Season 9 Episode 2

Sweet Baby James

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 09, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Goodbye Beloved Chimecho!

    This is one of the best episodes of the show! I was so sad that Chimecho has to leave since Chimecho is one of my favorite Pokemon ever. However, we had lots of good memories with Chimecho. I was finally glad to see Mime Jr., one of my favorite new pokémon and it's voice is so cute. This episode was really fun to watch, I love all the weird scenes between Ash and friends, and James. My favorite part was when James told Cacnea to attack Seviper and seeing Cacnea's reaction. Overall, a great episode. We see a brand new pokémon and the plot is great. The only bad part - Chimecho leaving.
  • James had to leave behind Chimeco as it was sick. But he he got a new pokemon and that is mime jr. mime jr ownself tapped the enlarge pokeball and was brought in it. Maybe it wanted to follow James.

    It's so sad that James have to bid goodbye to Chimeco.. Just because Chimeco can't recover on time and James have to leave. After all the flashbacks. He still thinks that leaving Chimeco to the care of Nanny and Pop-Pop is better. When he took out Chimeco's pokeball a few others drop. One enlarged and mime jr tapped it and brought itself in. At least now James has a new buddy. The part where he waves goodbye in tears with Chimeco was really touching.. A sad and touching episode. *thumbs up*

    Actually James isn't that bad. At least for now I now about his past before he joined team rocket. :D

    P.S : Does anyone knows what is the song title when James have to leave Chimeco behind? My friend is having a little trouble finding the song.
  • Ash and the gang asked for the help of Nanny and Pop-Pop for May's Munchlax and we found out about James's past and that Nanny and Pop-Pop used to take care of him when he was young!!

    Very good episode! I cannot believe it when I first watched this episode to find out that James, one of Team Rocket's evil members, had a pressured and strange past? I could not believe it first when I watched this episode! Nanny and Pop-Pop were pretty nice at wanting to take care of May's Munchlax and James's Chimecho, also to take care of James when he was quite young! When Jessie and Meowth wanted to steal the Pokemon and escape, I was even more surprised to see James help Ash and the others to fight Jessie and Meowth.He said:"All right,twerp, they're yours!!" Felt kind of sad for May's Munchlax when he felt sick. James also wanted to pose as part of a major business while Jessie and Meowth are his secretary and manicuritist? In the end,James has to give up his Chimecho but he got Mime.Jr in the end.
    Pretty good episode!!
  • Great Episode. It's always sad to see James lose one of his pokemon because he was such a strong bond with him.

    We learn more about James past and his home life before he joined Team Rocket. James leaves his Chimecho at his Summer Mansion so it can recover and he gets a Mime Jr.

    James starts to cry before telling his grandparents that he'll leave it behind. James then gets Chimecho's PokeBall out but several falml out and one even enlarges. Seeing the enlarged PokeBall. Mime Jr runs over to it and taps the button and Mime Jr is bought into the ball. James waves to his Chimecho as he departs off into the sky.

    So sad yet, it was so sweet. :)
  • oh poor Chimeco!

    This is the reso in I watch this, the drama, the story, and the prounounceantion of the names of the pokemon. i kind of like cbhimeco better than uh mime jr, but mime jr is funny, chim is so sos sos os sos os so sos os os os os os os os so sos os os os os sosososososom so so so sos os os os os o sos os os o sos os so sos so sos os os so so sos oos os sos os os so sos os so sos so os sos so so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
  • Farewell Chimecho and hello Mime Jr.

    James' Chimecho stays in James' summer cottage because Chimecho happens to be sick and needs more care than enough in replacement of Chimecho, Mime Jr. marches in James was sad to leave Chimecho and of course Chimecho was sad too :D
    but Mime Jr. seemed to have grown fond of James so he took Mime Jr. in replacement of Chimecho, this was indeed a sad but exciting episode very touching, I shed a tear in watching this episode *sniff* *sniff* anyway very touching! I hope more exciting and touching episodes come and everyone have a nice and exciting day! Bye!
  • James say good bye to his Chimecho.

