Pokémon - Season 9

Saturday 8:30 AM on Cartoon Network Premiered Sep 08, 1998 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Home Is Where The Start Is!
    After tying in the contest, May decides that she will head to Johto alone. After she and Max head back to Hoenn on a ship, Ash and Brock must depart as well. On the way back to Pallet, Ash runs into Gary and his Electivire, a new Pokémon. Ash challenges him to a battle, but he refuses and leaves. Ash finally arrives home and is greeted by the usual homecoming party. Finally Gary decides to battle with Ash. After losing to Gary, Ash must make a tough decision about what to do now that his Battle Frontier journey is over.moreless
  • Once More With Reeling!
    Ash and friends arrive in Terracotta Town, the town where May and Max will board a ship back home to Hoenn, and where Brock will leave for Pewter City. There is a festival going on and a Pokémon Contest is being held. May and shockingly Ash decide to enter it. May and Ash place first and second place in the appeals and will now face each other in the final round. During the contest break, May's Combusken evolves into Blaziken! After sending Team Rocket flying, Ash and May face off in the final round using Sceptile and Blaziken.moreless
  • Pace - The Final Frontier!
    Ash continues his battle against Brandon. With faith in his Bulbasaur, Ash manages to finally beat Dusclops. Then, Squirtle faces off against the speedy Ninjask and manages to pull off a narrow win. Squirtle isn't so lucky when it faces down Solrock. Solrock defeats Squirtle and then Bulbasaur and Solrock knock each other out. Then, it comes down to the final battle: Pikachu vs. Regice. Will Ash win and become the Battle Frontier champion?moreless
  • Gathering the Gang of Four!
    Ash trades in some of his old Pokémon and brings Bulbasaur, Charizard, and Squirtle back. They head up into the mountains for a little training and reminiscing of the past. After stopping yet another Pikachu stealing attempt from Team Rocket, Ash runs into Brandon who is impressed by the four Pokémon. Brandon declares a 4-on-4 battle this time so he can see the true strength of the four. Ash agrees and the next day the battle begins. Brandon chooses Dusclops and Ash chooses Charizard. Will he finally be able to win?moreless
  • Pinch Healing!
    Pinch Healing!
    Episode 43
    Ash finally begins his training for his rematch. Meanwhile, Nurse Joy comes down with the flu. In the woods, Team Rocket finally makes it back to Fennel Valley after being attacked by Harley's Cacturne. When trying to chose a path at a fork in the road, they cause a Gloom to use Stun Spore on an Electrode, which rolls down the hill and explodes on the front of bus carrying pokémon. With Nurse Joy sick, Brock and Professor Oak must take care of all these pokémon while Ash helps Matt get his Bagon back after it runs off. Team Rocket, in the meantime, decides to steal all the pokémon.moreless
  • The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!
    After losing to Brandon again, Ash begins to lose hope and feel blue. Meanwhile, May is still thinking about her defeat against Solidad at the Grand Festival. Even the return of Beautifly and Skitty doesn't seem to help. Then Professor Oak shows up with some gifts for Ash. Inside is a poster with Ash's Pokémon's hands and feet prints on it and the word fight across it, a lunch from his mom, a lure from Misty, and a postcard from Gary who is in the Sinnoh Region. The party gets bigger when Drew and Harley show up. Drew challenges May to a match, in which he will use his new Butterfree. Will this battle be able to snap May back into reality?moreless
  • Overjoyed!
    Episode 41
    Ash and friends finally arrive in Fennel Valley for Ash’s rematch with Brandon. Ash decides to do some training before his match, but May does not want to, so Ash agrees to battle Nurse Joy and Chansey. After taking their hats off Nurse Joy and Chansey become a fierce team and beat Corphish. After the battle, Ash goes to the ruins to find Brandon and he finds Brandon in a chamber working on a puzzle. Brandon agrees to battle the next day, and he plans to use Registeel. Ash calls Professor Oak and switches Aipom for Torkoal. The next day the battle begins. This time Ash manages to put up more of a challenge to Brandon, but will it be enough to beat him and Registeel?moreless
  • Duels of the Jungle!
