Pokémon - Season 12

Saturday 8:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Sep 08, 1998 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Gotta Get a Gible!
    Episode 52
    As Ash and friends continue onto Daybreak Town, they notice that the Gible they previous helped has been following them. Gible says it wants to join Ash's team, but when Ash tries to capture it, it just eats Ash's Pokéball. To make matters worse, Gible has been eating a local park, and Ash gets in trouble with Officer Jenny. Barry then shows up and after Gible eats his bike, he decides that he wants to capture Gible too. Now it is a race to see who can capture Gible first, Ash or Barry.moreless
  • 5/8/10
    On the way to Daybreak Town, Ash and friends become lost in the woods. They notice a strange Pokémon attack coming from the distance and walk towards it. They come across Grandma Wilma, an old woman who helps Pokémon learn the powerful move Draco Meteor. They also meet a Gible that comes to Wilma's to try and learn the move too. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has decided to steal the Altaria that Wilma is training and now it is up to Ash and the others to save Altaria.moreless
  • 5/1/10
    Ash and friends arrive in a small town where a contest is being held. Zoey is in the contest, and after a tough battle she wins, giving her a fifth ribbon. This makes Dawn more determined to win the Daybreak Contest, and she begins training that night. Zoey decides to help her and they will start the very next day. The next day they begin their contest training and although Dawn has some good ideas, she doesn't execute them very well. Zoey says they should have a double battle in order to practice. Will Dawn be able to come up with some new contest ideas?moreless
  • 4/24/10
    While on the way to Sunyshore City, Ash and friends meet McCann, a master of air battles. Hoping to improve Gliscor's flying, Ash decides to have a battle with him. However, McCann's Scizor easily defeats Gliscor. Gliscor is upset about the loss and decides to train all night in order to become better and be able to defeat Scizor. The next morning McCann agrees to a rematch, and the end results may be more then even Ash expected.moreless
  • 4/17/10
    On the way to Sunyshore City, Ash and Dawn decide to have a battle, and while trying to use Dig, Monferno uncovers a treasure chest. Thinking it might contain a great treasure, Team Rocket tries to steal it. After being blasted off, James remembers that the chest is his, and that he buried it when he was younger. Team Rocket then sets off to once again get their hands on the chest. Meanwhile, Ash, Dawn, and Brock arrive at one of James's summer mansions where they are allowed in because they have James's treasure chest. Team Rocket sneak in, but are soon discovered by Growlie, James's loyal Growlithe. James then reveals what is inside the chest, a letter he wrote to his fiancée Jessiebelle when they were young. He then finds out that his butler has called Jessiebelle and told her about James being at the mansion. Now James does his best to flee the mansion before she finds him, but Jessiebelle has a plan up her sleeve to stop her fiancée from getting away.moreless
  • 4/10/10
    Completely surrounded, Ash, Dawn, and Brock are captured by Team Galactic and kept prisoner in case they need them to interact with the Lake Guardians. Team Galactic then arrives on Mt. Coronet and opens the doorway to the Spear Pillar. They head inside where Cyrus begins to summon Dialga and Palkia. Cynthia arrives to save Ash, Dawn, Brock, Team Rocket, and Looker before heading inside with Ash, Dawn, and Brock. They manage to free the Lake Guardians, but that does not stop Cyrus from bringing Dialga and Palkia to Spear Pillar. As Cyrus has the Legendary Dragons create a new world, the resulting energy endangers the very survival of the Sinnoh region. Now it is up to Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Cynthia to stop Team Galactic and save Sinnoh!moreless
  • 4/3/10
