Season 4 Episode 22

The Apple Corp

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Dec 01, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • Too Cute

    I just love this particular episode. "The Apple episode is just too adorable to take. I love the whole Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu evolution line and seeing Pichu and Pikachu together in the same episode just excites me so much.
  • great episode

    Catching a sweet scent on the breeze, Ash and Pikachu follow their noses to a nearby apple orchard. As Misty and Brock follow, they warn the trainer and his Pokémon against eating apples that don't belong to them. No sooner is this said than Pikachu is caught red-handed with couple of cores! Once Ash proves Pikachu's innocence to the orchard owner, he and Pikachu track down the real thieves, a band of hungry Pichu forced into the orchard due to low amounts of wild growing fruit. Find out how Ash and Pikachu teach them team-work and help create a symbiotic relationship between the Pichu and the proprietor!
  • Pichus ahoy!

    A Pichu episode? Interesting, just interesting as it became its first appearence of the Johto Region. I really like the way that Pichu was sneaky enough to steal the apples and give Pikachu the blame, although it was a bit of an foul judgement. But what really bothers me is that whenever they perform an electric attack it can hurt itself badly, which is not a good thing. At least Pikachu is well trained to prevent that.