Pokémon - Season 7

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Episode Guide

  • Judgment Day!
    Judgment Day!
    Episode 52
    With their stay in Lilycove over, Ash and friends race to the port to catch the boat to Mossdeep City for Ash's next Gym Battle. However, in their haste they board the wrong boat and wind up on Bamba Island. They decide to tour the island where they meet a boy named Jimmy. He tells them that he attempted to be a trainer in the Kanto Region, but only received one badge, the Cascade Badge from the Cerulean Gym for cleaning the pool, and then decided to become a Pokémon Referee instead. After seeing him in action, they decide to help him gain his confidence and become a good referee. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are planning on stealing his Ivysaur, Charmeleon, and Wartortle.moreless
  • Lessons in Lilycove
    Lessons in Lilycove
    Episode 51
    The Lilycove Pokémon Contest has begun. With her defeat in Rubello Town behind her, May is looking forward to proving that she has improved and can win the contest. However, Jessie and James' Chimecho, and Kelly and her Grumpig also have their minds set on victory and it is going to be an all out battle to see who wins the Lilycove Ribbon.moreless
  • Pokéblock, Stock and Berry
    Ash and friends arrive in Lilycove City. However, while it was simply intended to be a quick rest stop, it turns into an extended stay when May finds out that a contest is due to start soon. While walking through the city, Pikachu catches the scent of Pokéblocks and leads everyone to them. They meet Kelly, another contest entrant who owns the Psychic Pokémon Grumpig. After learning about Berries and how to blend them, May decides that since both Beautifly and Skitty have already won contests and Bulbasaur isn't quite ready, she should enter Combusken into the Lilycove Contest. Meanwhile, while May is busy preparing for the contest, Ash starts to teach Aerial Ace to Swellow, and Team Rocket begin to come up with a plot to steal Kelly's Grumpig.moreless
  • A Scare to Remember
    A Scare to Remember
    Episode 49
    Nearing Lilycove City, Ash and friends soon come across Team Rocket who try to capture Pikachu using one of their shock-proof mechas. However, they don't get very far when it starts to sink into the ground and before long, it explodes sending them blasting off. However, the explosion is so large it sends Ash and the others blasting off too. The groups are separated and when Meowth lands with Pikachu, he is overjoyed to find Pikachu has amnesia. He starts to tell Pikachu that he is a part of Team Rocket. While the two Pokémon start to look for Jessie and James, Ash, May, Max and Brock start looking for Pikachu. However will they find him before Meowth completely turns him against his friends?moreless
  • The Garden of Eatin'
    Ash and friends are on the way to Lilycove when they notice a sign for a banana garden. Max wants to go in because there are Slaktoh there. They find the gate to the place locked, but they go in anyway. When they go in they find the place empty, but then they feel shaking and the ground starts to open up. Just as it cracks open a man saves them and brings them to the reception office. They find out from the guy that a Snorlax is eating all the bananas and scaring the Slakoth. Seeing how Snorlax is disrupting the park, everyone agrees to help the man find a way to stop Snorlax. Meanwhile, Team Rocket notice the Snorlax and they plan to capture it and bring it to the boss.moreless
  • Crazy as a Lunatone
    Crazy as a Lunatone
    Episode 47
    A meteor falls from the sky the and lands on Earth. Ken and Mary of the Pokémon Mystery Club notice and go out to check the meteor. They build a machine and blast the meteor with a missile in order to get samples. The meteor starts to glow and a Lunatone comes out of it. They try to catch the Lunatone, but it stuns them with its Psychic powers and escapes to a town nearby. Meanwhile, Ash and friends have arrived in the same town Lunatone went to and notice something is wrong with Nurse Joy and the townspeople and decide to find out what it going on. Meanwhile, Team Rocket heard about the meteor and are thinking about getting the meteorite and giving it to Giovanni.moreless
  • Lights, Camerupt, Action!