    Team Galactic has almost achieved its ultimate goal. In order to complete their plan, Cyrus hires Pokémon Hunter J to catch the legendary Lake Guardians, Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit. As J drops the Galactic Bomb on Lake Valor, Azelf appears. Gary is also at Lake Valor, but he is prevented from helping the Lake Guardians by Saturn. J captures Azelf, causing Uxie and Mesprit to arrive. J manages to capture them as well. Meanwhile, Looker is investigating Team Galactic on Mt. Coronet. Because of their connections, the Lake Guardians teleport Ash, Dawn, and Brock to Team Galactic's base to help them, but will they be able to save them in time?moreless
  • 3/27/10
    On the way to Sunyshore City, Ash and friends are walking through a grassland and come across Meowth of Team Rocket, who is injured. When they ask him what happened while treating his wounds, Meowth says that he was attacked by Team Galactic in a large building called the Fuego Ironworks. Not only that, Jessie, James, and even Looker of the International Police have been captured. Upon hearing this, Ash and the others decide to head to the Fuego Ironworks to save them. Meanwhile, at the Ironworks Jupiter and Charon are putting the finishing touches on the Red Chain project.moreless
  • 3/20/10
    On the way to Sunyshore City, Ash and friends stop in a forest. Things start to get chaotic however, as Pikachu accidentally shocks Piplup, making him angry. However, a mysterious wave all of a sudden makes the two Pokémon inseparable. At the Pokémon Center they discover that they aren't the only ones having this problem. Now they must find the source of the problem. Meanwhile, a scientist is working on a machine so that his Magnemite and Quagsire will get along, and Team Rocket plans to steal his invention.moreless
  • 3/13/10
    Still on the way to Sunyshore City so Ash can battle for his final Sinnoh Gym Badge, Ash, Dawn, and Brock stumble across a Murkrow and immediately fall into its illusions. They are woken up by a girl named Rhyanna, who tells them that the Murkrow belongs to her brother Mitchell. She mentions that he has been acting strange and upset lately and keeps running away. In order to help him, she wants to find a Dusk Stone so that she can evolve her Misdreavus into Mismagius and make Mitchell happy again. Ash and friends agree to help, but Team Rocket wants the Dusk Stone as well. Who will get it first?moreless
  • Bagged Then Tagged!
    Episode 42
    Following the pokémon contest, Ash and friends head over the the Lilypad Colosseum where they decide to have a tag battle since Lyra and Khoury have to return to Johto soon. However, before the battle can start, Team Rocket shows up and steals Pikachu and Piplup, putting their plans on hold. After they rescue the two, the tag battle of Ash and Dawn vs. Lyra and Khoury begins. Who will win?moreless
  • 2/27/10
    Ash and friends have arrived in Lilypad town where Dawn will compete for her fifth ribbon. She does some last minute training with Mamoswine, hoping that its contest debut will give her a victory. Meanwhile, Jessie falls ill, and since she is already registered in the contest, she has James disguise himself as Jessalina in order to compete. As the contest starts both Dawn and James pass the appeal rounds. When it comes time for the semifinals the two trainers must face off. Who will win and go onto win the contest?moreless
  • 2/20/10
    While on the way to the Dawn's contest, Ash and friends encounter a wild Gible, a very rare Dragon-Type Pokémon. Ash and Khoury are both interested in capturing one, and they both go after it. Who will catch Gible?
  • 2/13/10
    Lyra and Khoury have joined Ash, Dawn, and Brock on their journey in order to see the Sinnoh region. While on the way to Dawn's next contest, the group stops near the Valley Windworks for Dawn to do some training. When Marill goes missing, the group heads into the windworks to find it, but once inside they are attacked by wild Pokémon and become trapped. Will they be able to escape the building?moreless
  • An Egg Scramble!