    On the way to the Battle Pyramid, Ash and friends are attacked by a wild Weavile and Aipom is seriously injured. They find out that this has happened to many trainers lately. They decide to help a man named Kerrigan to find out why this exiled Weavile is attacking people, but they must also take care or Team Rocket who is gunning for Weavile!moreless
  • Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!
    On the way to the Battle Pyramid, Ash and friends run into a girl named Ada and her Chatot. Ada tells them that see is planning on competing in the Comedy Grand Prix. However, her Chatot keeps flying away during the day and coming back and night, and saying strange things. They decide to follow Chatot and they find out that it goes to a children's hospital everybody. When Ada explains that her and Chatot must leave, a girl named Corrina gets mad. In order to cheer her up, Ada decides to practice her act in front of the kids. However, Team Rocket wants to steal Chatot!moreless
  • Aipom and Circumstance!
    On the way to Fennel Valley and the Battle Pyramid, Ash and friends stop for lunch. After they are done eating, Aipom tries to show Ash the flowers it gathered, but when Pikachu jumps on Ash’s shoulder, Aipom gets jealous, grabs Ash’s hat, and runs off. Ash, Pikachu, and Brock run off after it and wind up in a village where people are stretching. A boy named Hank explains that they are about to compete in a contest to decide who will be the king of their village for the next year. As the contest begins, Aipom comes by, takes the crown, and runs off into the woods, and everyone gives chase. In the woods Aipom puts the crown on and it gets stuck to her head! Now Ash must catch up with Aipom and remove the crown before the people of the village or Team Rocket get a hold of it!moreless
  • Channeling The Battle Zone!
    As May and Drew continue their battle, Drew quickly gains a lead with a new combo move. As the battle progresses, May manages to finally defeat Flygon with Squritle. However, her victory is soon spoiled as Absol quickly takes out Squirtle. Combusken and Absol continue to battle with neither side letting down. During the battle, Combusken learns Overheat and is able to strike back with amazing power. As the battle ends, it comes down to May winning by just a few points! After the battle, Ash finally catches the troublesome Aipom. May then finds herself up against Solidad and her amazing Pidgeot and Slowbro. Can May defeat Solidad and go on to win the Grand Festival?moreless
  • Thinning The Hoard!
    Thinning The Hoard!
    Episode 36
    The Grand Festival continues with appeals as Drew shows off his new Absol. May, Harley, and Solidad also do great appeals and the four of them all make it into the Top 16, which are the battle rounds. In the first match, May has to battle Harley. She chooses Munchlax and Eevee while he uses Cacturne and his new Wigglytuff. Eevee and Munchlax easily take out Cacturne, but Wigglytuff easily counterattacks both of them. After devising a perfect strategy, May wins. Soon after, Solidad and Drew beat their opponents. Now in the Top 8 May must face Drew! She selects Combusken and Squirtle and Drew picks Absol and Flygon. Will May be able to beat her long time rival?moreless
  • May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!
    Ash and friends finally arrive at the Indigo Plateau for May’s Kanto Grand Festival. Before the competition, excitement already unfolds as Aipom returns and steals everybody’s hats! With that help of Drew and a new trainer named Solidad, they manage to get the hats back. After Drew leaves, Solidad tells May how she knows Drew, and how much he talks about May. While this is going on, Brock and Max run into a cloaked figure that they suspect to be Harley. As the next day begins, May, Drew, and Solidad all pull off impressive performances, but everyone begins to wonder where Harley is. All of a sudden, Harley, dressed as May and calling himself Mayley, comes out for a Harley original appeal. As the first round ends, May, Drew, Harley, and Solidad all progress, however, Harley has set out to defeat all of them!moreless
  • Slaking Kong
    Slaking Kong
    Episode 34
    On the way to Indigo Plateau for May’s Grand Festival, a group of Aipom come by and steal Ash’s hat and May’s ribbons! A old man comes by and tells them that local Aipom, Mankey, and Vigoroth have been stealing his berries and taking them up to the mountains. He also tells them that there is a rumor about a giant monster living in the mountains. They follow the Aipom into the mountains to a giant wooden fence. When the fence opens up, they run in and find out that it is really a Giant Slaking working with Team Rocket! They plan to use all the berries to make and sell Pokéblock at the Grand Festival, and Jessie will use May’s ribbons to compete! After being chased out of the Slaking’s territory, Ash and Brock are separated from everybody else, along with the Aipom that stole Ash’s hat. Can they reunite, get May’s Ribbons back, solve the mystery of the Giant Slaking, and get Ash’s hat back?moreless
  • Battling the Enemy Within
    Ash and friends finally arrive at the Battle Pyramid. As they get close, they fall into some ancient ruins. After almost being crushed, they run into a guy named Brandon who owns a Regirock. Brandon acts as if they are in the wrong for being there and decides to take them out of the ruins. Brandon tells them that these are the ruins of the Ancient Empire Pokélantis, and the legend of its King and the legendary Ho-Oh. When they find the throne room, Ash touches a sphere and he is possessed by the evil King himself. He then tries to steal everyone's pokémon! Brandon decides to stop him in a battle and save Ash. Will Brandon be able to win and set Ash free? Or will the King win and steal all the Pokémon?moreless
  • Grating Spaces!
