Pokémon - Season 11

Saturday 8:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Sep 08, 1998 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 5/2/09
    Ash heads to the Canalave Gym for a battle, but the Gym Leader is not there, and all of his pupils are fast asleep. After bumping into Officer Jenny, they find out that a bunch of people in town are having nightmares. They decide to help find the source, and it leads to Team Rocket. They have created a machine that gives everyone nightmares, and thus makes the citizens want to buy what they believe to be real Lunar Wings. Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Jenny manage to destroy the machine, but that night they still have nightmares. With no other option they head to Newmoon Island to find the legendary Cresselia, hoping she can help.moreless
  • 4/25/09
    Ash and friends take a blimp to Canalave City, home of the next Sinnoh Gym. Once they land, however, Team Rocket's latest scheme backfires and everyone's Pokémon blast off and are scattered throughout the city. Now Ash and friends must find their Pokémon before Jessie and James do.
  • 4/18/09
    The time has finally come for Ash's rematch against Hearthome City Gym Leader Fantina. The battle will be a three-on-three battle with Gengar and Buizel as the first match-up. Will Ash be able to overcome Fantina's powerful Ghost-type Pokémon and win his 5th Badge?
  • 4/11/09
    Ash and friends finally arrive back in Hearthome City so that Ash can have his rematch with Hearthome City Gym Leader Fantina. On the way to the gym a trainer runs into him. He quickly runs off, leaving his badge case on the ground. As he can't have his battle with Fantina just yet, he tries to find the owner. In the park he again runs into Barry, the trainer the case belongs too. Barry reveals that he knows about Ash from the Tag Team Tournament. He then starts talking about how he idolizes Paul and wants his pokémon to be just like Paul's. Ash is upset with this, and challenges him to a battle. However, first Barry must go get his pokémon from a pokémon stand where some people watch your pokémon. However, it turns out to be just a scam by Team Rocket. After that is taken care of, Ash and Barry begin their battle.moreless
  • Aiding the Enemy
    Episode 48
    Ash and friends stop at a pokémon center so they can watch Cynthia's champion match on TV. Paul is also there. Ash and Paul quickly get into another argument which results in them having a battle. Paul uses his Honchkrow while Ash uses Turtwig. During the battle, Turtwig evolves into Grotle, and it immediately learns that it has lost its speed. Grotle must now figure out a way to deal with its lose of speed.moreless
  • 3/28/09
    On the way to Hearthome City, Ash and friends stop in a town where it turns out that Aaron of the Sinnoh Elite 4 is hosting a public practice session. They decide to watch, and then Aaron unexpectedly invites them to his training center. There they learn a little bit about Aaron and his pokémon. However, Team Rocket has plans to take Aaron's pokémon.moreless
  • 3/21/09
    On the way back to Hearthome City, Ash and friends stop in Solaceon Town. After reading about a monster in a local paper, they decide to go searching for it. While looking they run into their Summer Academy friend Angie at her parents daycare center. There they discover that the monster in town is partially Angie's fault. They then agree to help her get the monster (which is really a Lickilicky) back before her parents get home.moreless
  • 3/7/09
    Team Galactic Commanders Mars and Saturn launch an attack on the Historical Center in hopes of obtaining the Lustrous Orb. However, things don't go their way when Ash, Dawn, and Cynthia hold them back, and Team Rocket end up escaping with the Lustrous Orb. Now it is a race as both Ash and friends and Team Galactic try to find Team Rocket and the Lustrous Orb first. But who will ultimately find them?moreless
  • 2/28/09
    Above the skies of Sinnoh, the Officer Jenny of Eterna City and a few police officers are transporting the Adamant Orb to Celestic Town by plane. However, Team Galactic Commander Saturn appears in a helicopter and using Toxicroak, he steals the orb. When Ash and friends find out about this, they decide to go to the Celestic Town Historical Research Center, the original destination of the orb. There they run into Cynthia again. They then go on a tour of the center where they learn about the two orbs of Sinnoh, as well as a legend about the legendary pokémon of Sinnoh's lakes. However, outside Team Galactic is plotting to capture the Lustrous Orb from the center and the ruins. As the first part of their plan, they launch their attack.moreless
  • 2/21/09
    Ash and friends have finally arrived in Celestic Town, which means it is finally time for Dawn to try and win her third ribbon. At the contest hall Dawn meets an older coordinator. Things heat up when she finds out that the woman is her mom's old contest rival! With the pressure building from this revelation, will Dawn pull off a win and earn her third ribbon?moreless
  • Doc Brock!
