash has made it to the Pokémon League. A man is carrying the torch up towards the League, where it will burn throughout the entire event. Ash steps in and asks if he can carry the torch. Although Officer Jenny would not let him, the president of the Pokémon League decides to let him try. He does not get far until Team Rocket appears and tries to steal the torch, and they manage to get away with it. Thankfully, Mr. Goodshow has a spare flame and they continue on their way to the stadium and eventually make it. However, Team Rocket's stolen flame burns out and they decide to crash the opening ceremony and steal the flame!moreless
  • Bad To The Bone
    Bad To The Bone
    Episode 75
    Ash finds out that the Pokémon League is starting soon, so he, along with Misty, and Brock, begins the journey to the Indigo Plateau. Along the way he is challenged by a trainer named Otoshi. He demands that the winner takes the loser's gym badges. Thinking he will win, Ash agrees. Luckily Ash wins, only to discover that Otoshi does not have any badges, and he tells them that they were stolen by Team Rocket. Meanwhile, James and Meowth discover that they gym badges are gone, and so is Jessie. Jessie has taken the badges and it planning on entering the Pokémon League without Team Rocket's help. Otoshi has now become depressed about losing his badges and has given up hope. His Marowak is angered by this and leaves. Ash, Misty, and Brock agree to help him find his badges and get them back, and reunite him with Marowak.moreless
  • The Ancient Puzzle Of Pokémopolis
    Ash continues his training for the Pokémon League by having a battle with Brock. When Jigglypuff randomly appears in the middle of the battlefield, Ash and Brock have Pikachu and Vulpix deflect their attacks. The resulting explosion unearths a mysterious looking thing. A girl named Eve immediately arrives to take the artifacts that they unearthed. She then explains that this must be the ancient city of Pokémopolis, and tells them about the story of the city. That night Team Rocket send Arbok into the ruins to find something. Arbok retrieves a black bar-bell looking object that sucks it along with Team Rocket into it. The next morning Eve's team find the object and are also captured in it. They it suddenly turns into a giant Gengar! Ash and friends run to make sure Eve is ok, but she is stuck in a trance from another one of the artifacts. The two artifacts combine together and turn into a Giant Alakazam. The two ancient pokémon begin to battle and threaten to destroy the surrounding areas. Now everyone must find some way to stop the fight.moreless
  • To Master The Onix-pected
    Ash and Brock are watching Bruno of the Elite 4 on TV, when Misty turns it off and tells Ash to do some real training. Delia then mentions that she heard that Bruno likes to train at Mt. Hideaway near Pallet Town. They decide to try and go find him. On the way up the mountain they have a quick ordeal with Team Rocket trying to steal from an old lady. While walking on the mountain they notice that there is a giant trail, and t was made by a giant Onix that is coming after them! All of a sudden Bruno himself appears and saves them. Ash asks Bruno to train him, but Bruno's lessons are not what Ash had expected. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decide to capture the giant Onix, which causes it to go on a rampage.moreless
  • Go West Young Meowth
    Ash, Misty, Brock and Delia get invited to Hollywood for the premiere of the movie they helped to make "Pokémon In Love". They all head to Hollywood (as well as Team Rocket) and wind up at an abandoned movie theater where the director is waiting. After they go in the theater Team Rocket come out of hiding. Meowth says that he will catch up with them in a little bit. As everyone else watches the movie, Meowth walks around town remembering his past in the town and the events that lead him to join Team Rocket.moreless
  • Lights, Camera, Quack-tion!
    While wondering around near Pallet Town, Ash and friends come across a girl named Kay who wants to battle. Ash agrees to, but before the battle can start Team Rocket comes an interrupts it. However, they accidentally capture Katrina's Raichu instead of Ash's Pikachu. Before anything else can happen, a movie director by the name of Cleavon Schpielbunk arrives and talks about how he needs starts for his upcoming Pokémon movie. His star, Wigglytuff, it a bit bratty and he must find a star that can handle her. Everyone then decides to audition for the role. When Arbok and Weezing get rejected, Team Rocket decide to take revenge and steal all of the Pokémon on the movie set.moreless
  • Make Room For Gloom
    Make Room For Gloom
    Episode 70
    To avoid work around the house, Ash, Misty, and Brock run off to find something to do. They wind up at the famous Xanadu Nursery, a place where Ash used to go all the time when he was little. There they meet Florinda, a shy girls who helps run the place and her Gloom. Florinda has recently lost her confidence after a Leaf Stone she bought failed to make her Gloom evolve. Professor Oak shows up and reveals that is is fake and they find out Team Rocket are the ones who sold it. Brock says that he will catch them for Florinda, who has fallen in love with him. Meanwhile, Team Rocket sneak into the nursery to steal plants.moreless
  • The Pi-Kahuna
    The Pi-Kahuna
    Episode 69
    While jogging on Seafoam Island, Ash becomes blinded and accidentally causes a traffic mess. Officer Jenny comes along and clears it, and tells everyone about the high tourist traffic is due to the huge tidal wave that is due to hit the island soon "Humunga Dunga". Ash and friends go surfing, and while surfing Ash's foot cramps up and he starts to pass out. He is saved by a man named Victor and his Pikachu "Puka". Ash thanks hims and Victor tells everyone how everyone who rides Humunga Dunga tries to place a flag on the giant rock that sits off shore, as well as the story about his hero, Jan, who is the only one to ride the wave to the top of the rock and place a flag on it. Victor dreams of also doing this. Team Rocket then shows up and steals the two Pikachu's and try to retreat to sea. now they must get they Pikachu's back, as well as get ready for the big wave that is approaching.moreless
  • The Evolution Solution