    Ash is admiring his newly acquired Feather Badge that he recently won. Max says that the next Gym is in Mossdeep City, and that they need to go to Lilycove City to catch a ferry. They begin their journey and notice a man struggling with a Camerupt that has equipment on it's back. They help him across the river where he tells them that he and his Camerupt go between the villages in the area and play movies for them. Thinking that it sounds like a fun idea, Ash and friends decide to help him get to the next village. However, Team Rocket has their sight set on Camerupt and the movies.moreless
  • Sky High Gym Battle!
    After the excitement of the Feather Carnival, Ash is more than ready for his sixth Gym Battle. However, even though Winona's Pokémon are all part Flying-Type, she has managed to overcome their weaknesses, and proves to be a tougher then average Gym Leader. Can Ash defeat Winona and win a Feather Badge?moreless
  • Who's Flying Now?
    Who's Flying Now?
    Episode 44
    Ash and friends have reached Fortree City, and Ash is determined to finally challenge the local Gym Leader. Heading straight for the Gym, Ash is disappointed to learn that Winona, the Gym Leader, is away for the day at Fortree's Feather Carnival, a celebration of Flying Pokémon. Proceeding to the main part of the city, they notice the inhabitants unique way of living in treehouses, and also find Winona giving kids rides on her Skarmory, and May decides she wants one too. Meanwhile, Team Rocket encounter the Magikarp Salesman again, where he offers James a chance to buy a Chimecho, a very unique Pokemon which has soothing tones. James, who has wanted one since he was a child, happily accepts until it turns out to be a Hoppip dressed as a Chimecho. However James' anger quickly fades when he encounters a genuine Chimecho and makes it his own. With a new Pokemon in their squad, Team Rocket plan to use Chimecho's Heal Bell attack to capture Pikachu.moreless
  • Unfair-Weather Friends
    Nearing Fortree City, Ash and friends are caught in a sudden snowstorm. When the storm disappears as suddenly as it came, the group discover that it was the work of a Castform, a Unique Pokemon which has the ability to change it's type and form along with the weather. This Castform belongs to the local Weather Research Institute, where the resident scientists study weather conditions. However their tour around the complex is interrupted when Team Aqua attacks the Institute attempting to get a hold of data that they hope will lead them to the location of the legendary Pokémon that Team Aqua have been hoping for and it's up to Ash and friends to stop the data from falling into such dangerous hands.moreless
  • A Shroomish Skirmish
    While having a picnic in one of Hoenn's many forests, Ash's Corphish and May's Torchic get into a huge fight when Corphish, having eaten its own food, decides to take Torchic's food for itself. Team Rocket spot an easy opportunity for food when they see a bunch of Shroomish carrying apples. When they attempt to steal the apples, a group of the Shroomish suddenly evolve into Breloom and chase Jessie, James and Meowth into Ash's camp, where the Grass-Type Pokémon send everyone blasting off. Upon landing, the group have been separated into five smaller groups containing Ash, Brock, Pikachu and Swellow in one, Jessie and James in another, May and Mudkip in the third, Max and Meowth in the fourth and Corphish and Torchic (who are still angry with each other) in the last. It's up to the groups to find each other before the angry Breloom do!moreless
  • Take This House and Shuppet
    On a rainy day, Ash and friends head inside a mansion to escape the rain. However, May and Max get into a huge fight and Max runs off. While May and the others search for him, he befriends a wild Shuppet and decides to use it to haunt May.