    Episode 42
    On the way to Celestic Town, Ash and friends set up camp for the day. When Brock notices they are low on supplies, he heads into town to get more. Ash and Dawn believe running camp will be easy, but when Pachirisu gets sick things begin to get crazy.
  • 2/7/09
    On the way to Celestic Town, Ash and friends stop in a nearby town for Dawn to train. In town they meet up with Zoey who is in the middle of a battle with a strong trainer. After the trainer defeats Zoey, she reveals that the trainer is Fantina, the Gym Leader of Hearthome City. After talking to her at a restaurant, both Ash and Dawn challenge her to a battle. She agrees to one battle, so Ash and Dawn do a coin toss to see who it will be, and Ash wins. As the battle begins, Fantina quickly proves why she is a Gym Leader and with her Drifloon takes the lead in the battle. Will Ash be able to defeat Fantina and her Ghost Pokémon?moreless
  • 1/31/09
    When Piplup becomes over exhausted, Ash and friends must hurry to a Pokémon Center to treat it. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has been living a luxurious life style ever since the Pokémon Summer Academy ended. When they realize that they've been gaining weight, they decide to start a strict training regime and get "back to the basics".moreless
  • The end of the Summer Academy has almost arrived and it's time for the final test. Trainers must compete in a triathlon. They must first select a Pokémon and race through the forest. After getting through the forest they must get a Water-Type Pokémon and cross the lake. After crossing the lake it is a foot race back to the academy. Which team will reach the goal first?moreless
  • Ghoul Daze
    Episode 38
    On the fifth day of Summer Academy, the trainers must learn how to behave correctly when handling Ghost pokémon. The trainers must team up with someone and find a a special medal at the Summit Ruins on a nearby mountain. Before the task begins, a mysterious girl hypnotizes Conway and takes him up the mountain. That night as the event starts, it is discovered that Conway is missing, but eventually Dawn finds him, and the Ghost Pokémon Dusknoir. With the discovery of something strange going on on the mountain, everyone heads back to the academy. However, Ash and Angie have already run into the mysterious girl and are now following her. But what does she have in store for them?moreless
  • 1/10/09
    On the third day of Summer Academy everyone is assigned to choose a Water-Type Pokémon that lives in the nearby lake, research it, and bring back a report on it at the end of the day. When a strange, blue light from across the lake seems to be hypnotizing Pokémon that look at it, and Angie's Shinx goes missing, Ash and friends decide to investigate.moreless
  • Camping It Up!
    Episode 36
    Ash and friends have decided to participate in the Pokémon Summer Academy that is taught by Professor Rowan. At the academy, trainers gather and spend time together for one week while learning various things about Pokémon. The trainers' first task is to choose a random Pokéball, and train with the Pokémon and eventually battle with it. They are divided into three teams, and Ash meets a girl named Angie who is just as competitive as he is. As they train they both vow to defeat the other in battle, but who will win?moreless
  • 12/27/08
    While traveling through a deep valley, Ash and friends encounter a group of Psyduck in the middle of a road. Upon trying to pass them, the Psyduck suddenly start attacking them. They try to fight back but the Psyduck counter their every move. In order to continue on the way to Celestic Town, they must now try to find a way around the group of Pokémon.moreless
  • Arriving in Style!
