Season 4 Episode 40

The Art Of Pokémon

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Apr 06, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • great episode

    As our heroes enter the historic city of Whitestone, they notice it appears to be made of marble! Brock's guide book explains this phenomena. Generation after generation in Whitestone has painted all of the buildings white. After so many years, the layers have given the impression the city is made of marble. Just as the gang enters the city, they notice a band of Smeargle running amok, painting every bare wall in site with their tails. Dexter quickly explains these Pokémon express themselves by painting and the color in their tail depends upon the Pokémon's mood. Just then, the townsfolk appear in an angry mob, demanding the Smeargle stop this graffiti. Before the scene gets out of control, a famous artist appears to claim the Smeargle. All are astonished to find out this world famous abstract artist uses Smeargle to create his masterpieces. He begs the townspeople to allow the Smeargle to express themselves. Apparently, the Smeargle have been through a creative dry-spell and he hopes they will find a way to create beautiful artwork once again. Will the artist, Smeargle and townspeople find a way to live in harmony?
  • Smeargle art!

    YAY! Smeargles found here! I really enjoyed this episode because of their ability to sketch or paint using their tails. Here's what really bothers me: Why on earth the townspeople would get mad at the Smeargles causing too much grafitti in town when they are fully allowed to paint as much as they want as Pokemon? Pokemon have rights to do whatever they want! Well, except legendaries...