    Delia, Misty, and Brock leave Ash behind in Pallet Town while they head to Seafoam Island for a vacation. When goes looking for them at Oak's lab, he learns that Professor Oak is trying to figure out the secrets of Slowpoke's evolution. Oak then suggests that Ash should go visit Professor Westwood, the creator of the Pokédex and find out. Ash heads out and surprises they other when he arrives. They head to Westwood's lab where they follow him around as he also studies Slowpoke. Meanwhile, Giovanni is tired of Team Rocket's failures and commands them to go and steal the Pokémon from Westwood's lab.moreless
  • Showdown at the Po-ké Corral
    Ash has finally returned home to Pallet Town. With the Pokémon League still a few months away, he decides to visit Professor Oak. However, his rival Gary is also there. After compared their Pokédexes, it turns out that while ash has seen more Pokémon, Gary has captured more, which upsets Ash. Everyone then decides to spend the day seeing what Professor Oak does each day at the lab. Meanwhile, Team rocket have found their way into the lab's reserve and are planning to steal all the Pokémon!moreless
  • Snow Way Out
    Snow Way Out
    Episode 66
    Continuing on their way to the next town, Ash and friends come to a fork in the road. Ash rushes down one path and ends up almost falling of the mountain. His compass does not work and he is now lost and can not find Misty and Brock, so he must make his way off of the mountain, and survive the terrible blizzard. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is stuck in the bad weather and are stuck in igloo. Jessie is enjoying this however, remembering her childhood and all the things she used to do with her mother.moreless
  • Holiday Hi-Jynx
    Holiday Hi-Jynx
    Episode 65
    Jessie is convinced that Santa stole a doll from her when she was younger and wants revenge and comes up with a plan to get it back. Meanwhile, Ash, Misty, and Brock encounter a Jynx who wants to get back to Santa at the North Pole. They decide to help it but Team Rocket's plan could pose some trouble for them.moreless
  • It's Mr. Mime Time
    It's Mr. Mime Time
    Episode 64
    On the way to Pallet Town, Ash and friends run across Stella, a girl who is trying to get her Mr. Mime to obey her so she can properly perform her circus routines. Mr. Mime is lazy and wants nothing to do with her or the circus. Because of this, Ash and friends decide to help her out (and Ash reluctantly end up in a Mr. Mime outfit) Then, Team Rocket show up and take Ash, thinking him to Mr. Mime. Knowing Ash will be ok, Delia takes Misty and Brock her house where another Mr. Mime shows up. Thinking it is Ash, Delia puts it to work, that is until Ash shows up. Team Rocket then return to try and take the Mr. Mime.moreless
  • The Battle Of The Badge
    Ash arrives at the Viridian Gym and is ready to head inside when Gary shows up. Gary brags about how many badges he has and goes inside the gym before Ash can. Inside Gary is having an easy time battling the Gym Leader until he brings out a pokémon that can't be identified, and uses it to beat Gary. Meanwhile, Togepi gets separated from the group and everyone goes searching for it. Togepi ends up with Team Rocket who deliver it to Giovanni, who wants nothing to do with it. He is then called away on important business and leaves the gym in the care of Jessie, James, and Meowth and hands them pokémon to use. Ash and the others arrive back at the gym only to discover that Togepi is inside. Once inside they find Gary and wake him up and they talk about what happened. Team Rocket then shows up for a battle with Ash. He agrees to a gym battle, but it may have some shocking consequences if he makes a wrong move.moreless
  • Clefairy Tales
    Clefairy Tales
    Episode 62
    In Viridian City, Ash and friends are enjoying Ice Cream when a Clefairy comes and steals their backpacks. They report this to Officer Jenny, who tells them this has happened to more people as well. They then meey a guy names Oswald, and they follow the Clefairy down city pipes to find a spaceship underground! The Clefairy are stealing stuff in order to repair the ship. While Brock goes to get Officer Jenny, the other decide to sneak on the ship and retrieve the stolen stuff.moreless
  • The Misty Mermaid
    The Misty Mermaid
    Episode 61
    On the way to Viridian City, Misty notices that Horsea isn't feeling well. She decides to take Horsea back to the Cerulean City Gym to get a chance to swim around in their bigger pool. Her sisters get an idea to generate publicity for the gym by having an underwater ballet. To everyone's surprise, they picked Misty to be the star of the show. She reluctantly agrees and the ballet begins perfectly. However, Team Rocket have stolen the villain outfits from Violet and Lily and are planning on crashing the ballet in order to capture the pokémon they are using.moreless
  • Beach Blank-Out Blastoise
    Ash and friends are running to catch the last ferry off of Cinnibar Island, and just as they are approaching the ferry, they collide with a Wartortle. Wartortle talks with Ash's Squirtle and the two race off the island. Everyone follows them and they wind up on an island that is a haven for Squirtle and Wartortle and they are protected and led by a Blastoise. However, Blastoise has fallen asleep and will not wake up, and Ash and friends decide to help figure out what is wrong. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is planning on steal the Blastoise.moreless
  • Volcanic Panic
    Volcanic Panic
    Episode 59
    Pikachu was able to dodge Magmar's attack, but just by an inch and is now hanging from the edge of the battlefield. Before anything worse happens, Ash forfeits. He takes Pikachu to the hot spring to heal it, and is trying to come up with ways to beat Blaine. Meanwhile, Team Rocket enters the battlefield to capture Magmar, but when Magmar is unaffected by their freeze guns, they proceed to freeze the entire area. This causes the volcano to become really unstable. Now Ash, Misty, Brock, and Blaine must stop the volcano from erupting, and Ash must still figure out a way to battle and defeat Blaine.moreless
  • Riddle Me This
    Riddle Me This
    Episode 58
    Ash and friends finally make it to Cinnabar Island, but are saddened to see that the gym has been closed because the island is now a tourist destination. They try to find a place to stay, but every place is packed. They finally find a room at a hotel run by a man who loves riddles. While in the hot spring, they end up discovering an entrance into the volcano, which leads them to a battlefield. The old man appears and reveals himself to be Blaine, the leader of the Cinnabar Gym. Ash challenges him and he accepts, but this match will be way more then Ash expected.moreless