    Grating Spaces!
    Episode 32
    On their way to the Battle Pyramid, Ash and friends arrive in Pewter City to find the gym redecorated! Brock's siblings explain that three people convinced their parents to get the gym redecorated to make it look nicer and then they sent Flint and Lola on a vacation! When Brock looks at the inside of the gym it looks just as bad, and he finds out that his Onix has evolved into Steelix! Then, the re-modelers, who are actually Team Rocket in disguise, return with a new Charizard and Aggron given to them from Delibird (and actually meant for Butch and Cassidy) and challenge Brock and Ash to a battle to decide the fate of Pewter Gym!moreless
  • The Ole' Berate and Switch
    After failing to capture Pikachu, Jessie, James, and Meowth go their separate ways. Butch and Cassidy also split which leads to Jessie teaming up with Butch and James with Cassidy. Both teams then try to prove who is better by capturing Pikachu and Pokémon that trainers are using in a fake battle tournament set up by them.moreless
  • Going For Choke!
    Going For Choke!
    Episode 30
    As the battle rounds for the Mulberry Contest begin, James and Meowth trick Ash, Brock, and Max into a huge metal box so that they can't cheer May on, in hopes that it will cause her to lose. Harley is more determined then ever to make sure May loses. Jessie and May easily breeze through the battle rounds. As the final round arrives, May sticks with her trusty Squirtle and Jessie stays with Harley's Banette. Will May be able to beat Jessie and win her final ribbon so she can compete in the Grand Festival? And what about Ash and the others, can Drew rescue them in time?moreless
  • New Plot, Odd Lot!
    New Plot, Odd Lot!
    Episode 29
    Finally in Mulberry Town, May learns that this is the last contest before the Grand Festival! May becomes nervous and begins to doubt herself, but this is quickly put to rest when Harley shows up bragging about his five ribbons. Harley finds Team Rocket outside planning Jessie's contest strategy. Harley decides to help Jessie, but only so May won't make it to the Grand Festival. He gives her Cacturne and Banette to use. As the appeals get underway, Jessie takes an early lead, and thanks to James, Meowth, and Harley's Ariados, May and Combusken are starting to slip up. Will May be able to pass the appeals and get to the second round?moreless
  • All That Glitters Is Not Golden!
    On the way to Pewter City and then the Battle Pyramid, Ash and May encounter a Golden Sudowoodo. Ash tries to catch it but fails. In town, Brock doesn't believe them but a bunch of people do and want info. After the people mob them for information, they retreat with a boy named Keenan where they learn that Sudowoodo is his. Keenan tells them for some reason Sudowoodo will not come back to him. Meanwhile, Team Rocket hear of this and decide to capture Sudowoodo. However, the townspeople also have their eyes on Sudowoodo! It turns out that Sudowoodo is gold because of an experiment that Keenan performed on it, which is why it will not go back to him. Can Ash and friends stop Team Rocket and the townspeople from taking Sudowoodo? And can Keenan get the chance to reconcile with his pokémon?moreless
  • Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis! (2)
    With Max and Meowth taken by Deoxys, Ash and the others head back to the Pokémon Center to devise a plan. Solana manages to fix their Pokéballs and so they head out in search of their friends. In Deoxys' world, it explains to Max (through Meowth) that it is very lonely and confused. However, the geometric imbalance is starting to create Chaos in the world, and this pain causes Deoxys to start attacking everybody. Their only hope is for Solana to use the Capture Styler on Deoxys, but it only works when Deoxys is in normal form. Now the others must battle to save themselves from Deoxys and wait patiently for the right time to capture it.moreless
  • Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis! (1)
    On the way to the Battle Pyramid, Ash and friends meet up with Solana, the Pokémon Ranger. She is there because of a geometric problem in the area that is disturbing electronics of all kinds including the Pokéballs. Everyone figures out that the disturbance is caused by a lonely Deoxys. When they go to investigate the place where Deoxys' meteor crashed, Deoxys becomes scared and flees with Max and Meowth.moreless
  • Second Time's the Charm!