  • That's Just Swellow
    That's Just Swellow
    Episode 40
    While walking through a mountainous and windy area, Ash and his friends notice a boy training his Swablu to carry rings. The boy, whose name is Shane, explains that he is practicing for the PokéRinger Tournament, a competition where Flying Pokémon have to grab a ring suspended in mid-air and get it back to the goal post before their opponents. Hearing that the registration for contestants is still open, Ash decides to enter with Taillow, while May enters with Beautifly. Also entering is James with Jessie's Dustox, since he trained to be a PokéRinger as a child and is determined to win without cheating. As the competition starts, Ash is dismayed when he is put into the same group as last year's champion Volt, an arrogant trainer who uses his Volbeat's electric attacks to win. However, when Taillow is able to win the first round, knocking Volt out, Ash becomes even more determined to win. Meanwhile, James manages to knock May and Beautifly out of the competition, and begins to think he has a chance too. Who will ultimately win the PokéRinger competition?moreless
  • Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend
    Continuing the trek to Fortree City, Ash and friends come across a Spoink. Spoink is upset after losing the Pearl it keeps on top of it's head. After Spoink tries putting a couple of round Pokémon on it's head, the Pearl is found. However Team Rocket, working with renewed vigor after Giovanni threatens to replace them, steal the Pearl. After coming across a fair, James is approached by the same Magikarp Salesman who has made his life a misery in the past and offers to trade Feebas for the Pearl. After discovering Feebas evolves into Milotic, the most beautiful of all Pokémon, Jessie, James and Meowth eagerly agree. However, when they let their new Feebas have a swim in a nearby river, they discover the Feebas is just a Magikarp painted with a Feebas' colors, meaning they have been swindled yet again. After Ash and the others hear what's happened, they realize that in order to get Spoink's Pearl back, they need to find the Magikarp Salesman before Team Rocket do!moreless
  • Cruisin' for a Losin'
    It's Contest Day in Rubello Town and May is as determined as ever to win, and with her victories in Fallarbor and Verdanturf Town she is extremely confident. After May uses Beautifly in the Appeal rounds, she easily passes the appeals with Drew and Savannah. However, as she prepares for the Battle Rounds against Lairon, Ash warns her that Bulbasaur might not be ready since it has never actually been in a battle before, but May is confident in its abilities. However she is acting a bit overconfident, and it could cloud her judgment. Will May be able to win her third contest ribbon?moreless
  • A Fan with a Plan
    A Fan with a Plan
    Episode 37
    Ash and friends arrive at Rubello Town, and May is delighted to see that a Pokémon Contest is due to begin the next day. Deciding to enter, May meets up with Drew, who is also entering with his new Masquerain, but Drew is soon surrounded by a lot of fans which makes May feel a little jealous. However, the jealously is forgotten when a group of fans approach her. Savannah, the head of the group, explains that they saw May in the Verdanturf Contest and that she will be entering this contest with her Lairon and Flareon, giving May a new rival in the contest. May and Savannah decide to have a practice battle, but Team Rocket appear. Because the contest is R1, meaning you need at least one ribbon to enter, Jessie is ineligible. To make up for this, she decides to steal a ribbon so she can enter.moreless
  • Me, Myself and Time
    Me, Myself and Time
    Episode 36
    After becoming separated from his friends in a dense mist, Ash comes across a Baltoy spinning dangerously close to the edge of a cliff. After saving the Pokémon, Ash meets it's trainer Calista who is looking for a fabled treasure that lies nearby. Always eager for an adventure, Ash and Pikachu agree to help, but the quest is interrupted when Team Rocket try to snag Pikachu. However, a mysterious woman appears and after sending Team Rocket blasting off with her Xatu, explains that she too has a Baltoy which has become trapped in a cavern, and if she helps to release it, then she will show Calista how to find the treasure.moreless
  • Whiscash and Ash
    Whiscash and Ash
    Episode 35
    While resting by a lake, Ash decides to polish his Badge Case and remembers all the Gym Battles he's so far had in Hoenn. Suddenly a larger than normal Whiscash jumps out and eats the case. Determined to get his hard earned badges back, he dives in, but nearly drowns. He is saved by a Fishing Master who has spent years trying to catch the giant Whiscash. Determined to retrieve the badges, Ash and the others start fishing. Meanwhile Team Rocket are also trying to get a hold of the same Whiscash, figuring if they capture it, they will get both a new Pokémon and a bunch of badges.moreless
  • Hokey Pokéballs
    Hokey Pokéballs
    Episode 34
    As Ash and friends walk through a city, May decides to let her Bulbasaur out to see life outside of the forest. Being used to life in a forest, Bulbasaur gets in a few messy situations before they head over to the Pokémon Center. At the center Team Rocket are posing as mechanics and are "fixing" the Pokéball transporter. After they leave, Ash decides to ask Professor Oak to send his Bulbasaur to him so it can meet May's, but when the PokéBall arrives, it's empty. Every PokéBall that has come through the transporter since Team Rocket fixed it is empty. Then, the real mechanics arrive. Ash and friends give chase to Team Rocket and it's up to them to catch them before they get away with all of the Pokémon.moreless
  • Grass Hysteria!