  • 5/1/99
    Stopping in a town on the way to Cinnabar Island, Ash and friends see a commercial for a Breeding Center and decide to check it out. Misty decides to leave Psyduck there. Afterwords, they find a restaurant where the chef will give a free buffet meal to anyone who can show him his favorite pokémon, which just happens to be Psyduck. Everyone the races back to the Breeding Center to get it. However, it is closed. After sneaking in the back, they discover that the people who run it are Butch and Cassidy, another duo from Team Rocket and they plan to send all of the pokémon to Giovanni. After trying to escape, everyone (including Jessie and James who were trying to steal some of the pokémon) are sent to jail except Misty, Pikachu, and Togepi. Now those three must find a way to prove them innocent and save Psyduck and all the other pokémon.moreless
  • The Ultimate Test
    Episode 56
    While everyone is eating lunch, Misty mentions that it has been a while since Ash received a gym badge. Todd then tells Ash about a test that he can take that will allow him to enter the Pokémon League if he passes it. Everyone heads over to the building and Ash enters, and Jessie and James (in disguises) also enter. However, the test turns out to be harder then they thought, and Jessie quits during the first part. When it comes time to battle with random pokémon that obey whoever uses them, Team Rocket come up with a plan to capture all of the pokémon and Pikachu!moreless
  • Pokémon Paparazzi
    Pokémon Paparazzi
    Episode 55
    As Ash and the group continue on their way, they notice a boy trying to take a picture of Pikachu. The boy, whose name is Todd, invites them to his place for pancakes and he tries to get a picture of Pikachu. However, Team Rocket has hired him because he says he can "capture" any pokémon. However, he means capture them on film. Later on Team Rocket finds out about this and they decide to get revenge and capture Pikachu themselves, and get rid of Todd.moreless
  • 4/10/99
    While traveling through the forest, the group see who they think is a thief. Ash sends Pikachu after it, but Pikachu is scared because he holds a gun. When a Growlithe comes by to knock the gun out of it's hand, Pikachu goes. They are all stopped because he isn't a thief, but a police officer training the K-9 police squad. Ash wants to have them train Pikachu, but doesn't realize he must go, too. Officer Jenny then drills Ash morning til night and he becomes exhausted. Team Rocket then busts into the school and uses a special gas to confuse the pokémon and alter Ash, Misty, Brock, and Officer Jenny's voices. They then use megaphones that project Ash, Misty, Brock, and Officer Jenny's real voices. Now the Pokémon can't tell where their trainers really are, and Team Rocket plans to use this to steal Pikachu.moreless
  • The Purr-fect Hero
    The Purr-fect Hero
    Episode 53
    On the way to the next gym, Ash and friends arrive a school on what just happens to be Children's day. However, the people who were suppose to visit the school are not able to make it. Ash, Misty, and Brock decide to let them play with their pokémon to make up for it. Then, Team Rocket shows up as magicians and try to steal Pikachu. However, they end up capturing one of the students, Timmy, instead. Timmy, who was once saved by a Meowth from a Beedrill, becomes obsessed with Meowth, thinking it is the same one. Team Rocket decide to take advantage of this and send Timmy and Meowth back to the school, where Meowth can not talk and blow his cover while he tries to capture Pikachu.moreless
  • Princess Versus Princess
    It is Princess Day, the day when there are incredible discounts in the malls, and all sorts of events and activities, but only for girls. Just after having gone shopping and buying a present to get on the boss' good side, Jessie encounters a Lickitung. The Lickitung eats everything Jessie had bought, and so she captures it. When Jessie and Misty hear about a competition where girls can enter to win a set of Pokémon dolls they both decide to compete for the ultimate prize.moreless
  • 4/3/99
    During a battle, the bulb on Bulbasaur's back begins to glow. They rush it to the Pokémon Center where Nurse joy tells them that Bulbasaur is getting ready to evolve. Soon after Bulbasaur leaves its bed and is taken by other Bulbasaur to the mysterious garden where the Bulbasaur evolve into Ivysaur. They follow it to the garden where a Venusaur appears to start the ceremony. The rest of the Bulbasaur evolve, but Ash's refuses to. Venusaur and Ivysaur get mad and try to punish it, but Ash steps in the way. Then Team Rocket shows up, and they want Ivysaur and Venusaur.moreless
  • 3/27/99
    Continuing onto the next gym, Ash and friends stop by a pokémon center where Nurse Joy gives Ash a message from Professor Oak. Ash calls him, and the Professor offers to give Ash's pokédex an upgrade, which he accepts. After they leave the center, they encounter Team Rocket, who disguise themselves as eggs thieves. They mix up all their fake eggs with the egg Ash found, and they grab it an run off. However, they leave a trail of eggs behind them and Ash and friends follow them to a cabin where an all out battle ensues for the egg. During the battle, the egg hatches, revealing the pokémon Togepi. However, no one can decide who gets to keep it. To solve the problem, Ash, Misty, Brock, and Meowth decide to hold a tournament to decide Togepi's owner.moreless
  • 3/20/99
    Ash and friends stop in a forest to have a snack. Misty notices a Farfetch'd, and tries to catch it. The pokémon runs into the woods and Misty follows. Misty runs into its trainer, causing their bags to fall on the ground, and he gives her bag back to her. After departing, Misty realizes that he tricked her, and stole her bag with all of her supplies and pokémon. However, Psyduck escapes and leads them back to the trainer, who tries to get away. However, Team Rocket show up, and after realizing they have been tricked, try to get back at him. After sending Team Rocket away, Ash and Misty decide to battle the trainer and get all of the pokémon back.moreless
  • Holy Matrimony!