    After a devastating defeat at the hands of Anabel, Ash is eager to challenge her again, except this time he plans to think with his Pokémon like Anabel instead of rush in. While training for the re-match, Ash is once again attack by Beedrill and then Team Rocket after eating their lunch. After sending Team Rocket away, Ash and May try to learn how to talk to their Pokémon just like Anabel, however Corphish and Combusken just look on with blank stares. After finishing his little "lesson" Ash begins his battle with Anabel. Just like last time Anabel uses her telepathy ability to fight. Even though Ash is at a disadvantage, he surprisingly does better than last time, even managing to win in the first round. Will Anabel prove to powerful with her telepathy, or will Ash overcome it to win his Sixth Frontier Symbol?moreless
  • Talking A Good Game
    Talking A Good Game
    Episode 24
    As Ash and the others finally arrive at the Battle Tower, Ash does some last minute training with Pikachu. He is suddenly attacked by a Beedrill and a girl comes to his rescue. After sending Beedrill away they are attacked by a Gyarados and she once again talks to him and helps him calm down. Soon Team Rocket attacks wanting Pikachu and this human who can talk to Pokémon. After fending Team Rocket off, she introduces herself as Anabel. Before Anabel can properly introduce herself, Ash runs off to the Battle Tower, only to find out Anabel is the leader. As the battle begins, Ash quickly falls behind as Anabel can speak to Pokémon through telepathy. Can Ash manage to get past her special ability and win his Sixth Frontier Symbol?moreless
  • Three Jynx and a Baby!
    On their way to the Battle Tower, May finds a Smoochum behind a bush. She tries to pick it up, only to be attacked by three Jynx, Smoochum's sisters. After a short battle Ash and the others leave and head for town. Soon after, Team Rocket take Smoochum and plan to make her a star. The Jynx then begin to attack the town and Ash and May hold them back before luring them to where Smoochum is. However, when they get there, Jessie has no intentions to give Smoochum back to her sisters!moreless
  • What I Did For Love!
    May finally arrives in Gardenia Town ready to win her Fourth Ribbon. She gains a nice surprise when she finds out the Eevee has learned Dig. While May prepares for the contest, Brock meets another Pokémon Breeder named Yuma. After seeing his Pokémon skills, she convinces him to enter the Gardenia Contest. After amazing appeals by Squirtle and Bonsly, both May and Brock make it to the battle rounds. Will May be able to beat her friend in order to win her Fourth Kanto Ribbon?moreless
  • Curbing the Crimson Tide!
    In a dark alley three kids come face to face with the mysterious "Red Lightning". One kid sends out his Poliwag only to have it beaten and scribbled on. Then, Ash and the others arrive in the same city. Nurse Joy tells them of Red Lightning and how he is unbeatable. While visiting a park, May's Squirtle runs off and is attacked by Red Lightning and is easily defeated. After following Red Lightning to a house on the top of a skyscraper, they find out it is just a Scizor that belongs to a little girl, however she has no plans to stop her little plan. Ash decides to stop her for good.moreless
  • King and Queen for a Day!
