Pokémon - Season 8

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Episode Guide

  • Pasta La Vista!
    Pasta La Vista!
    Episode 52
    Still in Saffron City, May wants to go to a noodle shop but Max finds a dojo and Ash wants to go to it. Ash and Max head for the dojo while May and Brock go the the noodle shop. At the shop, a girl named Terri runs out pulling a guy named Kyle along with him. Terri pulls Kyle away from the shop and May gives chase, wanting Kyle's "Battle Noodles" with Brock behind. At the dojo, Ash and Max are mistaken for students by Master Hamm and are told to clean the floors. Terri, Kyle, May, and Brock burst in and Master Hamm gets in an argument with Kyle, who turns out to be his son. To settle it, they decide to have a battle, Master Hamm using Hitmonlee and Kyle using Hitmonchan. During the battle, Master Ham's bad back fires up on him and he is forced to quit. Ash offers to battle for him, but Kyle objects to that. May offers to battle for Kyle and the match is reset. Ash is given Hitmonlee to train with while May is given Hitmonchan. They practice and then battle each other with Kyle's Noodle Shop on the line!moreless
  • A Hurdle for Squirtle
    As the Saffron Contests begins, Harley apologizes to May, but she yells at him and says she will win the ribbon. May, Harley, and Jessie make it through the appeal rounds with great appeals. In the battle rounds Harley goes up against Jessie with his Ariados vs. her Wobbuffet. Harley doesn't attack because of Counter and Mirror Coat and Wobbuffet can't attack leading to both getting a yellow card and they lose half their points. Not wanting to be disqualified, Harley uses String Shot to tie up Wobbuffet and deplete Jessie's points. After beating more opponents, May and Squritle have to face Harley and Ariados in the final round. Will May win the Saffron Contest and get her first Kanto Ribbon?moreless
  • The Saffron Con
    The Saffron Con
    Episode 50
    Finally in Saffron City, May prepares for the upcoming contest. She checks out the stadium and meets Lilian Meridian, the younger sister of Vivian Meridian. At the Pokémon Center, she runs into Harley again. At first she doesn't want to believe him anything that he tells her, but after the info he tells her is true she believes him. He tells her that she can register for the contest with her Hoenn Pass by 11:00 the next morning, but Max doesn't believe him. She goes to train not realizing that he is lying and that Team Rocket is also entering the Contest and plans to steal all the Coordinator's Pokémon!moreless
  • Caterpie's Big Dilemma
    On their way to Saffron City, Ash and friends are accused of breaking into a lab by a kid named Xander and a man named Dr. Gordon. After they are set free Team Rocket breaks in and tries to steal some of the Doctor's inventions. Jessie drops a briefcase and a bunch of blue candy drops on the ground which Xander's friend Caterpie eats. It grows to an enormous size and goes and climbs to the top of the radio tower in town. While Ash and friends try to figure out how to make is small again, Jessie and James show up again and use the candy to make Cacnea and Dustox larger than life.moreless
  • Hail to the Chef!
    Hail to the Chef!
    Episode 48
    On their way to Saffron City, Ash and friends arrive at one restaurant, and Team Rocket arrives at another one. They are run by two twin sisters named Rhonda and Rhoda. The chefs at the restaurants are their pokémon. Rhonda's Mr. Mime makes good looking food but it tastes horrible, while Rhoda’s Sneasel makes great food that looks bad. After they get in another fight, they decide to have a competition to see whose pokémon can make the best meal in looks, taste, and performance. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is using this competition as a way to steal Mr. Mime and Sneasel.moreless
  • Sitting Psyduck
    Sitting Psyduck
    Episode 47
    On their way to Saffron City, Ash and friends encounter a Psyduck that is running away from a Machop, Machoke, and Machamp. They fend off the Fighting Pokémon and decide to find its trainer. However, Psyduck doesn't seem to want to find its trainer, and Team Rocket has their eyes set on Psyduck too.moreless
  • On Cloud Arcanine
    On Cloud Arcanine
    Episode 46
    On their way to the Battle Arena, Ash and friends stop by a cake shop. An Arcanine comes running by and May falls in love with it and decides to catch it. Drew returns and also wants to capture it.