    Grass Hysteria!
    Episode 33
    While walking through a dark forest, a Skarmory attacks Ash, May, Max, and Brock. When Skitty pops out it's Pokéball, May rushes to save it and ends up being carried off by the Steel Bird Pokemon, carrying her over a huge fence and dropping her off in a grassy area. While there, May encounters a Bulbasaur and becomes friends with it, but is soon attacked by other Grass Pokemon whom are extremely distrustful of humans. Meanwhile Ash, Brock and Max plead to the Forest's protectors to allow them entry to rescue May, and when they are not allowed in, the three decide to sneak in and save their friend.moreless
  • The Bicker The Better
    After starting the long journey to Fortree City, Ash and May are challenged to a Tag Battle, which involves two trainers against another two and each trainer using one of their Pokémon. The match is Corphish & Skitty vs. Nidoking & Nidoqueen. However the match doesn't go well, with Corphish and Skitty attacking each other rather than their opponents, leading Ash and May to have a huge fight. They get a chance to settle their rivalry when they encounter Team Rocket, who are also arguing after losing to the same couple. Soon, the match is Ash & James vs. May & Jessie, with both teams determined to win.moreless
  • A Six Pack Attack!
    A Six Pack Attack!
    Episode 31
    Fortree City is the location of the next Gym, but before heading there, Ash and friends decide to stop by and see Professor Birch in Litteroot Town. He is on his way to the harbor where he is suppose to pick up Profeesor Oak, who is visiting. Ash and Brock decide to join him while May and Max go to Birch's lab. At the lab May and Max meet up with Birch's assistant who shows them a new batch of starters, and then Professor Oak (who has made his own way to the lab) turns up. Max is overjoyed to meet his idol, and Oak lets him meet a Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. However soon Team Rocket turn up and nab all six starters and take them to their Secret Base. With Ash, Brock and Birch still waiting at the harbor, it's up to May, Max and Oak to rescue them!moreless
  • Balance of Power
    Balance of Power
    Episode 30
    Having already won four badges during his adventures in Hoenn, Ash finally starts his long-awaited rematch with Norman. With the entire Slakoth evolutionary line as his arsenal, will Ash be able to defeat Norman and win his fifth badge?
  • Love, Petalburg Style!
    Ash and friends have finally arrived back in Petalburg City, and while May and Max are reunited with Caroline, Ash encounters Norman at the Pokémon Center where he is deep in conversation with Nurse Joy. Meanwhile, May begins to tell her mother about her journey, but Caroline gets angry when May mentions her Beautifly, and it turns out that Norman and Nurse Joy have been spending a lot of time together. While this is all going on, Ash encounters the Vigoroth that defeated Pikachu, as well as Slakoth and Slaking which also belong to Norman, and naturally, Team Rocket want to get thier hands on them.moreless
  • A Double Dilemma
    A Double Dilemma
    Episode 28
    Ash and friends have arrived in North Petalburg, a suburb of the main city, and are amazed when they discover that Norman is an idol to everyone who lives there, and May and Max are soon mobbed by Norman fans. While May delightfully shows off her Beautifly and Skitty, Ash also runs into fans of Norman who, after hearing that Ash is planning to challenge the Gym Leader, keep challenging Ash to battle after battle, which exhausts most of his Pokémon. The crowd convince May to challenge Ash and it leads to a showdown between the two friends. Meanwhile, Team Rocket disguise themselves as Norman, Caroline, May, and Max in order to profit from their popularity.moreless
  • Go Go Ludicolo!
    Go Go Ludicolo!
