Season 11 Episode 50

Shield with a Twist!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Apr 18, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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The time has finally come for Ash's rematch against Hearthome City Gym Leader Fantina. The battle will be a three-on-three battle with Gengar and Buizel as the first match-up. Will Ash be able to overcome Fantina's powerful Ghost-type Pokémon and win his 5th Badge?

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  • Ash is finally having his rematch against Fantina who uses Ghost type Pokemon. Will he win or lose??

    Great episode!! Finally I got to see Ash's rematch against Fantina the fifth gym leader who uses Ghost Type Pokemon! The first time Ash lost to Fantina because of her Pokemon's move Hypnosis. Will he win this time with his 'special training' or will it all go to waste?? Basically, Fantina uses a Gengar, Mismeagus and a Driflblim in this episode and boy they were good of course since they are a Gym Leader's Pokemon. Ash used his Buizel against Gengar and his new strategy was his Counter Shield attack. Like when Buizel spinned around while using water gun to attack Gengar or Chimchar against Mismeagus using fire attacks and while spinning around as well as using an extra juiced up fire attack to take down Mismeagus.Fantina did mention it will be HARD to hit them properly with attacks. Although Fantina's last Pokemon Driflblim was the hardest and strongest as two of Ash's Pokemon Pikachu and Buizel got knocked out by its Hypnosis attack. Luckily Ash's Chimchar finally was able to beat Driflblim in the end as Ash uses ANOTHER smart thinking way to beat it!! Yay!! Ash then gets the Relic badge!! Way to go Ash, that's five badges!! Also in this episode, Jessie or Jesslina took part in another Pokemon competition in this episode and you be surprised of the result though I am not going to say it here. Watch the episode yourself if you want to know what I mean! Basically, this is a great episode to watch as Ash gets to continue his journey once again AND getting his fifth gym badge!! Let's hope he will be able to get the remaining gym badges on his journey. Good luck!

    Final rating: 8.7 to 9.0

    Final grade: A+moreless
  • At long last, Ash's official Gym Battle with Fantina is here.

    Great episode, Ash finally has his rematch with Fantina, and while I do feel that the Counter Shield was spammed a bit, the battle was still awesome and packed with action. I also like how Chimchar was the one who won the badge for Ash this time.

    Ash starts out with Buizel and Fantina starts with Gengar. Ash manages to knock Gengar out with the help of Buizel's Water Counter Shield, and also defeats Fantina's Mismagius using Chimchar's Fire Counter Shield combined with a juiced-up Flame Wheel. Fantina's Drifblim manages to knock out Pikachu despite its Electric Counter Shield, and it also defeats Buizel, both with the help of its Hypnosis. But Chimchar prevails, ultimately taking Drifblim down with a Flamethrower, bringing the battle to an end and winning Ash the Relic Badge! So with Barry tagging along to go train on Iron Island, it's off to Canalave City and Ash's next Gym Battle!moreless
  • By far one of the best Sinnoh Gym battles. This time Ash VS Fantina! Don't miss it.

    Ash finally begins his gym battle against Fantina. Ash chooses his Buizel to battle Fantina's Gengar. After a long exciting battle, Buizel triumphs over Gengar. Mismagius is next. Ash recalls Buizel & sends out Chimchar. Using powerful Flamethrower & Flame Wheel attacks, Chimchar defeats Mismagius. Now Fantina sends out Drifblim. Ash recalls Chimchar & sends out Pikachu. Pikachu uses powerful attacks with Thunderbolt & Volt Tackle, but Drifblim's Ghost attacks prevail. Buizel fights Drifblim but ends up being defeated as well. Chimchar is called back out. Chimchar's speed & fire power defeats Drifblim & Ash earns the Relic Badge. Meanwhile, Jessie uses her Yanmega at a nearby town's contest & wins her second ribbbon!moreless
Bella Hudson

Bella Hudson


Guest Star

Michele Knotz

Michele Knotz

Nurse Joy, Sinnoh Pokédex

Recurring Role

Jamie McGonnigal

Jamie McGonnigal


Recurring Role

Hilary Thomas

Hilary Thomas


Recurring Role

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