    Episode 34
    Ash and friends return to Hearthome City to challenge the Gym Leader who was gone during their last visit. However, they hear that the Gym Leader is still gone, making Ash unable to have his Gym Battle. The group meets an Pokémon Stylist named Paris and her Lopunny. Upon seeing Dawn's Buneary, Paris says she should enter the Hearthome Collection, a famous fashion contest in town. Dawn decides to enter it for contest practice and Ash also decides to enter.moreless
  • 12/13/08
    Ash continues his training with Gligar, but finds out it has become scared of battling since the battle against Paul's Gliscor. The group runs into Gary again, and Gary offers to help him solve the problem with Gligar. Gary offers Ash a Razor Fang, which would let Gligar evolve. However, Team Rocket show up and Ash and Gligar are separated from everyone. Gligar must now conquered all its fears if they want to make it back to their friends.moreless
  • 12/6/08
    While trying to escape the rain, Ash and friends wind up at the mansion of Mr. Backlot. There they discover that he is having problems with a poffin loving Swinub.
  • 11/22/08
    The time has finally come for Ash's gym battle against Crasher Wake. However, the battle may prove more then Ash can handle with Buizel's latest attitude problem. When the battle starts Ash starts off with an early win against Gyarados, but can he repeat the success and win his fourth Sinnoh Badge?moreless
  • Cream of the Croagunk Crop!
    Ash and his friends have arrived in Pastoria City and head to the Gym. The Gym Leader Crasher Wake comes out but denies Ash's request for a Gym Battle because of an urgent matter. The group decides to accompany him instead and follow him. He takes them to the Great Marsh where a festival honoring Croagunk is about to begin. Brock decides to participate in the annual competition. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is planning on taking the grand prize.moreless
  • Chim-Charred!
    Episode 29
    Ash and the others chase after Gligar who has been blown away by a gust of wind, and run into Paul. After a huge argument about their different ways of treating Pokémon, Ash challenges Paul to a battle and he agrees. However, things may take an unexpected turn for Ash.
  • The Thief That Keeps On Thieving!
    The group meet a young boy named Tyler who is chasing after a Yanma. They learn that he is a beginning trainer, just having started his journey. He tells them that he has been running after the Yanma for three days, but the Pokémon constantly escapes. Ash and his friends agree to help him make his first capture.moreless
  • Strategy With a Smile!
    The Wallace Cup heats up as Dawn continues her battle against Kyle. Although Kyle puts up a great fight, Dawn manages to win. In the next semifinal battle it is May vs. Zoey. Both of them are determined to advance to the final round and face Dawn. The two skilled coordinators pull off amazing moves, but in the end it is May who is victorious. The final match between May and Dawn is about to start, but which coordinator will win and take home the Aqua Ribbon?moreless
  • Pruning a Passel of Pals!
    After everyone passes the first round of the Wallace Cup, the group returns to the lake resort to talk about their journeys. Ash and Pikachu head down to the lake where they see a glow in the lake, and a shadow emerges and then disappears. Ash heads back to tell everyone about it. The next day the contest resumes and the battle rounds begin. Ash's battle is against a trainer named Kyle who is very skilled at exploiting weaknesses. Will Ash be able to win his battle, and will the others win their battles as well?moreless
  • Staging A Heroes' Welcome!
    The Wallace Cup is finally beginning and the competition is going to be fierce with Ash, Dawn, May, Zoey, and Jessie all competing for the prestigious Aqua Ribbon, which can be used in any region's Grand Festival. As the appeals start, May, Zoey, and Ash all put on great appeals, but Dawn is till nervous about her two previous failed contest bids and wonders if she really can make it past the appeals. As her turn arrives, will she be able to keep her cool and perform a great appeal?moreless
  • A Full Course Tag Battle!
    At a pier near Lake Valor, Ash, Dawn, and Brock wait for a ship to come which has their old friend May on it. The boat lands and they greet each other. As they leave the pier May talks about Max, reveals her new Glaceon and tells about her travels in Johto. When Ash gets hungry, she tells them she made reservations at the Seven Stars Restaurant. Once they get there, they find out they must win a tag battle before they can eat. Ash and Brock win their battle easily, but before Dawn and May can battle Team Rocket steals food from the restaurant and they decide to find them and get it back.moreless
  • Our Cup Runneth Over!
