Pokémon - Season 13

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Episode Guide

  • 2/5/11
    Ash, Dawn, and Brock are back in Twinleaf Town at the end of their long journey together. Ash and Brock's boat to Kanto leaves that afternoon and the three finally realize that their journey is ending. Johanna tells everyone that Hermione from the Hearthome Collection wants Dawn and Buneary to come back to Hearthome City in order to shoot pictures for a magazine. Because of this, Dawn will not be able to go to Kanto with Ash and Brock. Piplup becomes overwhelmed with sadness and anger and runs off. With only a few hours left until Ash and Brock leave, everyone must find Piplup and say their goodbyes.moreless
  • 1/29/11
    With the Sinnoh League behind them, Ash, Dawn, and Brock head back to Twinleaf Town on a ship. A crisis emerges when, While following the ship in their submarine, Team Rocket anger a group of Tentacruel and the Pokémon soon attack the ship. Although they try to hold them off, Pikachu and a bunch of young Pokémon become sick with poison. A bigger problem arises the ship's captain reveals that the ship does not have an infirmary and there are no doctor or nurses on the boat. Nurse Joy is contacted, but she will be unable to get to the ship for two hours. With no one else to help, Brock is the only one who can help those Pokémon.moreless
  • 1/22/11
    Ash has defeated Paul and advanced to the semi-finals of the Sinnoh League. Ash's biggest challenge, however, is now ahead of him. His next opponent is Tobias, who has won his eight badges and advanced to the semi-finals of the tournament using solely his Darkrai. Will Ash be able to defeat Darkrai, as well as Tobias's other Pokémon, and advance to the finals?moreless
  • 1/15/11
    Ash and Paul's battle in the Sinnoh League quarter-finals rages on as both trainers give it their all. Ash finally manages to take down Paul's fearsome Drapion, leaving Paul with just one Pokémon left. However, his last pokémon is also one of his strongest, Electivire. Electivire turns the battle around for Paul, bringing Ash down to his last Pokémon. The final match of this decisive battle is about to unfold; Electivire vs Infernape. Which trainer will emerge victorious in this decisive battle and move on to the semi-finals?moreless
  • 1/8/11
    Ash and Paul's battle in the Sinnoh League quarter-finals rages on. Things are looking good for Ash, who has so far defeated Paul's Aggron and Gastrodon and still has all of his Pokémon remaining, but the tables start to turn when Paul sends out his new Drapion. Will Ash be able to hold his ground and defeat his Sinnoh Region rival once and for all?moreless
  • 12/18/10
    After defeating Conway, Ash has now progressed to the Top 8 in the Sinnoh League, and it's finally time for him to go up against Paul in the Sinnoh League battle promised after Monferno's evolution. With the return of Gliscor, Ash decides to use the same Pokémon he used in his full battle with Paul at Lake Acuity, determined to show that they have grown considerably since then. The time has come; will Ash finally be able to defeat the rival he made when he first set foot in the Sinnoh Region, and progress even further in the tournament?moreless
  • 12/11/10
    With his third round battle against Conway coming up, Ash does some last minute training with Brock, which helps Infernape learn a new move. The following day Ash and Conway arrive in the stadium for their battle. The battle begins and Ash quickly takes Conway by surprise by using different Pokémon than Conway thought he would use and by using some neat tricks. However, things take a turn for the worse when Conway calls out his Dusknoir and has it use Trick Room, causing Conway's Pokémon to be faster than Ash's. Will Ash be able to defeat Conway and progress in the tournament?moreless
  • 12/4/10
    As the Lily of the Valley Conference continues, Ash and all his rivals pass through the second round, putting them into the Top 16. Shortly after, the match-ups for the third round are announced. Barry will be battling Paul, while Ash will battle Conway. Barry is confident that despite Paul's strength, he can win the battle and go on to win the tournament. The next day the battle begins. Paul quickly takes the lead by knocking out Barry's Skarmory in just one hit. However, Barry has a few tricks up his sleeve and will prove he's no pushover. Who will win and go onto the Top 8?moreless
  • League Unleashed!