    On their way to the Battle Tower, Ash and friends arrive in a town back on the mainland of Kanto. Then, Team Rocket (in disguise) convinces them to get free massages, which they agree to get. It turns out to be a trap and a battle ensues between Sceptile and Dustox (with the help of Munchlax's metronome) that destroys the tent and separates Pikachu, Bonsly, Meowth, and Mime Jr. from everybody else! The four of them land in the middle of the city and are chased around by a bunch of guys in black suits. They manage to lose them and after helping a lady, Meowth manages to get some food for the four of them, but it is short lived as the men quickly find them again. It turns out that they men are chasing them because they are mistaking Bonsly and Mime Jr. for the famous Pokémon stars, King Bonsly and Queen Mime Jr. Jessie and James manage to find them and Jessie manages to get Mime Jr. and Bonsly in the filming of the King and Queen's TV show! This is all a part of Jessie and James' plan to become rich. Can Ash and the others find Bonsly and stop Team Rocket's "evil" plan? Or will they just end up in the craziest TV show ever?moreless
  • Ka Boom With a View!
    Ash finally arrives at Battle Palace, ready to take on Spenser for the Spirit Symbol. As they head out to the battlefield Ash learns that he has the entire surrounding Jungle to battle in! As the battle begins, May, Brock, and Max head up in a balloon with Scott to watch the battle. As the battle begins, Ash pits his newly "revived" Sceptile against Spenser's Shiftry and the battle quickly heads into the forest. Will Ash manage to beat Spenser while battling in a forest?moreless
  • Cutting the Ties That Bind!
    Ash and friends have finally arrived on Metallica Island, the location of the Battle Palace. Before challenging the Frontier Brain, Ash does a little training hoping to boost Sceptile's confidence. However, Sceptile still can't muster the strength needed to use attacks and runs into the woods frustrated. Ash and Pikachu quickly run after Sceptile, but once they get in the woods, they are attacked but a swarm of Beedrill and are knocked into the river! Ash manages to save Sceptile, but Pikachu is swept away! Ash and Sceptile manage to get out of the river and take a rest for the night, and Pikachu also manages to get out of the river. An old man finds Pikachu and helps to heal it. When Scott appears at the Pokémon Center, he reveals to the others that this is the time of year when the Kakuna evolve and Beedrill will attack anything to protect them! Can Ash manage to find Pikachu, boost Sceptile's confidence, and get out of the woods without being stung?moreless
  • Spontaneous Combusken!
    After losing a ribbon to Harley, May arrives on Chrysanthemum Island ready to win her Third Ribbon. Ash is also working hard trying to help Sceptile regain its ability to use attacks. When Drew shows up, May finds out he didn't send her the letter. Later, while training on the beach, she meets a girl named Brianna who reveals that she sent the letter and rose to May. When Brianna finds out May knows Drew she freaks out as she has a crush on Drew. When she finally meets Drew, Brianna claims that she will beat May in the contest and win Drew's respect and love! Meanwhile, Jessie also enters the contest with James' Mime Jr.moreless
  • Odd Pokémon Out!
    Odd Pokémon Out!
    Episode 16
    While on the way to May's next contest, Ash and friends must stop at a nearby island to switch to the ferry to the next island. They let their Pokémon out to play and Donphan, still as playful as ever, tries to play with some Rhyhorn, only to be chased by their parents. After being saved by Nurse Joy and her Meganium, Grovyle gets into a conflict with a wild Tropius and beaten badly. Meganium heals Grovyle and Grovyle falls in love with her. However, Meganium and Tropius love each other. Now, Grovyle decides to battle Tropius again to get revenge, and win Meganium's love.moreless
  • Harley Rides Again
    Harley Rides Again
    Episode 15
    Ash and friends finally arrive in Wisteria Town where May prepares for her next contest. Harley shows up and this time, he's not so friendly! He declares that he will win this contest and his Fourth Ribbon. Team Rocket tries to convince Harley to work with them to help beat May and get Pikachu but he just calls them losers and leaves. In the contest, both May and Harley manage to breeze through the appeals and battles and end up facing each other in the final, Munchlax vs. Octillery. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to get revenge on Harley.moreless
  • Off the Unbeaten Path!
    On their way to the Battle Palace, Ash & friends stop at Potpourri Island where they learn about the Pokémon Orienteering Contest. The contest is a race around the island where a trainer and one Pokémon must go to five different locations and get the special stamps at those locations. The winner will receive a special medal along with a ton of fruit. As the contest begins, Ash goes with Pikachu, May with Eevee, Brock with Bonsly, Max with Munchlax, James with Mime Jr, and Jessie with Meowth. Who will win the contest and win all that fruit? That is if Jessie and Meowth don't succeed in stealing it along with Ash, May, and Brock's Pokémon!moreless
  • Queen of the Serpentine!