    Episode 27
    Ash and friends decide to settle down for a lunch break, and Ash takes the opportunity to introduce his newly-evolved Grovyle to his other Pokémon. Taillow and Torkoal are happy to have Grovyle on the team. Corphish becomes worried that Ash will now favor Grovyle over the others given it's higher stage, especially when Grovyle manages to get fruit off a tree easily and fend off a Team Rocket attack. A Ludicolo and it's bongo-playing trainer, appear and challenge Ash to a match. Ash decides that since Corphish looks desperate for a battle, he should let it. However things don't go well and Corphish is easily beaten, which makes it feel worse and causes it runs off. While walking through the forest, Corphish finds the Ludicolo and it's trainer, but when Team Rocket attempt to capture the two, it's up to Corphish to save the day!moreless
  • Exploud and Clear
    Exploud and Clear
    Episode 26
    Ash and friends are nearing Petalburg City and Ash is excited about his battle with Norman. During a picnic, Ash notices Treecko isn't very happy due to its defeat at the hands of Gulpin. Before Ash can make it feel better, a Loudred rampages through the camp followed by its trainer Guy. While he is able to calm Loudred down, Guy is worried because ever since it evolved from Whismur, it has become increasingly disobedient. Ash and Guy decide to have a Pokémon battle, Ash using his Treecko and Guy using Loudred. The battle takes an unexpected turn when both Pokémon evolve at the same time. Exploud promptly takes off on another rampage. While everyone looks for it, Team Rocket decides to steal it for Giovanni.moreless
  • Gulpin it Down
    Gulpin it Down
    Episode 25
    Ash and friends are enjoying lunch when a Gulpin comes by and eats their food. Soon an emergency signal goes off. They run into Officer Jenny who tells them that the Gulpin have gathered in town and are eating all of the food. With everyone afraid to do anything, Ash and friends decide to help Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, and Professor Jacuzzi get rid of the Gulpin.moreless
  • True Blue Swablu
    True Blue Swablu
    Episode 24
    While walking through a forest, Ash and friends come across a large amount of debris caused by a recent storm that has trapped an injured Swablu. Determined to help the Pokémon return to it's flock and help it to fly again, May begins to care for the flying Pokémon and develops a bond with it. Meanwhile Team Rocket notice Swablu and immediately begin working on a plan to capture it.moreless
  • Take The Lombre Home
    Ash and friends are now back on the road to the Petalburg City Gym so Ash can battle Norman for his fifth badge, but before long they get thirsty and decide to look for water. During the search, Brock's Lotad accidentally falls down a well. After being recovered, Lotad surprises everyone by evolving into Lombre. Soon, Lombre is approached by a woman who believes that Lombre is the savior of the town and will be able to save them from the drought caused by a Solrock. Soon Ash and friends are wrapped up in this town's love of Lombre and must help them if they want to leave town.moreless
  • Disguise Da Limit
    Disguise Da Limit
    Episode 22
    May is preparing for her third contest, and is nervous about entering, despite her Skitty's confidence. Meanwhile Timmy escapes from his mother and shows up to enter as well with his Dusclops, while Jessie is also entering with her Dustox. When the contest starts, Timmy and Jessie are able to make excellent appeals, while May's Skitty has trouble with it's newly-learned Blizzard and ends up getting a lower score than the other two, making her think she won't progress to the battle rounds. Meanwhile, Timmy's mother has discovered where he is and is on her way to the contest to remove her son. Who will ultimately win the contest?moreless
  • Disaster of Disguise

    While preparing to enter the Verdanturf Contest with Skitty, May and the others are amazed when they encounter her rival Drew. He says that he is not going to enter as his Roselia is injured after a battle with a Dusclops belonging to a masked Coordinator. Soon they themselves encounter the Masked Coordinator, and Ash begins a battle with him. However, a woman appears looking for her lost son, and the Masked Coordinator flees. They are then drawn into the mystery of his identity.