    Episode 26
    The Lily of the Valley Conference finally begins. In this first round of competition, Ash is set to go up against Nando. While Ash is fairly confident in his strategy, Dawn reminds him the Nando always has surprises up his sleeve, as seen during the Grand Festival. The next day the battle begins with Roserade vs. Staraptor. Will Ash will the battle against Nando? Meanwhile, Team Rocket try to sell merchandise outside the stadium after getting a bad booth location.moreless
  • 11/20/10
    Ash and friends have arrived at Lily of the Valley Island. Ash wastes no time in registering for the competition. After registering for the tournament and checking in at the trainer's hotel, Ash goes to call Professor Oak. Knowing that the Sinnoh League is going to be tough with rivals like Barry and Paul competing, Ash decides it is best if he uses pokémon not only from his Sinnoh journey, but all his other past journeys as well. He sends his Sinnoh Pokémon to Oak's Lab and brings over five others from the lab in order to do some training. However, Team Rocket, pretending to be the transfer station aides, take off with Ash's Pokémon. They manage to stop Team Rocket, but now all his Pokéballs are scattered throughout the island! Now Ash, Dawn, and Brock must get them back before Team Rocket finds them!moreless
  • 11/13/10
    Ash and friends are finally on their way to Lily of the Valley Island. On the boat ride to a nearby island, they meet a trainer named Buck. Buck plans to get off at the next island in order to search for a special treasure said to be located on the island. Intrigued, Ash, Dawn, and Brock decide to join Buck on his adventure. However, treasure hunting won't be easy when the island is guarded with various groups of Pokémon.moreless
  • Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Port!
    Ash and friends have missed the boat heading towards Lily of the Valley Island, and now they must wait until the next day for the boat. They hear something outside and find Kenny training with Jasmine, the Gym Leader of Olivine City. The reunion is cut short when Team Rocket attacks. However, they are quickly blasted off when Flint appears. After seeing his power, Jasmine challenges him to a battle. Meanwhile, Kenny questions Dawn about what she will do now that the Grand Festival is over and she is unsure. Kenny proposes an idea; he will challenge Ash to a battle and if he wins, Dawn should travel with him. Ash accepts the battle and decides to try out some new battle strategies for the Sinnoh League. Who will win the battle and what will Dawn choose to do?moreless
  • 10/30/10
    Ash and friends return to Sunyshore City and Ash is excited to finally get the chance to battle Volkner to try and win his eighth and final badge. Volkner's renewed fighting spirit has made him stronger than ever. Will Ash be able to overcome Volkner's Electric-Type Pokémon and win his eighth badge and finally qualify for the Sinnoh League? Meanwhile, Team Rocket have once again set their sites on stealing Sunyshore Tower. However, it won't be as easy the second time around.moreless
  • 10/23/10
    With the Grand Festival over, Ash and friends begin to head back to Sunyshore City. However, they are soon stopped by Team Rocket in yet another attempt to steal Pikachu. After they blast off, Meowth gets separated from Jessie and James and is found by a girl named Mamie. Meowth falls in love with her Glameow, and after rejoining Team Rocket, he decides to convince Jessie and James to kidnap Glameow. As they put their plan into action, Ash and friends also meet Mamie and wind up in Team Rocket's trap. Ash, Dawn, and Brock then decide to help Mamie get Glameow back. However, Meowth comes up with a new plan and decides to run away from Team Rocket with Glameow in tow!moreless
  • 10/9/10
    The final round of the Grand Festival has arrived. As they promised long ago, Dawn and Zoey are the final two contestants. As the battle begins, Zoey chooses her Glameow and her newly evolved Gallade, while Dawn goes with Piplup and Togekiss. With only one battle standing between them and the Ribbon Cup the battle is sure to be fierce, but who will ultimately win?moreless
  • 10/2/10
    As the Grand Festival rages on, Dawn, Zoey, Nando, and Jessie battle their way past tons of talented coordinators and the four of them arrive in the Top 4. The first battle is Zoey vs. Nando. Nando chooses Kricketune and his new Lopunny while Zoey goes with Leafeon and her newly evolved Mismagius. As the battle goes on, both trainers put on an amazing battle, with neither giving an inch. Later, Dawn and Jessie take the stage for their battle. Which two coordinators will advance to the final stage and battle for the Ribbon Cup?moreless
  • Opposites Interact!