    Ash finally arrives at the location of the Battle Pike ready to battle. Team Rocket tricks him into coming into their own fake Battle Pike where they capture Pikachu. With the help of the real Frontier Brain - Pike Queen Lucy, they save Pikachu. Ash challenges Lucy to a battle, and even though it is her day off, she accepts because she has a crush on Brock. As the two begin their battle, Ash realizes Lucy is no pushover. Can Ash win another Frontier Symbol?moreless
  • Time Warp Heals All Wounds!
    Ash and friends finally arrive in Fuchsia City with the Battle Pike only a day away. May's egg then begins to glow signaling that it is ready to hatch. However, before she can celebrate her Squirtle runs off. May finds Squirtle at the train station with an old lady named Edna. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to divide and conquer to capture everyone's Pokémon. Back at the train station, Edna explains that she is waiting for her husband to return. Then Edna's granddaughter, Katrina, shows up and gets her Grandma to go home. Katrina tells May that many years ago Edna's husband, Jonathan, left for the big city in order to become a Pokemon Doctor. Edna tried to reach the station but the train left before she got there and she wishes it had just been snowing that day so she could have told Jonathan they were going to have a baby. One year later, he died in an accident but she refuses to believe it. She also tells May that Edna lost her pendant that day. When May and Squritle find the pendant, they, along with Meowth (who was following and listening to them), get transported back in time to that exact day, and decide to fix Edna's future by fixing the past by making sure that it starts to snow.moreless
  • From Cradle to Save!
    On the way to the Battle Pike, Ash and friends stumble across a ninja school. However, there have been thefts around the school lately and they are told to be alert. On one of their tasks, which is to find the teacher's Kecleon, Ash and another Ninja stumble across a Bonsly. Bonsly is quickly blamed for all of the recent thefts at the school but Brock quickly proves them wrong. Soon after, the real thieves, which is none-other than Team Rocket, show up to steal all of the Pokémon at the Ninja School.moreless
  • The Green Guardian
    The Green Guardian
    Episode 10
    On their way to the Battle Pike, Ash and friends decide to ride along Cycling Road. However it is closed and they must go through the forest below. After hearing a noise, Pikachu wanders away and finds an injured Celebi under some thick vines. Ash and the others then meet up with the Pokémon Ranger Solana who agrees to help them find Pikachu. When they finally find Pikachu and Celebi, the reunion is short-lived as Team Rocket attacks wanting Celebi for themselves.moreless
  • Reversing The Charges
    On their way to the Battle Pike, Ash and friends encounter an Elekid with an attitude problem. Lately, the mountains where Elekid lives have been constantly struck by lightning, which has caused Elekid to absorb it and go crazy. Following an attack, May's Egg becomes stuck in Elekid's antenna and it runs off. Now they must get the egg back! However, Elekid attacks Team Rocket and separates James from Mime Jr. Now, May's egg is with Team Rocket and Mime Jr. is with May! Can Ash and the others stop Elekid from attacking more Pokémon and save May's Egg?moreless
  • Tactics Theatrics!!
