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Season 8 Episode 8

Solid as a Solrock

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 05, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Solid as a Solrock
The time has come for Ash's Gym Battle against Tate and Liza. In this gym he must fight in a double battle. With the brother sister pair using Lunatone and Solrock, Ash must think carefully if he wants to earn his Seventh Badge.

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  • Thunder armor? Seriously?

    In the biggest twist since "Aim for the Horn", Ash somehow wins his seventh badge by extreme cheating. Seriously....Thunder Armor? Are the writers getting THAT desperate enough to shove in cheap plot devices? They seriously needed to do something that might have made more sense. This is the biggest cheat Ash has used in the entire series. The rest of the episode was just as predictable as the rest of the series: Ash fights Gym leader, Team Rocket comes, group beats Team Rocket....again....and Ash fights Gym leader again. He wins. Big freaking whoop. This show is getting desperate, and needs to die already...moreless
  • Ash's 7th gym battle was a great one indeed.

    This is one of Ash's best battle ever. It start going regularly until Team Rocket showed up. They wanted to steal Solrock and Lunatone and they ended of destroying the gym. They manage to get away butthe gang catched them. The battle field got destroyed so they had to battle in an open field. Ash was having a hard time battling since Tate and Aliza got they teamwork back until he notice the clouds moving in the sky. He told Pikachu to use ThunderBolt and the clouds. It turned Swellow and Pikachu to gold armor. It was awesome. Tate and Aliza used everything thet could to counter it, but nothing worked. Ash won the battle and earn him the 7th badge.moreless
  • Ash's Seventh Gym Battle

    THis is one of the best Gym Battles ever! The first part is hilarious especially with Pikachu & Swellow running into the planets! The only thing I hated was Team Rocket interuptting in the middle of the battle! Why couldn't it have been the end of the episode! The Gym Battle is one of the most serious ones to dates and will not let you down! Especially the shocking conclusion! A Good Epsiode Indeed!moreless
  • Ash earns his 7th badge finally!

    In this episode Ash competes for a 7th badge nothing new right well wrong this time he battles two on one Pickachu and Swellow vs Lunatone and solrock. At first Ash shruggled against thease pokemon and then Liza and Tate are starting to fight and not get along whitch gave Ash an advandage in the fight. Solrock and Lunatone kept useing solarbeam whitch hit Pikachu and Swellow onece. All hope seemed lost but then Ash had an idea to use the thunderstorm to kinda help pikachu that was ontop of Swellow power up. And so Swellow and Pikachu Knocked Lunatone and Solrock. Ash had finally won he earned his 7th badge.moreless

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