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Season 1 Episode 30

Sparks Fly For Magnemite

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 16, 1998 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Sparks Fly For Magnemite
Ash, Misty, and Brock arrive in Gringy City, a now polluted city built along the shore with a skyline full of factories. When Pikachu falls sick, they head to the pokémon center to heal it. Nurse Joy says it is just a cold, but Ash is still worried. Soon the power goes out, and all the sick pokémon are now in extreme danger. Ash and the others decide to head to the Power Plant to find out what is wrong, and it turns out that a bunch of Grimer are clogging up the water system, and they have overrun the Power Plant. Not only that, Pikachu is still extremely sick, and all the plant's Magnemite are attracted to its energy.moreless

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  • Muk's debut was good!

    OK, I don't usually type review's for Pokemon episodes, but I am going to now. This episode is all about when Pikachu gets a cold and has to go to a Pokemon Center in Gringy City, a polluted city with a factory skyline. Then, hordes of Grimers commanded by a huge Muk clog up a Hydroelectric Power Plant and cause a Blackout endangering all the Pokemon at the nearest Pokemon Center. After Misty insulted the Grimers' pride, they get chased by them. It turned out to be a huge war of Magemites, Magnetons, and Ash and company. Against a whole mess of Grimers commanded by a Muk that will be caught by Ash, and sent to Professor Oak. After all that, the scores are... Graphics 7.9/10 (adequate) It is better when the episodes are older. Sound and Voice Casting 6/10 (average) Creepy when the people (execpt Prof. Oak, Nurse Joy, and the Power Plant workers) talk, especially Misty. Dialouge and Language 8.1/10 (magnificent) The end could have been a whole lot better with the lines. But, great for a kids' animae show. Plot: 8.9/10 (magnificent) A very clever plot. I'd never thought CN could do it! Grossness Factor: 0 (no grossness) The Grimers really don't gross me out at all. No points are off the grade. Overall: 8.5/10 Out of all the 630 episodes of this show, this one turned out to be a good one. Well, looks like my work is done here, once again stay tuned for my next review! Oops, I forgot the Humor Grade. Anyway, I would give it a 7/10 (adequate).moreless
  • How does two slimy Pokemon cause blackouts in a Power Plant?

    Not an exciting episode, but this episode does have its good moments. Though I really doubt this happens in real life, how can two slimy Pokemon: a pack of Grimers and a Muk, cause blackouts, by going into the sewer, leading you to the Power Plant? If poison can damage power plants, then they should put up the "Poison Pokemon forbidden in this facility" next time because I don't get how it's possible.

    Though I hate to sound repetitive, Team Rocket does nothing here, though I found it funny when they were close to choking due to the lack of oxygen when they went to the sewer underwater. Too bad their plan was dirty. Not to mention, that them stealing a pack of Magnet Pokemon at the end of this episode caused their plan to backfire. Real shame.

    A Magnemite falling in love with a Pikachu is really weird, since its inorganic, along with a few other Pokemon. Too bad Pikachu didn't return "its feelings back". But it did at the end. That's bring a bit contradictory Pikachu, so take your chances next time! lol

    Ash capturing Muk and sending it to Oak just because it smelled bad? I would love to see other people's reactions when it gets near Ash's Muk.moreless
  • Ash catches Muk

    Well, this episode is good, well it's not too good but people that likes the first season better than the others will say that and people that say that every episode of pokémon is good will say that also. Three pokémon debuted in this episode, let´s analyze them, first there is Magnemite and is the pokémon that is suffering because of grimer and muk but there is a magnemite that is in love with pikachu I don't know why but is odd. Next there is grimer a stinky pokémon that invaded the power plant and well nobody wanted them and finally there is muk that for another odd reason Ash catched it when there where so many good pokémon to catch in the journey. Team Rocket disapointed me somehow in this episode and pikachu ill was something not touched until 2?? episodes after. It was a good and odd episode but not one of my favoritesmoreless
  • Muk's first appearence!

    This episode sure was heck of an adventure. But I'm surprised that Muk is found in the Power Plant and blocks the water, which provides electricity source. It sure did stink alot when Ash captured it and Oak smelling it. But how come no one senses its bad smell in the games?
  • ash catches a muk

    This is the first time one of Ash\'s pokemon has been sick with a cold. So now we know what sick pokemon are like! This episode also has funny lines in it like with Ash calling Misty a chicken and then getting scared himself and then Misty yells at him. It\'s also funny how Ash and his friends keep complaining about the smell of the grimer and muk which only makes them angrier! Ash then decides to capture the muk so the grimer will stop terroizing the people of gringey city, and he succeeds. Then poor Professor Oak gets a hold of Muk only to have Muk tackle him and a response of \"What is Ash doing sending me a Muck?! Yuck!\"moreless
Megan Hollingshead

Megan Hollingshead

Nurse Joy

Recurring Role

Stan Hart

Stan Hart

Professor Oak

Recurring Role

Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Kanto Pokédex

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • After the Grimer leave the control room Ash says that there is an adult Muk and its child in the room despite only a Muk being there.

    • At the end of the episode, when all the Pokémon are outside of the Pokémon Center, the Raticate and Fearow are smaller than they should be.

    • This marks the first appearance of Team Rocket's Gyarados submarine in the dub version.

    • Ash captures a Muk, but decides to leave it with Prof. Oak due to its smell coming through its pokéball.

    • Ash says that Pikachu is the only pokémon they have that can defeat the Grimer. This is not true because he has 4 other pokémon that could've helped. Also, Brock has two ground types, Geodude and Onix, that are strong against poison types, so why doesn't he use them?

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Ash: Why'd you have to open your mouth and make the Grimer mad Misty?
      Misty: I had to open my mouth. I couldn't use my nose!

    • (At Professor Oak's lab, he is receiving a new Pokéball from Ash)
      Professor Oak: It's been quite awhile since Ash sent me a new Pokémon. I wonder what he's captured this time?
      (The Pokéball appears and opens up)
      Professor Oak: (As he covers his nose) Ugh! What is that smell!?
      (Ash's new Muk appears in front of Oak)
      Muk: Mu-Mu-Muk!
      Professor Oak: What's the idea of sending me a Muk?! Yuck!!!

    • Ash: Miss,
      Nurse Joy: Hm?
      Ash: Excuse me, but are you by any chance the oddball in your family?
      Nurse Joy: Oh, no! It's all my other relatives that are odd!

    • Ash: The smell comes through the Pokéball!

    • Brock: That's not good news.
      Misty: The smell is getting worse.

    • Ash: Listen, Misty, it's okay if you're a total chicken. Brock and I are brave enough to handle things here.
      Misty: I'm not a chicken, you little twerp! There was something back there, whether you believe me or not!
      Brock: Okay, okay, let's just...
      Brock and Misty: (stuttering) Uh...
      Ash: Chill out?
      (Brock and Misty shake their heads in disagreement.)
      Ash: Uhhh....
      Misty: There's something....
      Brock: ..right behind you...
      Ash: (nervously) Alright, if anybody's there, you can come on out! And if you're a ghost or a monster, you can stay where you are and we won't bother you...
      Misty: (yelling) And you call me chicken!? You're a total coward!
      Ash: Maybe not a total coward...

    • Ash: (to Grimer) I'm sorry. You have such a unique scent. I should've known it was the aroma of sludge.

    • Ash: It's following Pikachu around like some sort of streaker...
      Brock: Ash, You mean STALKER!

  • NOTES (2)


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