    On the way to Pastoria City, Ash and friends have stopped at a pokémon center to do some training. On TV, Dawn watches Sinnoh Now which reveals the Wallace, the Hoenn Champion and a contest master, is in Sinnoh to host a special tournament. Dawn decides to train for the contest, but Zoey's advice gets to her and she begins to doubt herself again. Then Rhonda comes up to them says she is looking for Wallace, who is supposed to be nearby. Ash and friends decide to look for him, and near a lake they find him. He then invites them to come over, and when he finds out Dawn wants to enter the Wallace Cup, he asks to see some of her moves.moreless
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness
    Chimchar is ready to join an exploration team, and with his newly human turned pokémon friend Piplup, he is ready for any challenge that may arise, inclduing Grovyle's plot to steal a Time Gear.
  • Pika and Goliath!
    Episode 22
    Ash and friends encounter Sho, a trainer with a Raichu that wants to capture Ash's Pikachu. after finding out it belongs to someone, Sho wants a batttle. Ash agrees, but Sho easily beats Pikachu and hurts it badly. Both Sho and Paul (who is traveling through the area) laugh and say that Pikachu can't stand up to an evolved form. While Pikachu is at the Pokémon Center recovering, Ash begins to think whether or not evolving Pikachu would be a good thing.moreless
  • Crossing Paths
    Crossing Paths
    Episode 21
    Team Rocket arrives by a lakeside where Jessie's Dustox catches site of a Shiny Dustox. They follow it to a lake where they meet the Shiny Dustox's trainer. He tells them that when there is a full moon, Dustox gather at the lake and fly over Mt. Coronet together. Jessie's Dustox becomes close with the shiny one, and Jessie is conflicted on what to do about the situation. However, a storm threatens the safety of the Dustox Crossing.moreless
  • Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (2)
    J has managed to capture Riolu and delivers it to her client. Ash is reunited with his old Ranger friend Solana, and alongside Kellyn they head out to save Riolu.
  • Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (1)
    On the way to the next town, Ash and friends encounter a Pokémon Ranger named Kellyn who is working undercover to protect a Riolu that can use Aura before it evolves from Pokémon Hunter J. Soon J returns, and she is not happy about seeing Ash again. Ash and friends agree to help the Ranger protect Riolu, but J is more persistent then ever.moreless
  • 8/16/08
    Beginning their journey to Pastoria City, Ash, Dawn, and Brock have stopped for something to eat. Meanwhile Dawn is also showing off the new vest her mom made for Buneary. All of a sudden a Chingling wonders into their camp. Their trainer Francesca soon shows up and performs her magic act, only to have it interrupted by Chingling. She then tells how this Chingling is a little spoiled and is always ruining the act. Ash, Dawn, and Brock decide to help her solve the problem. Meanwhile Team Rocket wants to steal Francesca's Chingling trio for the boss.moreless
  • Enter Galactic!
    Episode 17
    Before they leave Veilstone City, Reggie takes Ash and friends to the site of some meteorites that make up a big part of Veilstone culture. Shortly after they leave, Saturn and Team Galactic arrive and set up their operations. Their plan is to steal the meteorites for their evil purposes. When Ash and the others find out about this they rush to the site of the meteorites to stop Team Galactic.moreless
  • 8/2/08
    Now that Maylene has regained her confidence, she finally accepts Ash's battle challenge. With a power team of Fighting-Type pokémon at her disposal, will Ash be able to defeat her and win his third badge?
  • 7/26/08
    Following Dawn's two contest losses, and Maylene's loss to Paul, both girls have lost their confidence in battle. The two of them decide to have a battle to regain their spirits.
  • 7/19/08
    Ash and friends finally arrive at Veilstone City. In the forest outside the town, they witness a battle between a female martial-artist and a Lucario. The girl is revealed to be Maylene, the Gym Leader of the city. They also encounter a guy named Reggie, who just happens to be Paul's older brother! He reveals that Maylene does not feel up to battling due to her crushing defeat at the hands of Paul. Her lack of confidence has caused tensions between her, her Lucario, and her trainees. Knowing what she is going through, Dawn decides to go talk to Maylene, while Ash and Brock go to Reggie's house. In order to train Ash and Reggie decide to have a battle. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is planning on stealing Maylene's Lucario.moreless
  • Sleight of Sand!
