Season 14 Episode 7

Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Mar 19, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Great episode, but what's up with Pikachu?

    This is a really great episode to watch and I highly recommend it. My only complaints are what's up with Pikachu not being able to win a battle? He has yet to win a contest / battle. Ash and he are making rookie mistakes, which makes me think it is time for him to evolve. No, I don't think he should nor do I expect it to occur, but Pikachu needs to get it in gear!

    As for Iris, IMHO, Ash needs to dump her along the road. OK, it isn't in Ash to do it and that is one of the many reasons he is so GREAT! From what I can tell, though, when she complains about Ash and his behavior, she is speaking more about herself than him.

    Why didn't Iris look up Ash in the Pokemon trainer directory in the last city / Pokemon center? It would be nice if Cilan, would look up Ash and point out to Iris about Ash not being a kid, but an experience trainer (who simply is learning about a new region).

    If Brock was here he'd point this out to her in his nice quiet manner and we wouldn't have all these incorrect / stupid / hurtful comments about Ash. (Yeah, her comments about Ash really are bugging me!!)

    The writers really are NOT doing her justice or any favors. I am growing to dislike her and want her off the series.

    Yet, she is only 10 (the age Ash started) and we should give her break. Maybe this is what the writers are wanting us to really understand and experience. After all, Ash does run up against a diverse group of personalities and he is tolerant to each of them. I / we have lots to learn from Ash.

    I'm not sure how old Ash is suppose to be, but I guess he is 15 or 16, by now. Bottom line, he's not a kid and isn't acting like one!
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