  • Rough, Tough Jigglypuff
    While traveling towards the Battle Arena, Ash and friends get caught in a trap made by a man named Mitch. Mitch is trying to capture a Jigglypuff to give to his daughter for her birthday. Ash and the others try to help capture it but it is super strong, smarter, and tricky which makes it that much more difficult.moreless
  • Hooked On Onix
    Hooked On Onix
    Episode 44
    On thier way to the Battle Arena, Ash and friends take a break. When they run out of water Ash, May, & Brock go to look for some while Max stays and feeds the Pokémon. When Munchlax eats all of the food a battle ensuses which enrages some nearby Geodude who in return, attack and Pikachu, Corphish, Phanpy, Squirtle, and Munchlax are separated from the rest. Meanwhile, Team Rocket convinces an Onix, who is the king of a Rock Pokémon Kingdom, that Ash and the others are evil. Onix then sends his Rock army to capture them...moreless
  • The Symbol Life
    The Symbol Life
    Episode 43
    Ash's battle at the Battle Factory finally gets underway. Ash has brought back his Charizard to face off against Noland's friend Articuno. Will battling a legendary pokémon prevent Ash from winning his first symbol?
  • Numero Uno Articuno
    Numero Uno Articuno
    Episode 42
    During the night, Ash and the others encounter the legendary Articuno. The next day Scott takes them to the Battle Factory for Ash's first Battle Frontier battle. Ash meets with Noland, the Frontier Brain and learns that Articuno is his friend. Then, Team Rocket attacks in hopes of catching Articuno.
  • A Real Cleffa Hanger
    Ash and friends are heading towards the Battle Factory where Ash hopes to earn his first Frontier Symbol. A Cleffa emerges from the bushes and makes some friends with Ash and May's Pokémon. It also takes a liking to Misty's Azurill. During a Team Rocket attack, Misty, Max, Pikachu, Azurill, and Cleffa are sent over a cliff and into a river below. Ash, May, and Brock head out to look for them as Misty and Max try to find their way back to them. Now they must find each other before Team Rocket finds them so that they can capture Cleffa.moreless
  • The Right Place and the Right Mime
    May arrives in Pallet Town and heads to Professor Oak's lab where Ash, Misty, and Max are. Ash shows them all of his Pokémon, and then while having something to drink, tells everyone of his plans to travel through Kanto and participate in the Battle Frontier challenge. May asks to join saying that she wants to enter contests in Kanto. They decide to leave the next day. Team Rocket them arrives and they plan to steal all of Ash's pokémon that are at the lab.moreless
  • The Scheme Team
    The Scheme Team
    Episode 39
    With their journey in Hoenn over, Ash, May, Max and Brock head back to their hometowns. On his way home to Pallet Town, Ash passes through Viridian City and meets Scott, owner of the Battle Frontier. Then an old woman named Agatha arrives, and it turns out that she is the temporary Gym Leader of the city until a new one can be found. Scott suggests that they battle and both of them agree. Agatha wins and then Scott tells Ash about the Battle Frontier. Ash is not sure what to do, so he decides to continue his trip home, where a surprise is waiting for him.moreless
  • At the End of the Fray
    Ash and Tyson continue their battle. With progressing to the Top 4 on the line both trainers are more determined then ever to win. Who will ultimately win and progress onto the Top 4 and possible victory in the tournament?
  • Choose It or Lose It!