    Episode 18
    The Grand Festival continues and Dawn and most of her rivals have made it past the Double Performanc round, and have moved on to the battle rounds. Dawn's first opponent is Ursula, who decides to use Gabite and her newly evolved Flareon. Along with Mamoswine and Pachirisu, will Dawn be able to defeat Ursula and progress to the Top 16 round?moreless
  • 9/18/10
    The Grand Festival has finally arrived and coordinators from around the Sinnoh region have gathered to try and become a top coordinator. A party is thrown before the competition starts and Dawn meets up with all her rivals, all determined to win. As the competition kicks off, the first round of the competition is the Double Performance Appeals Round. Dawn and her rivals all put on an amazing show, but the results will shock everyone.moreless
  • Continuing their journey to Lake Valor, Ash and friends encounter a girl named Narissa, dressed up as Flint of the Elite Four, and owner of two Ditto; one of alternate coloration. Despite the fact that she's only been a trainer for a month, Narissa mocks Ash for being a "noob," and loudly proclaims that regular trainers and Gym Leaders alike would run in fear from her two Ditto (which is her reason for not having any gym badges). When battling Ash, however, Narissa's tough facade starts to break, and she shows that she's not exactly as "all-powerful" and as she claims and Brock has a solution to this problem.moreless
  • 9/4/10
    With the Grand Festival coming up soon, Dawn begins to train with her new Togekiss. Togekiss likes to move as elegantly as possible when performing a move in battle, however, which causes confusion. Meanwhile, Jessie decides that Togekiss is perfect for her, and sets her sights on catching it. Will Dawn be able to learn to work together with Togekiss and save her from Team Rocket at the same time?moreless
  • 8/28/10
    Ash and friends arrive in Arrowroot Town where they find out that one of the last contests before the Grand Festival is going to be held. Since Dawn already has her fifth ribbon, she decides not to participate. As they pass through town, a woman comes up to them and asks them to follow, bringing them to a princess by the name of Salvia. Surprisingly, Salvia looks as if she could be Dawn's identical twin, and because of this, she asks Dawn if she could take her place as princess for the day so that she could participate in the Pokémon Contest. Dawn agrees, but will she and Salvia be able to keep up their masquerade?moreless
  • An Elite Coverup!
    Episode 13
    On the way to the Grand Festival at Lake Valor, Ash and friends arrive in a small town and run into a young boy who left his Magby at what was apparently a fake Daycare Center. As a result, it was stolen, so Ash and friends decide to help. After they begin their search for Magby, they encounter a woman who introduces herself as Bertha, and who also seems to know how to find Magby. While Ash and Dawn don't see it themselves, Brock realizes who Bertha is. What is Bertha's secret?moreless
  • Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue!
    Continuing on toward Lake Valor and the Grand Festival, Ash and friends encounter a Pokémon Ranger named Ben. They find out that the legendary Heatran has been disturbed and is now going on a rampage, and Ben is on a mission to calm it down. When they find out that Ben has lost his Capture Styler, they decide to help him rescue Heatran. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decide to catch Heatran, eager for the legendary Pokémon's power.moreless
  • Keeping in Top Forme!
    Continuing on to the Grand Festival, Ash and friends find a girl named Marley sleeping on a boat in a river. The boat is swiftly bound for a waterfall, so Brock jumps into action and rescues her. They find out that the legendary Pokémon Shaymin is with her, injured by a group of thugs who want to steal it. Team Rocket, who are the ones responsible, set out in an attempt to nab Shaymin once more. Ash and friends, knowing the danger, join Marley in helping to keep Shaymin safe while returning it to its friends.moreless
  • 8/7/10
    With Ash's Sunyshore Gym match delayed, Ash and friends head towards Lake Valor for the Grand Festival. On the way there, they arrive at a seaside town where they meet up with Dawn's mother Johanna, who says that she's there to teach her new Pokémon Coordinator class. She soon gets a call, however, that she's wanted as a substitute judge at the nearby Neighborly Town Pokémon Contest at the same time her class is scheduled, so Ash and friends offer to sub for her. During the class, Dawn demonstrates her Flame Ice combo and also tries out a new one, but things get hectic when Thomas, one of the students, starts picking on Piplup and being negative throughout the class. Meanwhile, Jessie goes for her fourth ribbon at the Neighborly Town Contest.moreless
  • 7/31/10
    At last, the time has come; Ash is finally going to battle Volkner, Leader of the Sunyshore Gym. If he wins this, then the Beacon Badge is his and it'll be on to the Sinnoh League. The battle gets underway, but just as they're getting warmed up, a city-wide power-outage occurs, putting their match on hold. The group heads over to the Sunyshore Tower, the city's power source, in order to see what the problem is, and they see it right away... or rather, they don't see it: the tower has completely disappeared! Will Ash and friends, as well as Volkner and Flint, be able to trace down the lost tower and bring it back, or will Sunyshore City remain in a state of electrical darkness until it receives another source of power?moreless