    Episode 13
    Still on the way to Veilstone, Ash and friends stop by a sand-pit to have some fun. All of a sudden a Hippowdon emerges from underneath the sand. Trouble arises when the over curious Pachirisu falls into its mouth. Now Ash, Dawn, and Brock must somehow get Pachirisu out, as well as stop Team Rocket from taking it. However, things gets worse when Butch and Cassidy arrive to capture Hippowdon as well.moreless
  • 7/5/08
    Ash and friends stop to have lunch in a city while Ash continues to train Turtwig to master the move Energy Ball. They are suddenly interrupted by a group of Gligar and a Gliscor who swoop down on them and steal all of their food. While trying to decide what to do, Paul appears and scares the hoard off, revealing that he wants to capture Gliscor. Ash, Dawn, and Brock then run into Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny who reveal that Gliscor was trapped in the city due to recently strong winds, and its attempts at using sonar to escape attracted a group of Gligar. Ash, Dawn, and Brock agree to help them get the group of pokémon back to the forest. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is planning a way to capture the pokémon, while Paul plots on how to capture Gliscor, and Ash has a few encounters with a awkward Gligar.moreless
  • 6/28/08
    Continuing the journey to Veilstone City, Ash is busy training Turtwig so it can perfect Energy Ball. Realizing that it is getting late, Brock insists that they get to the next town before it gets dark. Dawn says that instead they should go to a nearby hot springs hotel owned by her friend's family. They arrive there and Dawn introduces them to her childhood friend Leona. While they immediately jump into the hot springs, they find out that the water level is low and they are cold. Leona reveals that it happened just recently, and her parents went off to find out the reason. Ash, Dawn, and Brock agree to help her find the reason and head up into the mountains with her. They soon discover a fresh hot spring in the mountains. The hot spring was made by a disguised Team Rocket, who is tapping into Leona's pipeline, and now they must find a way to get the water back.moreless
  • 6/21/08
    On the way to Veilstone City, Brock brings the group to the Mountain Hut Maid Café where they meet the owners, sisters Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The sisters show them how they produce the milk, which is where they learn that Autumn's Miltank, Ilta, does not like to listen. Brock agrees to help Autumn and Ilta, so Ash and Dawn decide to help Spring and Summer with the café in their absence. Brock then bestows all his breeding knowledge to help Autumn and Ilta get along and cooperate. Meanwhile, Team Rocket try to have their own café, but when that fails they decide to steal Ilta instead.moreless
  • Team Shocker!
    Episode 9
    The day of the Solaceon Contest has finally arrived, and Dawn, Kenny, and Jessie are all determined to win. As the contest gets underway, all of them pull off dazzling appeals. When the final eight are selected, Dawn is not included. Dawn congratulates Kenny and Jessie. The final match comes down to Kenny and Jessie, and in a startling upset, Jessie defeats Kenny and wins her first ribbon. Kenny leaves town for the next destination that evening, while Dawn begins to sulk, trying to figure out why she keeps losing. The next day Zoey shows up and is ready to get Dawn back to winning form.moreless
  • 6/7/08
    Ash and friends arrive in Solaceon Town for Dawn's next contest. Dawn is training and shows off Aipom's new move, Double Hit. Brock reveals that this means Aipom is close to evolving. Soon Kenny arrives and reveals his new Breloom. Ash wants to battle him, and Kenny agrees. During the battle Kenny shows off the move Energy Ball, which Ash immediately wants to teach Turtwig. Kenny agrees and the battle is called off to begin training. Meanwhile Team Galactic Commander Saturn and his two henchman arrive at the Solaceon Ruins and retrieve a special cube, and before leaving, they upset all of the ruins' Unown. Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Kenny arrive at the ruins, and are then unexpectedly caught in the Unown's warped dimension and must figure out a way to stop them.moreless
  • Luxray Vision
    Episode 7