    Ash's battle with Morrison isn't turning out like he hoped. Morrison does not want to battle Ash, and quickly loses another Pokémon. Wanting to have a great battle with his friend, Ash tells Morrison to buck up and fight fairly. Morrison starts battling at full power, and it turns out to be more then Ash expected. Who will win and go on to the next round?moreless
  • A Judgment Brawl
    A Judgment Brawl
    Episode 36
    Ash continues his battle with Katie, with her outsmarting him constantly with her constantly switching out her Pokémon. After pulling off a narrow win, Ash must now face off against his friend Morrison. However, Morrison loses his battling spirit and does not want to battle Ash.
  • Shocks and Bonds
    Shocks and Bonds
    Episode 35
    The preliminaries come to a close following some tough double battles. The Hoenn League Victory Tournament finally gets started and first up is Ash. His first battle is against Katie, a beautiful trainer who likes to switch her pokémon around. Using this strategy, she quickly gains the lead. Will Ash be able to turn the battle around and defeat her?moreless
  • From Brags to Riches
    The Hoenn League continues as Ash, Morrison, and Tyson must face off in a series of Double Battles in order to preceed to the Championship Rounds.
  • Saved By The Beldum
    Saved By The Beldum
    Episode 33
    Ash is doing some warm-ups for the Hoenn League and is wondering if Morrison will arrive. Just then Morrison shows up and reveals that he did win his 8th Badge and then he goes to register. The next day the Hoenn League preliminaries begin, and immediately Ash, Morrison, and Tyson are faced with strong trainers. Will they be able to pull of victories in their first matches?moreless
  • Like a Meowth to a Flame
    Ash and friends arrive in Ever Grande City, the location of the Hoenn League. They meet Tyson and his Meowth, who will also be competing in the Hoenn League. Things get off to a crazy start when Team Rocket steal the flame used for the competition. Now Ash and his new friend Tyson must retrieve the flame so that the Hoenn League can start.moreless
  • Island Time!
    Island Time!
    Episode 31
    Ash and friends are getting ready to leave for Ever Grande City. May wins plane tickets and everyone boards the plane. However, it turns out to be a trap by Team Rocket. Their plan is going well until the plane goes out of control and crashes on a deserted island. Once they leave the plane they meet a man named Robin who has been stranded on the island after falling off of his ship years ago. In order to get off of the island, Ash and the others must now work together with Robin and Team Rocket. Team Rocket agree to help, but they are secretly planning on leaving the island themselves once the boat is done.moreless
  • Rhapsody in Drew
    Rhapsody in Drew
    Episode 30
    The battle rounds of the Grand Festival are starting and May's first opponent is none other then Harley. Determined to beat him after what he did to her, she battles her hardest. Harley puts up a good fight, but May defeats him and advances. Later her next opponent is Anthony, the coordinator who Ash and the others helped previously. She once again pulls off a victory, and must now face her biggest challenge yet, Drew. Will May be able to defeat Drew and go onto win the Grand Festival?moreless
  • Deceit and Assist!
    Deceit and Assist!
    Episode 29
    May, Drew, Harley, and Robert all make it past the first round appeals and soon face off in the second round appeals. Continuing to deceive May, Harley convinces her to only use Assist in the next round of appeals. As May goes onto the stage, Drew learns of Harley's plan. Will May be able to advance to the next round of the Grand Festival?moreless
  • Hi Ho Silver Wind!
    Hi Ho Silver Wind!
    Episode 28
    May finally arrives in Slateport City for the Grand Festival. After reading letters from her old rivals, she meets up with Drew and Harley. Harley once again plays the goodie two shoes act and convinces May to only use Beautifly's Silver Wind for the appeals. As the appeals begin, May takes Harley's "advice", but will it still allow her to pass the first appeal round?moreless
  • The Ribbon Cup Caper!
