Season 1 Episode 63

The Battle Of The Badge

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 25, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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The Battle Of The Badge
Ash arrives at the Viridian Gym and is ready to head inside when Gary shows up. Gary brags about how many badges he has and goes inside the gym before Ash can. Inside Gary is having an easy time battling the Gym Leader until he brings out a pokémon that can't be identified, and uses it to beat Gary. Meanwhile, Togepi gets separated from the group and everyone goes searching for it. Togepi ends up with Team Rocket who deliver it to Giovanni, who wants nothing to do with it. He is then called away on important business and leaves the gym in the care of Jessie, James, and Meowth and hands them pokémon to use. Ash and the others arrive back at the gym only to discover that Togepi is inside. Once inside they find Gary and wake him up and they talk about what happened. Team Rocket then shows up for a battle with Ash. He agrees to a gym battle, but it may have some shocking consequences if he makes a wrong move.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Introduction of Mewtwo

    "The Battle Of The Badge"

    Grade: A*

    This episode was an interesting one because it was the first one to show Mewtwo and foreshadowing the events leading up to the first movie of Pokemon. The Battle Of The Badge is also the episode where Ash gets his final badge for the Indigo League.

    The episode begins with Ash returning to Viridian City and discovering that the Gym is back and running. Ash is just about to enter the Gym, when Gary shows up and brags about how much better he is with already earning 10 badges and wants a challenge from the Gym Leader himself. He heads into the Gym first and because only one can go in a time, Ash is forced to wait. He accidently gets Togepi lost after thinking Pikachu was giving him good luck and accidently gets caught in a bird, which ends up in Team Rocket's hands as a result.

    Meanwhile, inside the Gym, Gary bumps into the Gym Leader, who is Giovanni (Team Rocket's boss) and wants to battle 3 Pokemon each. Gary sends out Nidoking, whilst Giovanni sends out Golem. Gary beats Golem, followed by Kingler with Arcanine, but when he reaches Giovanni's 3rd one, he's in trouble. An armoured mysterious Pokemon (Mewtwo) comes out of the door and attacks both Arcanine and Nidoking with his Psychic attacks, and Gary is left helpless as its too powerful for him to beat. Afterwards, Team Rocket show Togepi to Giovanni, and he's not impressed, and they decide to abandon it in the Gym. Giovanni is forced to go away and leaves Team Rocket as Gym Leaders for the badge.

    Ash, Brock, and Misty are looking around for Togepi, and overhear it in the Gym. They notice all of the people left unconscious on the floor. Ash finds Gary and Gary tells him the Pokemon he was battling was both "powerful and evil" in which Ash is confused. They are interrupted by Team Rocket, who tell Ash and the others that they are the new Gym Leaders and if they want the Earth Badge, they'll have to battle them to win it.

    Ash accepts the battle and struggles to beat Jessie, as Team Rocket were given Giovanni's evolved Pokemon (Rhydon, Machamp, and Kingler) and everytime Ash's Pokemon are hurt, the battle stand he's on electricutes him. He gets a break after Pidgeotto manages to hits Rhydon, shocking Jessie as well (because James didn't think of turning off Jessie's side, as he'd assume they would win with no problem) and just as Meowth is about to trigger a switch incase they do lose (Plan B), Gary stops him from using it. Jessie has had enough and sends out all of Team Rocket's Pokemon to end the match, but because they are going against the rules, Ash sends Pikachu out and gives them a Thundershock.

    Ash wins the match and demands Team Rocket for the badge, but they won't give it to him. Togepi is nearby and hits the remote control switch, causing an explosion on Team Rocket's side and blasting them off again. The Earth badge falls near Ash, and he catchs it and everyone runs out of the Gym before it collapses.

    Ash is glad to have all the badges now and wants to head for the Pokemon League, whilst Brock wonders if they'll ever see the Pokemon Gary saw. Ash doesn't know where the Pokemon League is and Brock suggest they head for Professor Oak to find out.

    So this was quite an interesting and fun episode, showing Gary battling and introducing Mewtwo before the actual movie. The Battle Of The Badge was a good episode showing some good Pokemon battle scenes, some interesting plotlines and hints, and good use of character development.moreless
  • Mewtwo this early???

    Mewtwo??????? Whooo whoo whoo whoo whoooo whoo who whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo WHOOOO. He's not suppost to come yet until the movie but when does the movie start and whoo knows The "Team Rocket's" boss captured Mewtwo...and how??? well this is a mystery and Ash got his last badge to go the the pokemon League he got the Earth Badge! and Togepi got lost HA like that never happened... Beacause he always stays alive no matter what. And Gary has 8 badges i mean 10 badges ( i dont think thats possible to get 10 badges in 1 league ) well see what happens

    To Be Continued.......moreless
  • this episode was cool,because this is the 1st time you got to see giovanni`s face in the anime,and you also got to see this tied in with the 1st pokemon movie,but mewtwo has never shown up in the anime series without his armor.moreless

    I think this episode is really cool,and the fact that you get to see giovanni`s face for the 1st time was really a treat,too bad all he turned out to be was a guy in a orange suit with green hair. Anyways it was cool because gary fought mewtwo in this episode and you could see his arcanine and nidoking battling mewtwo in the 1st movie,and could see the back of him.

    The whole battle was great and this was the biggest challenge for Ash yet,although he was facing team rocket so of course he`d win.moreless
  • Last gym battle!

    This episode was the greatest of all because it features Ash's last Gym Battle here. Since Giovanni didn't battle him for unknown reasons after leaving and putting in charge of Team Rocket for the gym, they were the ones who battled him. I really enjoyed this episode because the Pokemon League is almost here!
  • This was pretty a good one.

    Battle of the Badge was a real good episode. Ash just missed Giovanni, what could be a hint at something. But maybe not, who knows not me. Anyway back to the review, this one had a cool pokemon battle with team rocket. And you get to see Mewtwo in it.
Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)


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Veronica Taylor

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Jimmy Zoppi

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