Season 12 Episode 22

Sliding Into Seventh!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 10, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ash VS Candice!!! Another great Sinnoh Gym Battle!!!

    So at the Snowpoint Gym, Ash & Candice prepare to battle. Candice sends out Sneasel, while Ash uses Grotle. Even though at a disadvantage, Grotle defeats Sneasel with Rock Climb. Grotle is recalled and Medicham is next. Ash uses Staraptor. Staraptor defeats Medicham with Brave Bird. Gliscor battles Snover. Although Gliscor causes damage using Fire Fang, Snover is able to defeat Gliscor. So Chimchar battles Snover. Chimchar proves victorious with Flamethrower. Chimchar battles Abomasnow but is no match and is recalled. Staraptor goes up against Abomasnow. But one Aerial Ace from Staraptor wasn;t enough, Abomasnow fires a Blizzard attack, KO'ing Staraptor. Abomasnow lands a Wood Hammer on Grotle's head, defeating it as well. Chimchar has a tought time at first against it. But it's speed helps it tire out Abomasnow, and Chimchar hits Abomasnow with Flame Wheel, defeating it. Ash earns his 7th Sinnoh Badge.......the Icicle Badge! The episode ends with Ash & Co. outside and Paul appears.
  • It's Ash vs. Candice in a battle for the Icicle Badge!

    The time for Ash's Gym Battle with Candice has finally arrived. It'll be different from the previous six, as this Gym Battle is four-on-four, but Ash pays that new rule no heed, as he sends out Grotle. Candice sends out Sneasel, and the battle begins. Sneasel is very speedy, as it zips around Grotle on the ice, blasting it with Icy Wind. But Ash puts Grotles "tank training" with Paul's Torterra to good use, as Grotle manages to take the attacks. It then makes its own move when the time is right, knocking out Sneasel in a few hits.

    Meanwhile, Team Rocket make a second attempt at stealing the Trainers' School's Pokemon. Jeremiah finds out, so Team Rocket lock themselves into a wooden shed with their booty.

    Round Two begins, with Candice's Medicham being able to block most of Staraptor's attacks. But Staraptor manages to get through its defenses with a Close Combat, and from there, is able to knock out Medicham quickly. Ash has gotten off to a good start, but the battle is far from over.

    Round Three has Gliscor up against Candice's Snover. Ash puts Gliscor's quad-damaging Fire Fang to good use, but so does Candice with Snover's quad-damaging Ice Beam. When the dust clear, Snover comes out the winner. Ash then sends out Chimchar, which uses its keen senses to find Snover in a mist created by the collision of Flamethrower and Icy Wind, knocking it out.

    With three Pokemon down on Candice's side, and only one on Ash's, things are looking good for the latter. But Candice's ace Pokemon Abomasnow proves to be a major powerhouse with a good dose of speed, as it's able to KO both Grotle and Staraptor in a single hit without any effort at all. Ash's last hope rests with Chimchar, as the final round begins...

    Excellent Gym Battle. I'm glad that Chimchar won the Icicle Badge for Ash; the final part with it Flame Wheeling Abomasnow was my favorite, I think. I kind of got to like Candice's personality and high voice during the battle. And it's a cliffhanger ending, as Paul has appeared out of nowhere and challenged Candice to a battle.
  • Taking on Candice's powerful Ice-types at the Snowpoint City Gym!!!

    This was an exciting episode, which featured Ash's bid to claim his sventh Gym Badge in Sinnoh!

    The battle was very exciting, and I liked Candice's team of Sneasel, Snover, Medicham and her formidable Abomasnow! I have used Abomasnow in one of my games, and I really love its Snow Warning Ability, especially when combined with Blizzard, which gains 100%accuracy!

    I thougth Ash got off to a great start at the beginning, but Abomasnow was atnk! It was really powerful, and required three Pokemon to put it down!

    All up, it was definitel a great Gym Battle! If you, like me, lowve the Gym Battle episodes, then this is definitely one for you! I highly recommend it, and it was very fun!