    On the boat to Slateport City, the mysterious disguising thief Brodie returns and steals the Ribbon Cup, which forces officials to cancel the Grand Festival! Now Ash and friends must get the Ribbon Cup back and save the Grand Festival! Not only that, but Team Rocket decide to go after the Ribbon Cup as well.moreless
  • Less is Morrison
    Less is Morrison
    Episode 26
    Still on there way to Slateport City and the Grand Festival, Ash and friends stop to eat in a field. When Munchlax runs off everybody goes to look for it. Ash bumps into Morrison, a fellow Pokémon Trainer wanting to compete in the Hoenn League. Ash & Morrison get into a fight and constantly try to prove who is better, but when Pikachu & Beldum are captured by Team Rocket they must work together to save them.moreless
  • Berry, Berry Interesting
    On thier way to the Grand Festival, Ash and friends stop at an island filled with berries. May decides to make Pokéblocks but no one except a wild Munchlax likes them. When Munchlax is accused of eating everyone's Pokéblocks, May decides to prove them wrong and capture the Munchlax.
  • Pacifidlog Jam
    Pacifidlog Jam
    Episode 24
    With qualifying for the Grand Festival hanging on the line, May is more determined than ever to win the contest. As the battle rounds begin, Erica faces of against Jessie. Jessie cheats by having Meowth use "Transform", and it gets her disqualified. Next is May vs. Joshua. Joshua puts up a great fight, but in the end May pulls off a victory. Now the final round in May vs. Erica, and if she loses this battle it means she can't compete in the Grand Festival!moreless
  • Mean With Envy
    Mean With Envy
    Episode 23
    Finally in Pacifidlog Town, May prepares for the upcoming Contest, the one that will determine if she gets into the Grand Festival. When Skitty chases after an Aipom, May runs into Joshua & Erica, two Coordinators who are entering the Contest as well. May and Erica don't get off to a good start due to Erica being jealous of May. The contest begins and after seeing how great Erica and Joshua's appeals are, May is nervous about passing the appeal round.moreless
  • Date Expectations
    Date Expectations
    Episode 22
    On their way to Pacifidlog Town, the boat Ash and friends are riding breaks down, forcing them to make a pit stop on Donto Island. It is currently the Donphan mating season, which they get caught up in the middle of and end up being separated from each other. May now has to make the ultimate decision: stay and find Max and miss the final contest before the Grand Festival, or leave alone for Pacifidlog Island trusting that Ash will find Max and come to the Contest the next morning.moreless
  • Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?
    On the way to Pacifidlog Town, Ash and friends run into Drew. May challenges him to a practice battle, but they get interrupted by Team Rocket. However, Team Rocket's sub gets sucked into a whirlpool and everybody winds up on the mysterious Mirage Island. Now, Ash, Max, and Brock must find Drew and May and figure out how to get off of the island.moreless
  • Showdown at Linoone
    Showdown at Linoone
    Episode 20
    While waiting to eat lunch in the woods, a Linoone comes by and steals two of May's Pokéballs! They find out that the Linoone belongs to a boy named Kimmy. Kimmy tells them that Linoone has been acting strange lately and hiding things. Ash and friends decide to help him figure out what is going on with Linoone. However, Team Rocket want Linoone for themselves.moreless
  • Eight Ain't Enough!
    Eight Ain't Enough!
    Episode 19
    Ash continues his Gym Battle with Juan. However, Juan's pokémon are well trained and are able to counteract their weaknesses easily. With powerful Pokémon at his aide, Juan is proving to be one of the strongest Gym Leaders Ash has encounterd. With just one more badge needed to enter the Hoenn League, Ash is determined to win, but will he be able to defeat Juan?moreless
  • The Great Eight Fate!
    Having finally arrived in Sootopolis City, Ash and friends witness a water show performed by the Sootopolis Gym Leader Juan. Ash challenges the coordinator turned Gym Leader to a battle and he accepts. However, this is no ordinary battle. If Ash wants to defeat this gym leader he must combine every technique he knows in order to defeat Juan.moreless
  • Do I Hear a Ralts?
    Do I Hear a Ralts?