    Episode 48
    While walking down a long road, Ash and friends notices a sign with a picture of James as a young kid. A limo then pulls up, and a butler reveals that James' parents have died recently and he wants to find James so that James can receive his inheritance. Team Rocket is nearby, and Jessie and Meowth encourage James to go and get his inheritance. He reluctantly returns, where everyone finds out that his parents are actually alive! It turns out to be a plan to lure James home so that he can marry his fiance Jessiebelle, a girl who looks similar to Jessie. James once again refuses, so Jessiebelle takes matters into her hands and decides to get rid of Jessie and Meowth and force James to marry her.moreless
  • A Chansey Operation
    Episode 47
    On the way to the next town, Ash, Misty, and Brock stop in a park to have a lunch. Pikachu is in a nearby tree looking for apples to eat. The little pokémon then decides to swallow an apple whole, which results in it passing out. With the nearest pokémon center being far away, they decide to take Pikachu to a human hospital, where "charming" Doctor Proctor reluctantly removes the apple. Then the phone rings. Nurse Joy warns them about a truck hauling pokémon that overturned, injuring dozens of pokémon. Her center can not care for all of them, so she is sending some over to his hospital. Ash, Misty, and Brock agree to help. When the pokémon arrive, it is revealed that Team Rocket was hauling them, and they also agree to help. However, once the doctor is accidentally knocked out from some medicine and the pokémon are resting, Team Rocket decides to take them all back for themselves.moreless
  • Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon
    Continuing the journey to the next town, Ash and the others notice a bunch of people with digging tolls heading in the same direction. Gary arrives and tells them about Grandpa Canyon, and how ancient pokémon fossils are said to rest there. Team Rocket is also at the canyon, and they plan to use explosives to reveal all the fossils, which will also trap many people down below. After Meowth lights the fuse Ash and Squirtle try to put it out, but they do not make it in time. The explosion causes Ash, Pikachu, and Team Rocket to all fall into an underground cave. The cave is home to the ancient pokémon Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte, and Omastar. The four quickly attack them, but the real threat is on its way. Soon an Aerodactyl appears, and decides to take Ash for a ride.moreless
  • 2/20/99
    Ash and friends arrive in Neon Town, a flashy town where the people are very cranky ad get little to no sleep. They decide to leave the town. In the forest they come across a wild Jigglypuff. Misty decides to capture it, but the pokémon is not feeling good, so she decides not to. They help the Jigglypuff to heal its throat, and then she sings to them, forcing them to fall asleep. After they wake up, they decide to have Jigglypuff sing to Neon Town, but Team Rocket may have other plans for the little pink pokémon, and a new motto to boot.moreless
  • 2/13/99
    On the way to the next gym, Ash and friends are out of medical supplies and stop to get some. However, the town has no pokémon center or mart, so they head to a lady who specializes in special medicines. When they arrive there they meet her and her granddaughter Cassandra. Cassandra tells them that she wants to help her Grandma, but in order to do that she needs her Paras to evolve into Parasect. Ash decides to help her, but his Charmeleon goes a little too far and burns poor Paras. Meanwhile, Meowth has an immediate crush on Cassandra and decides to help her out.moreless
  • 10/30/98
    On the way to the next town, Ash, Misty, and Brock arrive at a carnival. Ash and Brock head off to look around while Misty and Pikachu attend a magic show. However, the magician is not good and his act fails horribly. Misty decides to help him, but the act still does not fair well. The magician then gets an idea to use his Exeggcute to hypnotize people into liking his act, he even tries it out on Misty! However, his plan backfires and he ends up hypnotizing a bunch of Exeggutor who begin to go on a rampage that is heading straight for the carnival.moreless
  • 10/29/98
    The group arrives in Dark City, a seemingly dull town where they are attacked just because they are pokémon trainers. A restaurant owner tells them that the reason why people in the town hate pokémon trainers is because in Dark City there are two unofficial gyms that are trying to best each other so that they can be the official gym of the city. There battles are slowly destroying the town, so Ash, Misty, and Brock decide to help the townspeople stop the pointless fighting.moreless
  • Wake Up Snorlax!