    Ash and friends are lost while on the trip to Solaceon Town. They find a mansion nearby and decide to check it out. When they approach they are attacked by an young girl named Marble, her Luxray, and a bunch of security guards, who believe they are thieves. The owner comes out and the misunderstanding in resolved. The owner, Matthew, reveals that three criminals want to steal his treasure the Old Charm, at 8:00. Ash, Dawn, and Brock agree to help stop the thieves when they come. It turns out that Team Rocket are the thieves, and they make off with the treasure. Their plan ends abruptly when their balloon pops and crash lands in another part of the mansion. Everyone heads to get there, but Team Rocket falls prey to the mansion's traps. Now it is up to Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Marble to find Team Rocket and get the Old Charm back, but with a mansion full of traps and a disobedient Luxray, that may be harder then planned.moreless
  • 5/24/08
    Ash and friends arrive on Mt. Coronet where Ash engages in a battle with a boy named Alan and his Nosepass. When the battle leaves the mountain, Alan says they must stay on the mountain in order for Nosepass to evolve. Eventually, Nosepass evolves into Probopass. Before the battle can continue, Team Rocket arrives and puts a device on Probopass, which turns it against Alan, and allows it to go with them. Team Rocket plans to make more controlling helmets in order to gain an army of Probopass. Meanwhile Ash and the others begin formulating a plan to get Probopass back.moreless
  • 5/17/08
    On the way to Solaceon Town, Ash and friends arrive at the site of an unfinished bridge. They meet the builder, Isis, as well as the engineer, and the nearby town mayor. The bridge needs to be completed in three days, but the pokémon that cuts the stone, Bibarel, is not working. No matter what they try it just lounges around. Brock decides to help Isis, but because Bibarel won't work, they can't get the right size of brick. The engineer then returns to the site and decides to use force to get Bibarel to work.moreless
  • The Keystone Pops!
    Episode 4
    On the way to Solaceon Town, Ash and Dawn are doing some late night training with their new Buizel and Aipom. During the battle, Buizel accidentally destroys a nearby stone tower, and unleashes the pokémon Spiritomb. Spiritomb attacks them before flying away. The next morning Ash and the others arrive in a nearby village that was attacked by Spiritomb. They meet an old woman who tells them the tale of Spiritomb. After realizing the trouble they have caused, Ash, Dawn, and Brock decide to help seal Spiritomb away. Meanwhile Team Rocket disguise them selves as psychics in order to capture both Pikachu and Spiritomb.moreless
  • 4/26/08
    Continuing the journey to Veilstone City, Ash and the others are at a Pokémon Center watching a contest on TV (and to give time for Ash and Pikachu to rest after eating too much), where they see Kenny win his second ribbon, which upsets Dawn. They then reveal that the next contest will be held in Solaceon Town, and Dawn decides to start training for that contest. Ash also starts to train for his next gym battle. Zoey arrives at the center and decides to help Dawn train. During the training, Ash's Aipom and Dawn's Buizel are distracted by the other's training, and so Zoey suggests that they trade them. Ash and Dawn start to think about the trade, and when Team Rocket attacks, they decide to use the other pokémon as a test to help decide what they should do.moreless
  • 4/19/08
    Ash and the others arrive in Emeragrove Town, where the Eterna City Gym Leader, Gardenia, just happens to be. Team Rocket decides to steal Pikachu, but when James calls out Cacnea, Gardenia swoons over it and asks to have a tag battle. The battle ends up being Ash and Dawn vs. James and Gardenia. During the battle Cacnea pulls off the move Drain Punch. James tries to use it a second time, but it does not work. Gardenia then tells James he needs to be in perfect sync with Cacnea for the move to work and asks if she can train Cacnea. James starts to think about it, and decides to try and train Cacnea himself. Jessie and Meowth think that Drain Punch would be a good move for them to have, so they convince Ash to help James train. However, will James' training work?moreless
  • Tears for Fears
    Episode 1
    On the way to Veilstone City, Ash and the others stop to have lunch. When Ash, Dawn, and Brock let all their pokémon out, Chimchar is shocked to see a happy environment, which is different from the one it had with Paul. Meanwhile, a group of Zangoose are lured to Team Rocket's Seviper, which results in Team Rocket blasting off. Meowth is separated from Jessie and James, and has a midnight meeting with Chimchar about life. The next day, Team Rocket attacks and captures all of the pokémon except for Ash's Chimchar. The Zangoose also return, and now it is up to Chimchar to put its fear behind it and fight the Zangoose.moreless