    Episode 17
    On Izabe Island, Max finds a sick Ralts. Brock is unable to fully cure it and they must bring it to the Pokémon Center. However, Team Rocket wants to capture the Ralts. Ash, May, and Brock battle Team Rocket while Max rushes to the center. However, Max must get to the center before it is too late, and manage to avoid Kirlia and Gardevoir.moreless
  • Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt
    Still heading for the town with the ferry to Sootopolis City, Ash and friends stop at a Pokémon Center to stay warm as a blizzard approaches. At the Center, a mischievous Snorunt steals all of Ash's Badges. Now, Ash must get his badges back from it, but he must also save Pikachu and Snorunt from Team Rocket.moreless
  • Absol-ute Disaster
    Absol-ute Disaster
    Episode 15
    Ash and friends arrive in a town where the people hate Absol. They blame the Absol for all of the troubles that have plagued their small town. Ash and friends decide to help a kid named Nicky find his missing brother Gordon, who went to solve the mystery of the Absol appearing, as well as try to solve the mystery of the Absol themselves.moreless
  • Beg, Burrow and Steal
    While exploring Izabe Island, Ash & the others wind up above a Trapinch Labyrinth. They meet up with Elisa and Hal, two of the reserve rangers. Team Rocket appears trying to capture Pikachu, but the plan backfires and everyone wins up falling into the Labyrinth below. Now they must find a way out.moreless
  • Once in a Mawile
    Once in a Mawile
    Episode 13
    On their journey across Izabe Island, Ash and friends meet Samantha, a girl who performs her ribbon dance in various towns, and her Mawile. Mawile develops a crush on Lombre and this becomes quite a problem when Corphish develops a crush on Mawile. In the next town, Team Rocket takes Mawile. Now Ash and the other must save Mawile, and Samantha's show!moreless
  • Claydol Big and Tall
    Beginning their journey across Izabe Island, Ash and friends run into an old man who tells them a legend of an ancient destructive power that once destroyed the island, and is now sealed in a stone Pokéball in the lake. When Team Rocket hears the legend, they unleash the Claydol that was in the Pokéball and Claydol begins rampaging. Now Team Rocket must help Ash and friends stop the giant Claydol from reaching the nearby town and destroying it.moreless
  • A Cacturne for the Worse
    Ash, May, Max, & Brock head for Izabe Island for May's Next Contest. On the boat they meet Harley who is also in the contest. Harley gets mad at May for saying things that he takes as insults and promises to defeat her in the contest.
  • Where's Armaldo?
    Where's Armaldo?
    Episode 10
    With Ash and friends on a ferry, Max sees a nearby island to stop at and do some sightseeing. Instead of going to the next Gym Leader and to the next Pokemon Contest Hall, May and Ash want to train their Pokémon first. They all go on the Island and start training. While in the forest, Max sees a Cradily. Although no one believes him, they eventually wind up meeting two Professors and go to their research facility. They see several fossil pokémon that have been brought back to life. Team Rocket decides to steal the Ancient Fossil Pokémon for Giovanni.moreless
  • Vanity Affair
    Vanity Affair
    Episode 9
    After his victory over Tate and Liza, and against a trainer before the boat to the next island arrives, Ash is feeling confident with his battle skills. While dining at a restaurant, Ash meets Drake, a member of the Hoenn Elite 4. Drake invites him to come back to his ship for a Pokémon battle, a chance that Ash can't refuse! Team Rocket also con their way onto the boat, hoping to steal some of Drake's powerful Pokémon.moreless
  • Solid as a Solrock
    Solid as a Solrock
    Episode 8
    The time has come for Ash's Gym Battle against Tate and Liza. In this gym he must fight in a double battle. With the brother sister pair using Lunatone and Solrock, Ash must think carefully if he wants to earn his Seventh Badge.