    Episode 38
    Ash and friends arrive at a festival promoting the Johto region where they meet two trainers from the Johto Region, Lyra and Khoury. Lyra is the spokesperson for the festival and shes shows everyone around and and tells them all about the Johto region, At the festival, Dawn and Lyra have a battle, which Dawn wins. As a prize, she receives a Pokémon egg. However, Team Rocket also has their eyes on the egg, and they steal it. Will Dawn be able to get her egg back?moreless
  • 1/30/10
    The Twinleaf Town Festival has concluded, and Ash and friends continue their journey to the town hosting Dawn's next Pokémon Contest. The three soon fall into yet another one of Team Rocket's traps. However, things are not what they seem. A mischievous Togepi stirs up trouble for everyone and in the end they must work together in order to stop Togepi.moreless
  • 1/23/10
    Ash and friends find out that the main event for the Twinleaf Town Festival is a battle tournament, and the winner gets to have a battle with the Sinnoh Battle Frontier Brain, Palmer. Excited about that, Ash enters the tournament with hopes of battling him.
  • 1/16/10
    Ash and friends are enjoying the festivities of the Twinleaf Festival, when they suddenly run into Barry. Wanting to see how Ash has improved, Barry challenges him to a battle. Plans are put on hold, however, when Barry sees the mysterious Xatu fly by and decides to follow it. Ash and Dawn go after him, and they all arrive at a solitary festival tent with Psychic-type Pokémon performing out front. Before they can think to do much, a clown comes out of the tent and beckons them toward it, where they're hit by a bright flash of light and put to sleep. When Ash, Dawn, and Barry awaken, they're separated from their Pokémon and each other, and to make matters worse, they were somehow shrunk down to the size of a small Pokémon! Will Ash and the others be able to find each other and return to their normal sizes? And what connection does this certain Natu have with the whole situation?moreless
  • A Faux Oak Finish!
    Episode 34
    After Dawn's loss to Johanna, Ash and friends are pleasantly surprised to hear that Professor Oak will be arriving soon to begin the Twinleaf Town Festival with one of his lectures. Trouble starts brewing, however, as Oak is running late, and Team Rocket is taking advantage of that by taking over the lecture with an old plan: to disguise James as the professor to steal Pokémon. Will Ash, Dawn, and Brock be able to find him in time to stop Team Rocket? And what do Politoed and Quagsire want with Oak?moreless
  • 1/2/10
    On the way to Lilypad Town, Ash and friends take a detour to stop in Dawn's hometown of Twinleaf, where a festival is to be held. Ash and Brock meet Dawn's mom, Johanna, and while preparations for the festival are underway, Dawn decides to challenge her mother to a battle. Knowing that Johanna won the Grand Festival in the past, will Dawn be able to defeat her?moreless
  • 12/26/09
    On the way to Lilypad Town, Ash and friends come across a beautiful berry orchard. The girl who takes care of it, Lulu, greets them and welcomes them to stay for the night. Things get complicated however, as Piplup falls head over heels for Lulu's Marill. On top of that, a wild Elekid which lives in the area also has its eye on it. That night, Team Rocket, thinking of making big bucks, sneak into the orchard to steal the Lum Berries. Marill hears them and goes outside to see what's going on, while Piplup, unable to sleep, goes out at the same time to wash its face. The two meet, and Marill brings Piplup to where it heard Team Rocket. Elekid sees them and follows, and it isn't long before Piplup and Elekid get into a fight over Marill...right in front of Team Rocket. The trio decides to steal the three Pokémon as a bonus, but Piplup and Elekid's fighting brings down Team Rocket's balloon and the Pokémon escape. Team Rocket go after them, and Ash and the others awaken to find Piplup and Marill gone. Will they be able to find the Pokémon before Team Rocket?moreless
  • Gateway to Ruin!