    May's Pokemon Munchlax gets sick.An lady offers to help to get Munchlax to get better.She takes them to the summer cottage.Meanwhile James Chimecho gets sick as well.He decided to take him to the place that he knows that can take care of his Pokemon,and help to get better.Ash and the others are surprise to see James,Jessie and Meowth there.James asked them to play along.So Nanny and Poppo don't know that he was part of Team Rocket.Unfortunelly Jessie and Meowth couldn't help it but to take all the Pokemon even though he didn't want them to do that.So in the end,Cimecho couldn't go back with James.Instead Mime Jr goes with James.

    Yeah this episode made me cry.I almost cried this one is probbably the only episode that is my favorite from Pokemon Battle Frontier.
  • goodbye to you chimecho

    Despite the fact that chimecho leaves the show, this is actually a great episode. The main reason is because it introduces mime jr. and it is such a cute pokemon! I also like the scene where ash and co. are fighting jesse and meowth and james tells cacnea to attack seviper. Cacnea's reaction was pretty funny. May's munchlax luckily gets better later but unfortunately chimecho still needs a lot of rest so it stays with James' nanny and papa. The good bye moments and memories between James and chimecho are very sad but welll chosen. Overall, this episode has a good plot mixed in with humor and sadness.
  • bye bye chimeco hello mime jr.

    poor chimeco he has to stay behided. and watch james leave him. then mime jr comes and likes james. you know what mimejr is from the dp region which has never been shown yet but only in japan. i wonder why all these pokemon are in this season. well back to this review. james sorry about chimeco aleast you mime jr. since mime jr acts like a human why didn't they let mime jr talk like mewoth.
  • If you love James, then you must watch this episode.

    James sadly released Chimecho, catches an adorable Mime Jr., we learn more about his past, and we see what it would be like if he and Jessie were married! This was a really good episode as well. James leaving Chimecho was really hard for him, Nana and Papa both had great voices (which is good considering most of the voices 4kids gave to minor characters were atrocious), and we now have another Diamond Pearl Pokemon in the series. I hope the new voice crew can still continue the hard work since some people are still critizizing them. More reviews later.
  • When Pokemon USA said they won't alter the JP's soundtrack...

    When Pokemon USA said they won't alter the JP's sountrack, came the "Backstreet Boys" remake to spill out the beans! Look folks, if you where complaining about 4KIDS making a bad dub and replacing the Japanese soundtrack with their own music, or even replacing the Japanese intros with Eric Stuart songs, just with this episode, you will find out that the decision of replacing the original cast was simply a big mistake!

    During the episode, the new cast was trying so hard to make up the original, but once again did not work for the guy that does James and the female that is dubbing Ash!

    Sure I still ask myself, how Pokemon USA did not wanted Veronica Taylor and Eric Stuart, but was able to hire Phillip Bartlett, the first narrator of the series from 1998 till 2004?

    The plot was A-OK with me! But the big mistake here was that instead of keeping the original soundtrack as Pokemon USA promised they will do, instead they went to the same 4KIDS method of adding songs that where not hear in the Japanese original. Does that makes sense?

    The song that was added to the James sequence when saying goodbye to Chimecho, was that a Backstreet Boys type of filler song? You be the judge!
  • While this does have the new voices, because of the storyline, I thought this one was pretty sweet

    While I can't stand what they've done to Ash, I can live with Brock, Max, May, Jessie and James. Meowth, ugh, no thanks.

    Anyway, I loved this storyline because it reveals more about James. I felt really bad for him when he had to leave Chimecho behind. It was also kinda cool how James was fighting with Ash and the others against Jessie and Meowth. Not to mention he said that they'd call a truce. Man, I knew James wasn't all bad.

    This particular ones allowed me to ignore the voices and that's why I gave it a high rating. (The voices kept it from being a perfect 10, so I won't give any 10's to any of the new ones if I continue to watch after this)
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