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Season 11 Episode 18

The Bells are Singing!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Aug 16, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Beginning their journey to Pastoria City, Ash, Dawn, and Brock have stopped for something to eat. Meanwhile Dawn is also showing off the new vest her mom made for Buneary. All of a sudden a Chingling wonders into their camp. Their trainer Francesca soon shows up and performs her magic act, only to have it interrupted by Chingling. She then tells how this Chingling is a little spoiled and is always ruining the act. Ash, Dawn, and Brock decide to help her solve the problem. Meanwhile Team Rocket wants to steal Francesca's Chingling trio for the boss.moreless

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  • Ash and the gang help Francesca, a Pokemon magician to help its spoiled Chingling!!!

    This was a very special and great episode!! Expect lots of singing from Chingling!! The episode started with Ash trying to teach Gligar how to fly properly but it didn't turn out well, and soon we can see Dawn looking through a magazine on Pokemon fashion and guess what was Buneary's favourite one?? The page with Pikachu, of course!!!! Dawn also lets Buneary try on a vest her mum made her and it looked sooooooooooo cute on Buneary!!!! Suddenly, a Chingling comes out of nowhere and 'hangs' around people if you know what I mean........ Soon, Francesca a Pokemon magician comes and tells that she has a problem that one of her Chingling is a little spoilt and this will ruin her magic act!!!! So, Ash and the gang try to help her of course!! It was really nice to see the three Chingling sing together in harmony, and even Team Rocket sounded like them when they said things............and Meowth's idea of giving the Chingling Pokemon to their boss is sooooooo weird.... Also, I feel kinda sorry about James in this episode as he remembers about his Chimecho which he left in a certain episode. Poor James, hope he gets his Chimecho back...... Would recommend this episode to anyone to watch as it is a very special episode to watch!!!

    Final Grade:Amoreless
  • Not a good enough episode for me. At least we find out Gligar's Moves.

    Ash & Co. meet a spoiled Chingling & the owner, a female magician with 2 other Chingling that behave. To help the out-of-control Chignling, Ash battles Dawn, using Gligar against Buneary. Gligar finally uses some moves: X-Scissor, Steel Wing, and Sand-Attack. Now Ash uses Turtwig to battle the Chingling but one Razor Leaf topples it over. Team Rocket use a Fake Chingling which fools the group & blows smoke around them. James runs away with the Spoiled Chingling, remembering his Chimecho that was left in Kanto(Battle Frontier). Ash & Co. obviously get it back to its rightful owner. Chingling decides to finally listen & fights back using its moves. Now Ash & Co. say good-bye and head they continue to Pastoria City.moreless

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    • Francesca: My name's Francesca.
      Ash: Hi there, my name's Ash.
      Dawn: Hello, and my name's Dawn.
      Brock: Please call me Brock! Francesca, a lovely name, only to be matched by your lovely being, both inside and out! My heart is ringing like a bell! Ding, dong! (Croagunk uses it's Poison Jab on Brock) Sorry, I'm rung out...

    • Dawn: (after all three Chingling finish singing) Uhh, they're in harmony!
      Brock: (smiling towards Francesca) And I'm in harmony with you!

    • James: (talking about the spoiled Chingling) Well, aren't you the sweetest adorable little doll? Ohh.....Uh, since we already have a trio of these darlings, would it be okay if I take just one?
      Jessie: No way, you can't have three part harmony without the three parts!
      Meowth: Do the math!

    • Dawn: I've designed a vest. Here, I'll show you. Here, hold on. (searches her bag and takes the vest out) Ta da!
      Ash: Hey, nice work Dawn.
      Dawn: To be honest, my Mom made it and then sent it to us.
      Ash: Uhh.....
      Dawn: Give me a break! After all, I'm the one who designed it!

    • Meowth: That's the greatest Poké show on Earth!
      Jessie: Well, if you stop blabbering, you realize that tablecloth's the reason, and our reason for stealing it and making Pokémon appear! Here I am, a grown woman and I never heard of an enchanted tablecloth! How can I be so clueless?
      James: Uh, I'm not going there, but it's called magic.
      Meowth: A trick, pony!
      Jessie: Now you tell me!

    • Dawn: Ash Ketchum! That was awfully dangerous!
      Ash: Sorry, but I guess that Gligar doesn't glide too well.

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