Season 1 Episode 36

The Bridge Bike Gang

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 23, 1998 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Ash and friends notice a large bridge which could substantially reduce their travel time. However, since it takes too long to walk across, they will need bicycles in order to take this shortcut. Since they don't have the money to buy the bikes, they decide to head to the Pokémon Center to try and think of another way. There, nurse Joy asks them to deliver some medicine to the Pokémon Center in Sunny Town, on the other side of the bridge... and they can borrow the bikes they need to get across.

But halfway across the bridge, a biker gang stops them, looking for a Pokémon battle. One of the bikers sends out a Golem, and Ash chooses Bulbasaur.

Golem's Defense Curl protects it from Bulbasaur's Vine Whip, then Golem retaliates by rolling at Bulbasaur, bowling him over. Ash switches to Charmander. Charmander's Ember also cannot penetrate Golem's tough skin. When Golem's Rock Throw misses, Charmander strikes back with a Flamethrower and Fire Spin. Now when Golem uses Tackle, he's one big fireball which ends up hurting the bikers instead, so his trainer is forced to withdraw him.

A female biker takes over and sends out a Cloyster. Because it's a Water Pokémon, Misty jumps in to challenge it. She wants to send out Starmie, but Psyduck pops out of his Pokéball instead. Misty decides to let him have a try. Psyduck's Tail Whip and Scratch attacks don't do anything, he just embarasses himself as usual. When Misty tries to get Psyduck to use Disable and Confusion, it doesn't work because Psyduck's headache isn't bad enough yet. Psyduck then gets himself stuck in Cloyster's Clamp attack.

When Misty is about to throw her bike at Psyduck to give him a real big headache, Team Rocket appears... on unicycles. Apparently they were once members of the bike gang, and convince the bikers to help them get Ash's Pokémon. Luckily officer Jenny appears with a lot of police backup, so the bikers and Team Rocket quickly retreat.

Ash and friends continue on their way, when a storm starts brewing. Meanwhile the bikers ask Jessie and James to also ride through the storm and "show them how it's done". They reluctantly agree, and attempt to jump over the open bridge at the same time when Ash and company attempt to do the same. Ash, Misty and Brock make it across not by using their heads, but by using those of Jessie and James... who plunge into the water below.

The bike gang tries to make trouble, but when Ash explains about the medicine they need to deliver, the bikers decide to give them an escort instead. They make it to the Pokémon Center just in time.

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