    Episode 41
    Ash and friends continue on their journey, and grow tired and hungry. They decide to stop at a town up ahead, but the town has barley any food left as the river has dried up, causing them to have no water to grow any food. Driven by the promise of a meal, the three friends head up the river to find the source. When they find the source of the river, they find out that the river flow is being blocked by a sleeping Snorlax! They convince the owner to play his pokéflute to wake up Snorlax, but the river still does not flow, as there is a mess of vines blocking the passage. They try to cut them away, but there are way too many, so they decide to wake up Snorlax again. However, this is easier said then done, especially when Team Rocket come to steal Snorlax.moreless
  • 10/27/98
    While traveling through the woods, the group encounters an Eevee that was apparently abandoned by a tree. Noticing the collar, they take it to the address in nearby Stone Town. It turns out that the owner is a little boy named Mikey, who left Eevee in the woods because his brothers are pressuring him into evolving Eevee. Stone Town is at the foot of a mountain where evolution stones are plentiful, and Mikey's brothers are hosting a party where people are encouraged to use stones to evolve their pokémon. The brother even try to get Ash and Brock to evolve Pikachu and Vulpix. The party is also a event to decide weather Mikey will evolve Eevee into Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon. however, Mikey does not want to evolve Eevee and Misty encourages him to tell his brothers. However, Team Rocket interrupts the party and steal all the food, evolution stones, and pokémon! Now it is up to Ash and the others to get all of them back.moreless
  • Pikachu's Goodbye
    Episode 39
    Ash and the group stop by a river to have a quick lunch. Pikachu hears something and notices another Pikachu nearby. The other Pikachu is younger, and accidentally falls in the river. Pikachu jumps in to save it, and the two are quickly overpowered by the river. Ash tries to help, but cannot reach the two in time. Just before the two fall off a waterfall, a whole group of Pikachu arrives and pulls the two from the river. Ash's Pikachu is quickly accepted in this group. As Ash witnesses all the fun Pikachu is having, he begins to think that maybe this I where Pikachu really belongs. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decide to steal all the Pikachu instead of just Ash's in hopes they will get on Giovanni's good side.moreless
  • Electric Soldier Porygon
    Ash and friends find at the local Pokémon Center that there is something wrong the Pokéball transmitting devise. To find out what's wrong, everyone must go inside the machine.
  • 10/26/98
    Ash and the other seek shelter from the rain inside an abandoned theater house. However, it turns out that the place is not abandoned, as they meet a young girl named Duplica that likes to mimic people. Duplica loves to put on acts wit her Ditto, but she has one small problem. When her Ditto transforms, it can't change its face. Ash, Misty, and Brock decide to do anything they can to help her, though their efforts come up short. Meanwhile, Team Rocket plan to steal Ditto so that they can have it transform into Dratini for Giovanni.moreless
  • 10/23/98
    After finally making it through the Safari Zone, Ash and the others come across a long bridge they will be a shortcut to the next town. However, they need bikes to get across. They head to a pokémon center, where Nurse Joy allows them to borrow some bikes, if they take some medicine to the pokémon center across the bridge. After getting about halfway across the bridge, they run into a local gang that claims the bridge as their territory. Ash begins a battle with them, but when Officer Jenny shows up, they take off. It turns out that Jessie and James used to be part of the gang, and they decide to help them stop Ash and friends from crossing the bridge.moreless
  • The Legend of Dratini
    Ash and friends arrive at the Safari Zone, where they are ready to participate in the Safari Game and captured some new Pokémon. However, the Warden is extremely cranky and is not beyond pointing a gun to them. They talk with Professor Oak and tells them about the Warden and the rare Pokémon Dratini. They then take their Safari Balls and head out into the field. However Team Rocket is also at the Safari Zone and they have captured the warden and attempt to force him to tell them where the Legendary Dratini is.moreless
  • The Kangaskhan Kid
    Episode 34
    Ash and the others arrive in the real Safari Zone, and try to catch some of the many pokémon that live there. However, Officer Jenny shows up and stops them, before taking them to her tent. It turns out that in this part of the Safari Zone, you cannot catch any of the pokémon. They apologize to Jenny, and in reparation, as to help her when poachers enter the reserve. The poachers turn out to be Team Rocket, who are rounding up all the Kangaskhan. Ash and others don't even get the chance to help, due to a little boy freeing all of the pokémon, who send Team Rocket flying. After the boy and Kangaskhan leave, two people come in a helicopter and say they are looking for their lost son Tommy. When they show the picture to Jenny, it turns out to be the same boy who lives with the Kangaskhan! Meanwhile, Team Rocket come up with another plan to get the Kangaskhan.moreless
  • 10/21/98
    After winning his sixth badge in Fuchsia City, Ash and the others head to the world famous Safari Zone. When Ash tries to catch a pokémon, a Growlithe attacks him. Then a girl named Lara comes by and tells them that this is actually her family's pokémon ranch. After apologizing, Ash, Misty, and Brock follow her to her home where they learn of a festival going on in town. They also learn about the race the following day, which Lara will enter with her Ponyta. It also turns out that her family's rival will be entering the race and she needs to beat him. That night, he hires Team Rocket to make sure Lara does not compete, and they wind up breaking her arm. She then picks Ash as her replacement for the race, who must win it or else.moreless
  • The Ninja Poké-Showdown
    On the way to the Fuchsia City, Ash and the others notice a giant mansion and decide to stop and get directions. When they enter the mansion, a Venonat begins to mislead them around the various traps in the mansion, including hidden Voltorbs, collapsible walls, and invisible walls. After falling through one to many traps, the wind up in a room with ninja Aya, who challenges Ash to a battle. Ash quickly defeats her, and her older brother comes out. It turns out that they did wind up at the Fuchsia Gym after all and Aya's older brother is Koga, the Gym Leader. Now Ash finally has his chance to win his sixth badge. Meanwhile, Team Rocket plans on attacking the mansion and stealing all of the poison pokémon inside.moreless
