Season 4 Episode 36

Sick Daze

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Mar 09, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • great episode

    The morning sun shines brightly upon our heroes and their Pokémon after spending the night next to a sparkling stream. Ash and his Pokémon wash up for breakfast and notice Brock kneeling over a pot of porridge on the campfire. After asking what's on this morning's menu and getting no response, Ash places a hand on Brock's shoulder. Brock's only response is to fall to the ground! Misty discovers that Brock has a fever and tries to convince him to spend the day resting in bed. Brock finally agrees and tells them there are directions on how to perform his chores in his notebook. As Ash and Misty begin the day's chores they easily become overwhelmed. They must cook, do the dishes, feed the Pokémon, haul water, gather and split wood and even polish Brock's rock Pokémon. Certain disaster seems eminent when Ash decides to speed up the polishing process with his Totodile's Water Gun! Will Ash and Misty be able to perform all of Brock's chores, take care of the Pokémon and fend off Team Rocket's nighttime attack all on their own?
  • The only sick Brock!

    First off, it was a real shame to see the most fun and loving character, Brock, see very sick here for the first time. It's not like your normal everyday average where you can speculate a sick human often. But it was good that Ash and Misty took over his spot while he got some rest, which is a smart choice.
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