    Episode 31
    On the way to Dawn's next contest in Lilypad Town, Ash and friends arrive at Mt. Coronet's east side. At a river, they see a group of blue Shellos, as well as a pink one which is about to be swept away by the current. After they save it, Nurse Joy arrives to treat the Shellos, having apparently been looking for it. Joy says that it's odd that a pink Shellos would be here, since only blue Shellos live on Mt. Coronet's east side, while pink Shellos live on the west side. She then explains that pink Shellos have been appearing lately on the mountain's east side. Ash and friends agree to take the Shellos back to its home on the west side, but on their way across the mountain, they end up falling through a hole into a series of tunnels where they are thrown into yet another sinister scheme by Team Galactic. Saturn and Charon have been sent to find the Spear Pillar, and will stop at nothing to find it. Will Ash and the others be able to escape and bring the pink Shellos safely back to its home?moreless
  • 12/12/09
    Sinnoh Pokémon Hustle is one of the most popular shows in the Sinnoh region, so Team Rocket create their own version in order to recruit new members for Team Rocket and to steal Pokémon. Ash, Dawn, and Brock decide to enter, not knowing what is really going on. A mysterious duo also enters. Will Ash and the others figure out Team Rocket's plan before it is too late? And who are the two mysterious people?moreless
  • 12/5/09
    On the way to Dawn's next Pokémon Contest in Lilypad Town, Ash and friends take a break in a forest. Dawn decides to have Mamoswine's contest debut be in the next contest, but when she starts to train with it, Mamoswine still shows some of its old disobedience. It isn't long before it gets angry and runs off into the forest, and Dawn has no choice but to go after it. To make matters worse, a wild Tangrowth appears out of nowhere and taunts Mamoswine into battling it. After losing, Mamoswine hunts it down, determined to beat it. Meanwhile, a forest ranger named Verona warns Ash and Brock about the Tangrowth, and after finding out about Dawn, they go searching for her.moreless
  • Uncrushing Defeat!
    Episode 28
    It's the aftermath of Ash's full battle with Paul, and Ash's Pokémon are healing at the Pokémon Center, having all been badly hurt. Feeling depressed about the whole situation, Ash goes outside by himself to brood upon his loss to Paul. Dawn, feeling sorry for him, decides to do something to help him cheer up, while Team Rocket jumps on the chance to swipe Pikachu while it is weakened. Meanwhile, Nurse Joy doesn't have the necessary Cheri Berries needed to properly heal Monferno, so she asks Brock to go find some. Brock starts to search for the berries, starting at Lake Acuity's shore, but when there, he sees something mysterious...moreless
  • 11/14/09
    The full battle between Ash and Paul continues, with one Pokémon down for the count on each side. Ash sends Pikachu into the fray, and Paul surprises everyone by sending out Magmortar, revealing Magmar's evolution. Pikachu gets in the first hit, but Magmortar's Flame Body causes it to suffer burns. After a while, Ash calls Pikachu back and sends out Buizel, while Paul recalls Magmortar and sends out Ursaring. Unfortunately, Paul's Ursaring is able to knock out both Buizel and Staraptor, while Torterra and Ursaring knock out Gliscor and Pikachu respectively. With only Chimchar left and Weavile being the only one down on Paul's side, things aren't looking good for Ash. Will Chimchar be able to defeat the remaining Pokémon belonging to its former trainer?moreless
  • 11/7/09
    Ash and friends arrive at Lake Acuity, with Ash pumped up for his full battle with Paul scheduled to take place later that day. After healing his Pokémon, he goes out to look for Paul, and finds him and Reggie waiting at an open battlefield all set up for them. With both rivals willing and ready, Ash and Paul send out Buizel and Torterra respectively. Ash, knowing that Buizel is at a disadvantage, immediately recalls it and sends out Gliscor. The battle then gets underway. Who will emerge victorious?moreless
  • 10/31/09
    While on a train heading to Lake Acuity, Ash and his friends meet Looker, a man who has the same destination as they do. The train soon gets a red light, even though things seem to be fine. While Ash and friends eat lunch while they wait for whatever problem to be resolved, Looker goes off alone to investigate without telling anyone. It isn't long before Team Rocket attempt to steal the group's Pokémon again, but while they fail once again, Pikachu, Piplup, Happiny, and the train engineer's Ampharos get blasted off with them. Will Ash and friends be able to get to them before Team Rocket does? And who exactly is Looker?moreless
  • 10/24/09
    Ash and friends are forced to put Paul's recently concluded battle with Brandon out of their minds for the time being, as Maria, the maiden of the Snowpoint Temple, arrives to tell them that something is wrong at the temple. Ash and friends, as well as Brandon and Maria, get into the Battle Pyramid and head toward the temple to find out what it is. On their way there, Brandon tells Ash and friends the legend of Regigigas and the Snowpoint Temple, and how Regigigas does actually exist. When they arrive at the temple, they're shocked to find none other than Pokémon Hunter J, who came to capture Regigigas. Ash and the others try to stop her, but after being held back by J's henchmen, they arrive too late, and J awakens Regigigas, which goes on a rampage. Can Ash and the others calm the legendary Colossal Pokémon and halt its path of destruction before it reaches Snowpoint City, and protect it from J at the same time?moreless
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness
    Team Poképals is back for another adventure. Alongside Grovyle, they head to the Hidden Land in order to restore the balance of time.