  • Dig Those Diglett
    Episode 31
    On their way to Fuchsia City, Ash and the others notice a big explosion up ahead. They head to the site where a giant dam is being built. The explosion was caused by a bunch of Diglett, who are trying to prevent the construction. The project manager is more then willing to give a reward to any trainer who can get rid of the Diglett. Gary even shows up and he, along with Ash and many other trainers try to send out their pokémon. When they try to release their pokémon, none of them will come out, so all the trainers leave. Later that night Ash, Misty, and Brock find the home of the Diglett and Dugtrio, and find out that if the dam is built, there home will be washed away, so they decide to help prevent the construction. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are depressed over their losses, and complain that they need stronger pokémon, and Ekans and Koffing just might "grant" their wish.moreless
  • 10/16/98
    Ash, Misty, and Brock arrive in Gringy City, a now polluted city built along the shore with a skyline full of factories. When Pikachu falls sick, they head to the pokémon center to heal it. Nurse Joy says it is just a cold, but Ash is still worried. Soon the power goes out, and all the sick pokémon are now in extreme danger. Ash and the others decide to head to the Power Plant to find out what is wrong, and it turns out that a bunch of Grimer are clogging up the water system, and they have overrun the Power Plant. Not only that, Pikachu is still extremely sick, and all the plant's Magnemite are attracted to its energy.moreless
  • The Punchy Pokémon
    Episode 29
    On the way to the next town, Ash sees a Hitmonchan nearby. Ash starts battling it with Pikachu, but then the trainer, Anthony, comes and Hitmonchan easily beats Pikachu. The two of them leave and head to a gym to train. Anthony's daughter shows up and begs for them to enter the P-1 Grand Prix so that they can beat her father. She tells them that he is more concerned with training then his family and his daughter really misses him. Ash and Brock agree to enter with Primeape and Geodude. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decide to enter the tournament for the prize, and steal a trainer's Hitmonlee to enter.moreless
  • Pokémon Fashion Flash
    Ash and the others arrive at the world famous Scissor Street, where you can find almost anything. They see a salon where the owners, who are really Team Rocket in disguise, say that pokémon beauty is all that matters, which excites Misty. They then find what they came to look for, the salon of the world famous pokémon breeder Susie. Susie then begins a class to show off some of her techniques. After Ash and Brock insult Team Rocket's salon, Misty decides to bring Psyduck there for a makeover. However this turns out to be a lure by Team Rocket, who want to use Misty as "bait" for Ash.moreless
  • Hypno's Naptime
    Episode 27

    Ash and the others arrive in a town where all of the children have been disappearing. The head to the Pokémon Center to try and gather information, only to discover the Pokémon have lost all of their energy. They team up with Officer Jenny and track the source of the strange energy to a rooftop mansion, where people are using a Hypno as a sleep aid. When Misty tries it, she begins acting like a Seel and runs off into the nearby rooftop park. They then follow her to a giant pond where all the missing children are. They then decide to use Drowzee to reduce the children's condition, but Team Rocket decide to get the psychic pokémon for themselves.

  • Pokémon Scent-sation!
    Ash and the others finally arrive in Celadon City. Misty then drags the boys to a perfume shop. Misty wants to smell all the perfume, while Brock is glad to meet all the pretty girls. Ash insults perfume and the owner throws him out of the shop. After Misty and Brock leave the store, they head over the Celadon Gym. It turns out that the Celadon Gym Leader, Erika, is also the owner of the perfume shop, and refuses to battle Ash and has him kicked out of the gym. Misty and Brock do nothing and decide to attend Erika's class. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to help Ash get into the gym, and disguise him as a girl to get in. After acting like "her" parents, they run off and go after the secret perfume Erika has in the gym. Ash then gets into Erika's class, and takes off his disguise to reveal himself and demands Erika battle him.moreless
  • 10/9/98
    Ash calls Professor Oak to tell him of his victory at the Saffron Gym. Much to his dismay, Professor Oak tells him that the other trainers from Pallet all have five badges and are well ahead of him, including how many pokémon they have. This angers Ash, and they decide to eat lunch before heading to Celadon City. While eating, a wild Mankey comes neat them. Brock gives it a donut to eat, and Ash decides to capture it. Ironically, Ash ends up capturing the donut instead of Mankey. This angers Mankey, and he begins to chase them. Soon they encounter Team Rocket who, after kicking it, angers it, causing it to evolve into Primeape. Primeape then disposes of Team Rocket and attacks Ash, chasing him. Now Ash needs to somehow stop Primeape from catching him.moreless
  • 10/8/98
    After befriending Haunter in Lavender Town, Ash, Misty, and Brock return to Saffron City for his rematch with Sabrina. When they head to the gym, Haunter disappears and Ash tries to run away. Sabrina locks down the gym and turns Misty and Brock into dolls. Then the man that had helped them before returns to save Ash and his pokémon by teleporting them outside. He tell Ash about Sabrina's life, and how her personality is split in two. After Sabrina first developed her psychic powers, her childish side disappeared and turned into the doll she now holds. Now Ash must somehow defeat Sabrina, with or without Haunter. Meanwhile, the doll versions of Brock and Misty have a run in with Sabrina's mom!moreless
  • The Tower of Terror
    Episode 23
    After suffering a humiliating defeat by Sabrina (and playing with her evil doll), Ash and the others head to Lavender Town so Ash can capture a ghost pokémon to use against Sabrina. Arriving at the Pokémon Tower, Ash and Pikachu head inside capture a ghost pokémon. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is also inside the tower planning something, but soon become victims of the ghost pokémon as well. The tower is haunted by the ghost trio of Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar. The three of them begin playing tricks on everyone, and one of them might have dire consequences for Ash and Pikachu.moreless