  • Its Still Rocket Roll to Me
    Ash and friends have finally arrived at Mossdeep City. They head to the gym, but the Gym Leaders are gone. They are at the space center, so Ash goes to look for them. At the Space Center they are introduced to the Gym Leaders, Tate and Liza. The two of them show everyone around the Space Center and have a day of fun. However, Team Rocket is planning on stealing the Space Shuttle at the center, and when they get inside of it, they tie up Max and Tate and then begin the launch!moreless
  • The Scuffle of Legends
    Kyogre is now under the control of Archie and it threatens to drown everybody. Pikachu, possessed by the power of the Blue Orb, uses Thunderbolt to release Groudon from its imprisonment. Groudon and Pikachu then go to confront Kyogre in the battle to end all battles! It's now up to Ash, his friends, and Lance to stop these two Pokémon before anything extremely bad happens.moreless
  • Gaining Groudon
    Gaining Groudon
    Episode 5
    After being blasted into the sea, Ash and co. are still drifting, with the boat that was to take them to Mossdeep long gone and no land in sight. They are overjoyed when a sub rises nearby, but after sneaking aboard their joy turns to fear when they realize that the sub belongs to Team Magma. They try to hide, but they are spotted by Team Magma's leader, Maxie. Under arrest, Maxie tells the group about Team Magma's ambition to increase the amount of land on Earth by awakening the legendary Pokemon Groudon, and in order to help with this Team Magma have already captured Groudon's nemesis Kyogre as well as the Blue Orb, which they plan to swap with Team Aqua for the Red Orb. Meanwhile, Shelly of Team Aqua is also aboard the base and she frees Kyogre from its prison. But when the huge Pokémon gets free it begins to tear up the place, causing the Blue Orb to fuse with Pikachu. While Ash and Pikachu are separated from Brock, May and Max, Lance arrives to help with the situation but things get worse when Archie and Team Aqua turn up.moreless
  • Training Wrecks
    Training Wrecks
    Episode 4
    Ash and friends visit Small Rocky Muscle Island, the final island stop before Mossdeep. They soon meet the trainers who live there, and discover that their philosophy is that a trainer should focus on enhancing their own body as well as their Pokémon, and therefore they spend a lot of time weight training. They invite Ash and the others to join them. Meanwhile, Team Rocket's Magikarp sub has sunk and they are stranded on the island.moreless
  • The Evolutionary War
    Ash and friends are still on their way to Mossdeep when Max says that according to the PokéNav there are three islands approaching called the A, B, & C Islands, one of which has a Pokémon Center. However, the journey is interrupted when a bunch of kids ride past on a bunch of Huntail and Gorebyss. While at the Pokémon Center, the group hear two kids arguing about if Huntail or Gorebyss are better, which is the same rivalry that exists between the other two islands. While attempting to mediate the quarrel, Ash and the others meet up with Professor Birch, who explains he is on the island to investigate the mystery of Clamperl's evolution. Interested in solving this mystery, Ash and friends join him.moreless
  • The Relicanth Really Can
    On their way to Mossdeep, Ash and friends stop on a beach and they see a diver coming out of the water with a box. The man shows them a necklace made of Green Shards. He said he found it on a Relicanth so he brings them to his shop and says he's going to look for the treasure of a sunken ship. Ash and friends agree to go with him and they go in a sub. Meanwhile, in their Magikarp Sub, Team Rocket sees all the Relicanth underwater so the plan to steal all of them and the treasure so they can give it to Giovanni.moreless
  • Clamperl of Wisdom
    Clamperl of Wisdom
    Episode 1
    On the way to Mossdeep City, Ash and friends encounter Spoink again. It is floating on a log and a wave knocks it off. They rescue it, but it starts jumping around and the pearl on its head falls into the ocean. After searching the ocean with Mudkip and Corphish, Ash and friends head for a nearby island with the sad Spoink. There, they meet Isaiah who is studying a blue pearl. Team Rocket tries to steal it, but Spoink ends up foiling their plans and runs off with the pearl! Now everyone must find Spoink before Team Rocket does!moreless