  • A Pyramiding Rage!
    Episode 23
    Following Ash's victory at the Snowpoint Gym, Paul arrives in Snowpoint City and challenges Candice to a battle. Candice accepts his challenge, but says that she wants to let her Pokémon rest up first. The next day, everyone is surprised when Paul's brother Reggie shows up in town. To add to the surprises, Pyramid King Brandon arrives in Snowpoint City in his Battle Pyramid, saying that he came to the city to go to the ancient Snowpoint Temple. This new arrival gets Paul's blood boiling, as he knows that Brandon is the one that Reggie lost to, and the person that caused him to give up as a trainer. That combined with the news that Ash defeated him sends Paul over the top, and he challenges Brandon to a battle, determined to defeat the man that his brother couldn't.moreless
  • 10/10/09
    Ash's seventh Sinnoh Gym Battle is finally here. Going up against Candice, this Gym Battle will be different from the previous six, as each Trainer will be using four Pokémon each. Ash starts out with Grotle, while Candice uses Sneasel. Grotle quickly manages to defeat Sneasel, as does Staraptor with Medicham, putting Ash off to a good start. Candice's Snover manages to defeat Gliscor, but is then defeated by Chimchar. Candice then sends out her ace, Abomasnow, which proves to be a major powerhouse with a good dose of speed as it knocks out both Staraptor and Grotle in one hit. With only Chimchar left, will Ash be able to find a gap in Abomasnow's defense and win his seventh Sinnoh Gym Badge?moreless
  • Classroom Training!
    Episode 21
    Upon finally arriving in Snowpoint City, Ash and friends meet up with Zoey, who welcomes them to her hometown. While exploring the city, the group encounter a girl named Candice, who reveals that she's the Snowpoint City Gym Leader. Ash automatically challenges her to a battle right away, but Candice first wants to bring him and his friends to the local Pokémon Trainers' School where she teaches. While there, Ash and Dawn are put to the test by Candice's unique teaching style, and Team Rocket plans to steal all the school's pokémon.moreless
  • 9/26/09
    On the way to Snowpoint City, Ash and friends stop in a town where they meet a girl named Marylin who only likes cute Pokémon. After she insults Dawn's Piplup, Dawn challenges her to a battle, but Marylin is more concerned by how "cute" and "valiant" her Pokémon act in battle rather than whether they win or lose, or even get hurt. Brock gets upset by this, so not long after the battle is over, he challenges Marylin to a battle himself to try to show her that it's the bond between Pokémon and Trainer that really counts.moreless
  • To Thine Own Pokémon Be True!
    After learning about a Pokémon Ping-Pong Tournament from Barry, Dawn decides to enter with her Ambipom. The current champion, who's name is O, sees them preparing and marvels at Ambipom's display of natural talent for the game, this being its first time.