  • Delcatty Got Your Tongue
    Ash and friends are now headed to Verdanturf Town so May can compete in her next contest. However it isn't long before they fall into one of Team Rocket's classic pitfall traps. While the group are able to send Team Rocket blasting off, May's Skitty accidentally breathes in a lot of Ash's Torkoal's smoke and becomes sick. With no Pokémon Center around, they head over to a Pokémon Clinic, run by a legendary Pokémon Coordinator known for winning many contests with her Skitty, which has since evolved into a Delcatty. While she starts teaching May about contests, Team Rocket plan to steal both Skitty and Delcatty for Giovanni.moreless
  • Manectric Charge
    Manectric Charge
    Episode 19
    Having reached Mauville City, Ash and friends decide to visit Wattson at his Gym. However, when neither he or his assistant are there, the group go exploring and come across a carnival run by Team Rocket. Just as Team Rocket succeed in stealing their Pokémon, Wattson appears and uses Electrike to blast them off, which causes the Pokémon to evolve into Manectric. With them out of the way, Ash challenges Wattson to a battle against his newly-captured Torkoal, while Watt challenges May to a battle. Both of them accept and head to the gym for the battles.moreless
  • All Torkoal, No Play
    Continuing towards Mauville City, Ash and friends enter Steel Valley, which is home to many Steel Pokémon. Before they get too far however, they encounter a Torkoal under attack by Magnemite and a Skarmory. Having wandered into the valley due to it's love of rocky landscapes, the Pokemon that live there have tried to get it to leave. Realizing the pain it's gone through Ash becomes determined to help Torkoal stand up to the other Pokémon. However, unknown to everyone is that a Steelix also lives in the valley.moreless
  • Going for a Spinda
    Going for a Spinda
    Episode 17
    With their adventures in Lavaridge Town over, Ash and friends decide to head back through Mauville City to Petalburg City so Ash can re-challenge Norman to a proper Gym battle. Ash, remembering Pikachu being beaten up by Vigoroth, is eager to get back to prove himself as a worthy trainer. Before they get too far, however, the gang encounter a group of Spinda, a Pokemon known for having unique markings on their face. They encounter a girl who is looking for one that has a heart-shaped mark on its face, and decide to help her find it. Team Rocket are also looking for the same one to use as bait for Pikachu.moreless
  • Going, Going, Yawn
    Going, Going, Yawn
    Episode 16
    Ash and Flannery begin their long-awaited Gym battle, with Ash beginning with Corphish and Flannery starting with her newly-evolved Magcargo. With Flannery desperate to prove herself as a worthy Gym Leader, Ash has to hope that his Pokémon are strong enough to defeat her.
  • Poetry Commotion!
    Poetry Commotion!
    Episode 15
    Ash and friends reach Lavaridge Town where they meet Flannery, the Gym Leader. Having just inherited the Gym from her Grandfather days earlier and determined to prove her abilities, she is just as eager as Ash to battle. However, the Gym's battlefield is full of holes and therefore cannot be used. Deciding to help, everyone is soon hard at work filling the holes. However, Team Rocket are standing by ready to snatch one of Flannery's Pokemon, a Torkoal that they can give to Giovanni.moreless
  • Fight for the Meteorite
    Needing to pass Mt. Chimney to reach Lavaridge Town, Ash and friends begin their journey over the mountain in a cable car. However Team Magma arrive in order to steal a meterorite that recently landed there from the local Professor. When Team Aqua also arrive to get the meteorite and disable the in-transit cable car, Ash manages to escape and decides to try and save the meterorite from the duelling rivals.moreless
  • Game Winning Assist
    Game Winning Assist
    Episode 13
    After escaping a group of angry Slugma, Ash and Co. find themselves in a meadow populated by Numel. After befriending the meadow owner, Ash and friends stay at her cabin. May learns that her Skitty knows Assist, which allows it to borrow an attack from another Pokémon in her team. However Skitty's new ability is put to the test when Team Rocket arrive to steal the Numel.moreless
  • Cheer Pressure
    Cheer Pressure
    Episode 12
    With the Contest in Fallarbor Town over, Ash and friends are now headed to Lavaridge Town so Ash can battle for his next Gym Badge. However they soon re-encounter Thatcher, who has taught his Plusle and Minun the Helping Hand attack and as a result was invited to join a group of cheerleaders. He brings everyone to the cheer camp, but Max believes their is something strange about this group. Meanwhile, Team Rocket want this cheer power for themselves.moreless
  • Come What May!
    Come What May!