  • 10/6/98
    Continuing on their way to Saffron City, a mysterious girl appears in front of the group. They ask her for directions to Saffron City, but she runs away. Ash gives chase and runs straight off a cliff. After using Bulbasaur to rescue him, they discover that the little girl has lead them to Saffron City. After entering the city, they are greeted by two people as the millionth visitors to the city. The grand prize turns out to a trap by Team Rocket who have left them in a room with no exit, and are ready to leave with Pikachu. Before they can leave the little girl returns and saves them, and even brings them to the Saffron Gym. Ash heads inside, where he is ready to fight Sabrina for his fourth badge.moreless
  • Bye Bye Butterfree
    Episode 21
    As the group continue on their way, they notice a group of Butterfree out over the ocean. Brock informs Ash that it is the mating season for all of the Butterfree. Ash lets his Butterfree out to try and find a mate, but can he actually come to let his Butterfree go? Meanwhile, Team Rocket comes up with a plan to get all the Butterfree.moreless
  • 10/2/98
    Ash, Misty, and Brock arrive in the port city of Maiden's Peak. They join in the summer festival where they learn the Legend of the Maiden. Brock decides to visit Maiden's Rock to look at the Maiden while Team Rocket decides to camp outside the shrine so they can steal the paintings inside. That night Brock doesn't return to the pokémon center and James goes missing. In the morning everyone heads to the temple to find them.moreless
  • 10/1/98
    Still in Porta Vista, Ash, Misty, and Brock must wait for another boat to take them to their next destination. After witnessing a boat explosion, they use their pokémon to save the crew. They are thanked by the boat's owner, Nastina, who then asks them to exterminate all of the Tentacool who are harming the construction of her new underwater hotel. Misty refuses saying Nastina is doing all the harm and brags Ash and Brock out of there. Team Rocket then takes up Nastina's offer and once again they ultimately fail, and in the process cause a Tentacruel to grow to a enormous size. The water pokémon then invade the city with the goal of destroying all the humans, and it is up to Ash, Misty, Brock, and their new Horsea friend to save the residents.moreless
  • Beauty and the Beach
    Ash and the others arrive in beautiful Porta Vista, a beach town that has everything you could think of. They decide to rent a boat and they end up colliding with Team Rocket’s submarine, destroying a nearby dock. They end up working in the owner’s restaurant to pay off the debt, while Team Rocket wind up working in the neighboring restaurant. The two restaurants are rivals and Brutella’s is threatening Moe’s business. Ash and the others try to help Moe, but Team Rocket try to ruin Moe’s business and jack up his debt to Brutella. When Professor Oak and Delia show up, they reveal there is going to be a beauty contest which has a large amount of money as the prize. Misty and Delia decide to enter to try and win the money for Moe. Not aired in the United States.moreless
  • 9/30/98
    Following Gyarados' powerful Dragon Rage, Ash and the others wind up on an abandoned island with nothing insight. Every quickly notices that Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Ekans, Koffing, and Meowth are all missing. All seven end up together and band together to try and survive the dangerous island and its giant inhabitants. Meanwhile the humans try to find their missing pokémon, but don't fare well against all the giant pokémon either.moreless
  • Pokémon Shipwreck
    Episode 16

    With the St. Anne fully sunk, the police officers mourn the apparent lose of Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, and James. However, deep inside the ship the five of them finally awaken and quickly realize the dire situation they are in. They agree to temporarily put there differences aside so that they can work together and hopefully make it out of the ship alive. They finally manage to get to the weak point of the ship's hull and break through, but will they be able to make it to the surface in time, and eventually manage to find land?

  • 9/28/98

    Ash, Misty, and Brock head to Vermilion Port where the SS Anne, an international cruise liner, is docked. Receiving free tickets from a mysterious duo (who are actually Jessie and James) for a Pokémon Trainer party aboard the SS Anne, they board the ship filled with anticipation of good food and lots of Pokémon excitement. Aboard the ship bustling with Pokémon Trainers, Ash meets a distinguished gentleman who suggests they make a Pokémon trade. Ash exchanges his Butterfree for the gentleman's Raticate. Just then, the SS Anne is taken over by Team Rocket who had arranged the party as a ploy to steal Pokémon.

  • 9/25/98
    Our heroes finally reach Vermilion City. They make their way to the Pokémon Center to refill their empty stomachs, but once there, they witness dozens of injured Pokémon being treated. Pikachu and Ash are alarmed to learn that all of these Pokémon were injured in battles with the Vermilion Gym Leader, Lt. Surge. Nonetheless, eager to earn a badge, Ash challenges Lt. Surge. Pikachu reluctantly enters the battle only to discover its opponent to be a Raichu, its evolved form. After a short battle Pikachu is overwhelmingly defeated. At the pokémon center Ash wonders what he can do to win. Nurse Joy presents him with a Thunder Stone which would evolve Pikachu into Raichu and make it more powerful. Now he must choose whether or not to evolve Pikachu just to beat one trainer.moreless
  • 9/24/98
    On the way to Vermilion City, Misty and Brock criticize Ash as he has not truly won his two badges and he isn't take the time to try and capture pokémon. Angered at this, he rushes through the forest and winds up on a beach where he finds a Krabby. He catches the Krabby and its pokéball disappears. Worried about it, Misty explains that trainers can only have six pokémon with them at one time. Still wanting to check on it, they head to a nearby lighthouse where the find the pokémon expert Bill trapped in a Kabuto costume. After freeing him, he tells them a little about the history of pokémon, as well as the mysterious pokémon he thinks will show up to his lighthouse one day. All of a sudden they hear a loud noise, and they head outside. A giant shadowed pokémon starts approaching the lighthouse. However, Team Rocket threatens Bill's perfect chance.moreless
  • 9/23/98