  • 9/5/09
    Ash and friends have arrived at the location of Dawn's next Pokémon Contest. With only one more ribbon needed to enter the Grand Festival, she is extremely excited. With both Jessie and Kenny entering the contest, however, will Dawn be able to pull off a win?
  • 8/29/09
    On the way to Dawn's next Pokémon Contest, Piplup suddenly begins to show signs of evolving. When Ash and friends arrive at the next Pokémon Center, Kenny and Barry are there, as well. Dawn and Piplup must decide whether or not to have Piplup evolve into Prinplup while trying to fend off Team Rocket, who want to capture Dawn's Piplup, Kenny's Prinplup, and Barry's Empoleon to have a complete evolutionary set.moreless
  • The Lonely Snover!
    Episode 16
    On the way to Snowpoint City, Ash and friends suddenly find themselves stuck in a bunch of traps. Soon a Snover pops out of the bushes. It is very playful and wants to be with someone. Team Rocket, however, want to steal Snover for themselves.
  • 8/15/09
    On the way to Snowpoint City, Ash and friends decide to stop and take a break. Dawn heads to a river to fill up her canteen, but is attacked by a wild Aggron and falls into the river. She manages to get out of the river far downstream, but is now lost. Aggron returns and badly hurts Mamoswine after Dawn sends it into battle. Now Dawn must take care of Mamoswine by herself, and hide from Team Rocket and Aggron at the same time.moreless
  • 8/8/09
    On the way to Snowpoint City, Ash and friends stop in a town where a Pokéringer competition is to be held. Ash is eager to participate in the contest with Staravia, but he soon finds out that Paul is also entering, with his Honchkrow. Despite this, Ash decides to enjoy the competition. The final match ends up being Ash vs. Paul. Who will win?moreless
  • 8/1/09
    After yet another failed attempt to steal Pikachu, Team Rocket wind up at a Ramen shop. Jessie and James are surprised when they discover that the shop owner was one of their underclassmen from their days at the Team Rocket training facility. They try yet again at capturing Pikachu, but fail. Following this, Meowth and Jessie decide to leave Team Rocket to pursue other things. Meowth decides to work in Christopher's noodle shop, Jessie decides to give her contest career her full attention, and James decides to go after a shiny Metagross, thinking that if he captures it, Jessie and Meowth will return and they can all move up in Team Rocket. Will he succeed, or will this be the end of Team Rocket?moreless
  • 7/25/09
    Ash and friends are lost in a blizzard when they run into a Froslass. Froslass leads the trainers to a small lodge, where it provides them with warmth and something to eat. However, it turns out to be a illusion and Froslass imprisons Piplup in a block of ice. Froslass has also captured Meowth, and through Meowth tells them that if they want Piplup back, they must go help find its child, Snorunt. They head out, and soon run into Jessie and James, who are also looking for Snorunt. They all find Snorunt, but it is held captive by a poacher, and they must defeat the poacher if the want to rescue Snorunt.moreless
  • 7/18/09
    After winning the Chocovine Contest, Dawn is excited now that she only needs one more ribbon in order to get into the Grand Festival. As everyone gets ready to leave town, Team Rocket attacks. Officer Jenny arrives, and helps to get rid of them. However, the end up swiping her Chatot by accident. Officer Jenny wants Ash, Dawn, and Brock's help since they have dealt with them before. Can they rescue Chatot?moreless
  • 7/11/09
    Dawn is getting ready to participate in the Chocovine Contest. Pachirisu gets into a skirmish with a Gabite, and Gabite's trainer, Ursula, arrives soon afterwards. She is slightly insulted that Pachirisu won't eat her poffin. Ursula reveals that she also participated in the Wallace Cup, and she believes that Dawn's win there was a fluke. She is determined to prove that. As the contest begins, Dawn is excited about the chance to win in her fourth ribbon, but she is also determined to prove that she doesn't need luck to win a contest.moreless
  • Hold the Phione!