    Episode 11
    The contest begins and May is more determined to win than ever. With Ash, Brock, and Max cheering her on, May and Beautifly soon find themselves progressing to the battle rounds against Drew and his Roselia, Grace and her Medicham and a disguised and cheating Jessie and her Dustox. Will May be able to win her first ribbon?moreless
  • Pros and Con Artists
    Ash and friends have finally arrived in Fallarbor Town so May can compete in her next contest. May is excited about the prospect of her Beautifly winning the competition and a ribbon, while all Brock wants to do is meet the female coordinators. However Ash and friends encounter Grace, another competitor in the contest who is going to use her Medicham, known for it's fighting and psychic abilities. Things become even more intense when May's rival Drew turns up with his Roselia announcing he is to enter as well.moreless
  • Maxxed Out!
    Maxxed Out!
    Episode 9
    Stopping at a Pokémon Center on their way to Fallarbor Town, Ash and Friends are surprised when a kid enters who looks like an older version of Max (they even have the same name). While the two boys don't get along at first, they are forced to work together to stop Team Rocket from catching a Surskit.moreless
  • Zigzag Zangoose
    Zigzag Zangoose
    Episode 8
    Still on the way to Fallarbor Town, Ash and friends encounter their friend Nicolai, who now has a Zangoose on his team. However, Team Rocket attack during the battle, but the plan to capture Pikachu is forgotten when Zangoose and Seviper begin a fierce battle stemming from animosity between the two species. When Zangoose is injured, Nicolai tends to his injured Pokémon, while Jessie decides to go all out and make sure that Seviper defeats Zangoose.moreless
  • I Feel Skitty!
    I Feel Skitty!
    Episode 7
    While training for the Pokémon contest in Fallarbor Town, May encounters a Skitty, a Pokémon known for it's cuteness. While determined to add Skitty to her team, May notices that Skitty is upset and seems sick. Brock takes them to a Pokémon Aromatherapy center where Eliza, the caretaker of the place, comes up with a fragrance that should help. However it isn't long until Team Rocket have their eye on Skitty and the fragrances of the center as well.moreless
  • Candid Camerupt!
    Candid Camerupt!
    Episode 6
    After collapsing in a hot area, Ash and friends find themselves in the company of the Winstrate family, all of whom are avid Pokémon trainers, and whose son Vito has left to become the Hoenn champion. Soon everyone is challenged to battle the various family members. Meanwhile, unknown to his family, Vito is in the area thinking about returning home. He then unknowingly joins forces with Team Rocket in their plans to capture Pikachu.moreless
  • A Togepi Mirage!
    A Togepi Mirage!
    Episode 5
    Cornered by Colonel Hansen and Team Rocket, Ash and friends are amazed when they see Togepi's amazing power in defending them. After escaping, Togepi takes them to a dimension populated by unhappy Togepi which has caused the land to grow weak. However when Misty's Togepi is captured by Hansen in order for him to rule the Mirage Kingdom, it leads to a confrontation during which Togepi undergoes the ultimate transformation.moreless
  • The Princess and the Togepi
    Misty arrives in Hoenn for a Togepi Festival, which turns out to be a trick by Team Rocket. They capture her and bring her to Mirage Kingdom so that Colonel Hansen can steal her Togepi and overthrow the king. In the battle, Togepi is separated from Misty and winds up in Princess Sara's hands. Now they must find Togepi and stop Colonel Hansen before it is too late!moreless
  • Let Bagons Be Bagons
    While walking through a mountainous area, Ash and friends encounter a Bagon who is attempting to realize its life long dream to fly in the skies. Team Rocket find out about this Bagon and decide to take it for themselves.
  • Love at First Flight
    While resting next to Lake May, the gang spots a Volbeat and an Illumise practicing for an upcoming dance contest. However a practice session goes wrong and Illumise suddenly vanishes.
  • What You Seed is What You Get
    Ash and friends begin their journey to Fallarbor Town, so May can compete in another Contest. In a field of rare Watmel Berries, Ash battles with the protector of the Watmels to strengthen his Treecko and make it learn new abilities.