    On the way to Vermilion City, Ash, Misty, and Brock become the "victims" of the Squirtle Squad's pranks. The end up falling down a hole, and are even eventually captured by them. It turns out that they are working together with Team Rocket. When Pikachu is severely injured, the Squirtle let him out to go get medicine from town, but will the Squirtle keep there promise and leave Pikachu, Misty, and Brock alone while he is gone, and what is Team Rocket really up too?moreless
  • 9/22/98
    On the way to Vermilion City, Ash, Misty, and Brock come across a Charmander sitting on a rock. Ash tries to catch it, but it turns out it has a trainer and can't be captured, so they head to the Pokémon Center. At the center, a hotshot trainer named Damien is bragging about how he left it, promising to come back for it. After hearing this, they head back out to get the poor pokémon as the rainstorm threatens its very life.moreless
  • 9/21/98
    Ash and friends are still on their way to Vermilion City and still lost. They stop by a pond for a break when they see an Oddish taking a drink. Ash wants to catch it but Misty already has Starmie out. She weakens it and throws a PokéBall but a Bulbasaur pops out of the bushes and deflects the ball. Ash sends out Butterfree to catch the Bulbasaur, but Bulbasaur deflects its sleep powder and escapes. The continue on their journey and keep getting caught in traps, until Bulbasaur's owner, Melanie, finds them and saves them and brings them back to her cabin. It turns out that she helps injured, sick, and abandoned pokémon, and they decide to help. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to steal all the pokémon, while Brock could make a startling decision.moreless
  • 9/18/98
    Our three heroes have lost their way in the depths of a dense wood, shrouded in thick, white mist. Momentarily giving up, they decide to break for a brief rest. As Ash wanders deeper into the wood, searching for firewood, he happens across a young boy being bullied by five classmates gathered around him. Eavesdropping on their conversation, Ash learns that the boys are attending a preparatory school for Pokémon trainers. Graduates from the school are automatically qualified to participate in the Pokémon League without undergoing any actual test of skill. Ash, Misty, and Brock head to the school and don't agree with some of their ideas of training, something their "leader" doesn't take well.moreless
  • 9/17/98
    After receiving his second badge, Ash sets off triumphantly for Vermilion City. Along the way, they hear of a trainer named A.J. - a fierce pokémon trainer who has never lost a match. Full of self-confidence from his own record of ten victories in a row, Ash heads directly for the gym to find his new opponent. When they arrive, a huge bulletin is in front of the gym with a neon sign declaring "98 Consecutive Victories" appeal to Ash's over-confidence. A.J. is on the brink of achieving his goal of 100 straight victories, after which he will embark on a journey to gather badges. Will victory fall on the side of Ash and his 10 straight victories or with A.J. and his string of 98? In the process, will Ash learn some important lessons about the bonds between pokémon and trainer?moreless
  • 9/16/98
    In his search to collect Trainer Badges, Ash heads for Cerulean City, intending to confront the Cerulean Gym Leader. For some reason, Misty expresses a desire to avoid Cerulean City and disappears somewhere along the way. Without concern for Misty, Ash and Pikachu continue toward the Cerulean City Gym. When they arrive, the exterior of the Gym gives the strange appearance of an aquarium. Upon entering the building, Ash and Pikachu are entranced by a synchronized swimming show being performed by three beautiful sisters. Could this truly be the Cerulean Gym? And what could be the role of the three beautiful swimming sisters? More importantly, will Ash be able to defeat the strangely absent Gym Leader to earn his next badge?moreless
  • 9/15/98
    Ash, Misty, and Brock have just begun their journey together, and come across Mt. Moon. Outside the mountain they discover a scientist being attacked by some Zubat, he takes them inside where some strange activities are happening, which is delaying his search for the elusive Moon Stone, but could Team Rocket have something to do with it?moreless
  • 9/14/98
    Ash and Misty have arrived in Pewter City. A rock-seller name Flint approaches them and attempts to sell them some rocks. At the pokémon center he learns of the pokémon league and decides to start collecting badges. He heads for the gym and is easily overpowered by Gym Leader Brock. Flint, who happens to be Brock's dad, helps Ash train Pikachu and Ash heads back for a rematch.moreless
  • 9/11/98
    Ash and Misty are now wandering through Viridian Forest. A Samurai challenges Ash to a battle, and it turns out to be Metapod vs. Metapod. After a short time, a swarm of Beedrill attacks, and Ash's Metapod is taken by them. Can Ash get his Pokémon back from them or will it be doomed to live its life without Ash?moreless
  • 9/10/98
    Ash, Pikachu and Misty have entered the Viridian Forest. Ash has spotted a Caterpie and thrown a Pokéball at it. Capturing it, Ash is overjoyed at his first catch. Misty, however, hates bugs and screams every time it comes near her. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is following them, ready for a fresh attempt at capturing Pikachu. Ash decides to capture another Pokémon, and manages to get a Pidgeotto. Can he, Misty, and his Pokémon, fend off Team Rocket again?moreless
  • Pokémon Emergency!
    Finally arriving in Viridian City, Ash is cornered by Officer Jenny who asks why he is carrying Pikachu instead of having it in a Pokéball. He explains that Pikachu doesn't like Pokéballs and shows her his Pokédex proving that he is one of the Pallet Town Trainers. Jenny takes Ash to the Pokémon Center where Nurse Joy begins treatment on the injured Pikachu. Before Pikachu's treatment finishes, however, the Center is attacked by two members of Team Rocket.moreless
  • A Riveting Rivalry!
    The semifinals continue as Ash battles Sawyer.
  • 9/8/98
    Ash Ketchum is finally 10 years old, old enough to become a Pokémon Trainer. He wakes up late, and arrives to Professor Oak's lab late, and all the Pokémon are gone! Ash has no choice but to take a naughty Pikachu. Pikachu won't listen or go inside it's PokéBall, so Ash must drag it along (literally). After many failed attempts at capturing some Pokémon, Ash throws a rock and it hits a Spearow. The Spearow gets angry and starts attacking them! Soon, the entire flock start chasing Ash and Pikachu! Ash, with no Pokemon that will listen to him, he must escape from the raging Spearow. Can they escape and will Ash ever earn Pikachu's trust?moreless