Season 9 Episode 2

Sweet Baby James

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 09, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • James had to leave behind Chimeco as it was sick. But he he got a new pokemon and that is mime jr. mime jr ownself tapped the enlarge pokeball and was brought in it. Maybe it wanted to follow James.

    It's so sad that James have to bid goodbye to Chimeco.. Just because Chimeco can't recover on time and James have to leave. After all the flashbacks. He still thinks that leaving Chimeco to the care of Nanny and Pop-Pop is better. When he took out Chimeco's pokeball a few others drop. One enlarged and mime jr tapped it and brought itself in. At least now James has a new buddy. The part where he waves goodbye in tears with Chimeco was really touching.. A sad and touching episode. *thumbs up*

    Actually James isn't that bad. At least for now I now about his past before he joined team rocket. :D

    P.S : Does anyone knows what is the song title when James have to leave Chimeco behind? My friend is having a little trouble finding the song.