    Ash finally arrives at the Battle Dome ready for his next Frontier Battle. After a little press conference Ash finally begins his battle against the Frontier Brain, Tucker. The battle will be a double battle, which Tucker uses Swampert and Arcanine for. Ash chooses Swellow and Corphish and the battle begins. The battle quickly goes in Tucker's favor as his Pokémon are very skilled at combinations. Will Ash be able to overcome this and win another Frontier symbol?moreless
  • On Olden Pond
    On Olden Pond
    Episode 7
    On the way to the Battle Dome, Ash and the others decide to stop at a famous fishing spot for the day. However, the lake is deserted. They find out from the owner of a fishing house, Tiffany, that a company wants to buy the lake and turn the land into a resort. In order to scare people away from the land so Tiffany and her Grandma get no business, the leader of the company uses his Crawdaunt to terrorize the lake. When Tiffany finds out, she challenges him to a battle. The next day Ash prepares to fight him for the future of the lake.moreless
  • Weekend Warrior
    Weekend Warrior
    Episode 6
    May arrives in Silver Town for her second Pokémon Contest. As the contest begins a guy named Jeremy enters the contest much to his wife and son's protest. Jeremy tries to tell his wife why he loves contests but she doesn't want to listen so May steps in to help Jeremy. As the final round arrives, it is a battle between May and Jeremy.moreless
  • The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon
    Ash is personally invited to the lab of Dr. Yung to test out his new battle system. When arriving there he meets up with Misty and Professor Oak who were also invited. Dr. Yung appears and challenges both Misty and Ash to a battle. He easily defeats Misty, but his match with Ash is interrupted by a cloaked figure named Mirage Master. Mirage Master turns Dr. Yung’s experiments against him and captures him and Professor Oak! As Brock goes for help (and to get a date), Ash and Misty sneak into the castle to rescue the Professor while May and Max wait outside. However, Mirage Master seems strikingly familiar, is he possibly hiding something?moreless
  • May’s Egg-Cellent Adventure
    On the way to the Battle Dome, Ash and friends stumble upon a Pokémon Breeding Farm. On the farm, a girl named Nicolette dreams of entering Pokémon Contests, but doesn't want to leave the Farm. May tries to encourage her, but instead she challenges May to a battle and launches attack after attack at Munchlax. Munchlax, using its new attack Focus Punch, wins the battle. This really discourages her. Ash and friends then go into the farm buildings and look at all of the Pokémon Eggs before having dinner. Meanwhile, Team Rocket comes up with a plan to steal all the eggs!moreless
  • Wheel of Frontier
    Wheel of Frontier
    Episode 4
    At the Pokémon Center Ash receives his Snorlax from Professor Oak for his upcoming battle. Scott arrives at the center and tells him about the leader of the Battle Arena, Arena Tycoon Greta. He tells Ash that she battles with Fighting Pokémon. At the Battle Arena, Ash ends up with a two-on-two battle with Greta. Greta chooses Hariyama and Medicham while Ash chooses Grovyle and Snorlax. In the first round Greta quickly overwhelms Grovyle. Can Ash and Snorlax pull through and beat both of Greta;s Pokémon?moreless
  • A Chip Off the Old Brock
    During a training match against Ash's Grovyle, Brock's Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp and with its new power injures a nearby Flaaffy. They offer to help Flaaffy, but it turns out the girl, Mariah, has a Grandma that owns a pharmacy nearby. At the pharmacy, Flaaffy is healed. Ash and the others then learn that Grandma Katie has a student named McCauley who is learning the secrets behind medicine. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to steal all of Katie's medicine.moreless
  • Sweet Baby James
    Sweet Baby James
    Episode 2
    On the way to the Battle Arena, both James' Chimecho and May's Munchlax fall sick. They bring them to James' old summer mansion where they are attended to by James' Nanny and Pop-Pop. Because he does not want them to know that he joined an evil organization like Team Rocket, James has everyone play along with him when he says he is the leader of a major business. Meanwhile, even though they promised James they would stay out of trouble, Jessie and Meowth decide to steal all the Pokémon in the garden as well as Nanny and Pop-Pop's friend Mime Jr.moreless
  • Fear Factor Phony
    Fear Factor Phony
    Episode 1
    On their way to the Battle Arena, Ash and friends arrive in a Ghost Town where there are a group of Ghost Pokémon scaring anyone who comes by. After being scared, they find a group of Psychic Pokémon, who after being abandoned, have been playing loud music all day and night. While Ash and friends try to cheer up the Psychic Pokémon, Team Rocket team-up with the Ghost Pokémon and try to stop the Psychic Pokémon for good!moreless
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate!
    A boy wakes up to find that he's been turned into a Squirtle and can now understand the Pokémon Language. He learns that disasters have been happening lately and rescue teams have been formed. He joins his friends Charmander and Chikorita on Team Go-Getters. They get an assignment where they must go to the Sinister Cave to find the older brother of a Pichu. However, they have rivals on the mission – Team Meanie, a team of mean Pokémon Ekans, Medicham, and Gengar. Will they be able to rescue Pikachu and beat Team Meanies?moreless