  • 7/24/10
    Ash and friends have finally arrived in Sunyshore City, where Ash will challenge the Gym Leader in an attempt to win his eighth and final badge. Upon arriving at the gym, however, Ash is outraged to discover that a giant pile of Beacon Badges are lying right outside the front door, waiting for anyone who happens to walk by to simply take one. When he tries to enter the gym to get to the bottom of this, however, he's caught by the gym's high-tech security. Just then, an Infernape appears to save him, and it belongs to none other than Flint of the Elite Four, an old friend of the Gym Leader, Volkner. It is revealed that Volkner has lost his battling spirit, thus why the badges were left for anyone to take them. Flint, however, has a plan to snap him out of it and get him excited for Pokémon Battles again. Can Flint, with the help of Ash and friends, rekindle Volkner's battling spirit?moreless
  • 7/17/10
    Piplup is getting sick and tired of being constantly bombarded by Gible's failed Draco Meteor attacks, and to add insult to injury, it appears that Dawn likes Gible more than Piplup! Heartbroken, Piplup decides to run away and return to Professor Rowan's lab. Things aren't looking good, however, as Team Rocket have decided to take advantage of Piplup's woes to get to Pikachu, and to top it off, Ash and friends come under attack by an upset Rhyperior. Will Ash and friends be able to deal with the Rhyperior in time to get to Piplup before it's exploited by Team Rocket?moreless
  • 7/10/10
    On their way to Sunyshore City and Ash's next Gym challenge, Ash and friends run into Barry, who reveals to them that he obtained his eighth and final gym badge at the Sunyshore Gym himself. While talking at the local Pokémon Center, the group notice Paul, and Barry, excited to finally meet the trainer he idolizes, challenges him to a battle. When Paul refuses and walks away, Barry asks Ash for a battle, which he gladly accepts. The battle gets underway, with Barry using Empoleon and Ash starting out with Monferno. After a Hydro Cannon from Empoleon blasts Monferno into the forest, Team Rocket moves in and traps Ash and friends in smash-resistant capsules, and steal Pikachu, Piplup, and Empoleon. Not long afterwards, Monferno returns from the forest, but it has unleashed its Blaze ability and it is s out of control. Will Ash, trapped as he is, be able to stop Team Rocket and at the same time calm Monferno down before it wreaks total havoc?moreless
  • 7/3/10
    Dawn and Ursula have made it to the final round of the Daybreak Town contest. With entry into the Grand Festival riding on the line for both of them, they are determined to win. Although Mamoswine and Cyndaquil are doing great, Ursula has a secret plan for Plusle and Minun. Will Dawn be able to overcome her childhood fears and defeat Ursula and win her fifth and final ribbon?moreless
  • 6/26/10
    The Daybreak Town Pokémon Contest has finally arrived, and Dawn is ready to try her hand once more at a double performance and win the last ribbon needed for the Grand Festival. While going to train, she runs into her newest rival, Ursula, who is excited to see Dawn as she will finally have the chance to defeat her. Ursula reveals that she will be using her new Plusle and Minun for the contest, but upon seeing them, Dawn begins to act strangely. A little while later, Dawn reveals to Ash and Brock that she had a bad experience with a Plusle and Minun in the past. Unfortunately, Ursula overhears this conversation and decides to use what she has learned to her advantage. The appeals round finally starts, but will Dawn make it through?moreless
  • 6/19/10
    On their way to Daybreak Town, Ash and friends meet a trainer named Daniel who is training for a competition known as the Pokéathlon. After learning that a competition is set to take place in a nearby town, Ash is determined to participate. Daniel does not agree with Ash's training methods and is now determine to use the competition to show Ash why he thinks his methods are superior.moreless
  • 6/12/10
    While on the way to Dawn's next contest, Ash continues to help Gible perfect Draco Meteor. When Gible falls into a river, Ash is forced to send out Buizel to save it. This attracts the attention of a Black Belt trainer who introduces himself as Clayton, and, impressed by Buizel's rescue, challenges it to a battle with his Mr. Mime. Ash agrees, but it isn't long before Buizel is overpowered and defeated. Determined to defeat Clayton and Mr. Mime, Ash and Buizel train for a rematch, with help from Clayton in learning a helpful new move.moreless
  • 6/5/10
    On the way to Dawn's next contest, Ash and friends are suddenly attacked by a Magnezone. It quickly leaves and upon reaching the next town they find out that it has been causing trouble in town. Soon after a Metagross appears and it too begins to cause trouble in town, and engages in battle with Magnezone. In order to stop the two from fighting, Ash and friends decide to find out what is causing the two Pokémon to fight.moreless