    Episode 9
    Ash and friends arrive in Chocovine Town where Dawn will enter her next Pokémon Contest. They find out that a lot of people have come to the town in order to see the legendary Pokémon Phione, who lives in the surrounding sea. Legend has it that anyone who sees Phione will have good luck, so Dawn decides to try and catch a glimpse of it. They manage to see one, but it falls in love Buneary. It begins to try and follow Buneary around the city, but Team Rocket is also hot on its trail!moreless
  • 6/27/09
    Ash and friends decide to take a boat to the location of the next contest. On the ride Team Rocket appear and steal Pikachu and Piplup. They manage to escape but they wind up on a deserted island. Will they be able to make it back to their trainers?
  • 6/20/09
    Ash, Dawn, and Brock, along with their new friend Riley, search for the source of the mysterious waves affecting the Steel-type Pokémon, and find Team Galactic. What is Team Galactic's plan, and what do they want with the ruins on Iron Island?
  • 6/13/09
    Barry is training on Iron Island when all of a sudden his Empoleon begins to act strangely. Back in Canalave City, Ash is excited about his win at the Canalave Gym and decides to call Barry and tell him. Barry says that he'll have to consider Ash a rival now. He then tells Ash about Empoleon, and how all of the Steel-type Pokémon on the island are acting strangely. Ash and friends decide to go to Iron Island to help and Team Rocket follow them. When they get there, Barry has left the Pokémon Center. Ash and friends go to find Barry, and end up in the middle of the Steel-type Pokémon's rampage. Meanwhile, Team Rocket run into Barry and they encounter a sinister plan in the works, operated by Team Galactic. What is Team Galactic planning, and can Ash and friends escape the Steel-type Pokémon's rampage?moreless
  • Leading a Stray!
    Episode 5
    Ash and friends try to get on a boat so that they can go to Chocovine Town, the location of the next contest. However, a group of Wailord are blocking the harbor, making ship service impossible. They decide to go have lunch, but all of a sudden a Luxio comes along and steals all of their food. Ash follows it into the sewers, but a encounter with Team Rocket traps Ash in the sewers and now Dawn and Brock can't get in to help Ash. Ash follows Luxio and discovers that they stole the food in order to give it to a Wailmer that is trapped in the sewers. Ash decides to help Luxio and the other pokémon to get Wailmer back to the sea to its Wailord family. While Ash does this, Dawn and Brock try to get into the sewer in order to help him.moreless
  • 5/30/09
    Ash finally gets to battle the Canalave City Gym Leader, Byron. In the first round Byron chooses his Bronzor, while Ash uses Chimchar. Ash tries to use Chimchar's type-advantage to score an early victory, but this begins to prove ineffective when he learns that Byron has a defensive style of battling. Will Ash be able to overcome this and win his sixth gym badge?moreless
  • 5/23/09
    Ash finally arrives at the Canalave City Gym in order to challenge the gym leader, Byron to a battle. However, the gym worker tells him that he can't have the battle yet. It turns out that Byron is the father of Oreburgh Gym Leader Roark, and the two are in a fight over who loves fossils more. In order to settle the feud, they decide to have a battle.moreless
  • A Breed Stampede!
    Episode 2
    Ash and friends are in the Pokémon Center watching a show about contests. Ash decides to go and train for his gym battle. After seeing that Kenny and Nando have won new ribbons, Dawn decides to train Piloswine for its contest debut. However, once the training starts, Piloswine won't listen and starts running around rampant. Team Rocket decide to take advantage of this and create a fake school that is suppose to help Pokémon connect with their trainers. Dawn decides to enroll with Piloswine, and Ash and Brock agree to enter as well.moreless
  • 5/9/09
    Ash calls Professor Oak to check in. Oak suggests that while they are in Canalave City they should go the Old Chateau to try some of its famous Old Gateau. They decide to check it out, but once they get there they end up being tormented by a playful Rotom.