Season 1 Episode 36

The Bridge Bike Gang

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 23, 1998 on Cartoon Network

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  • Cycling road! But not much of a good speculated plot...

    I think this episode was one of the worse ever because TR's old gang challenged Ash and his friends to a battle. They haven't done anything at all. What would Ash do wrong here? And besides, Misty almost hurted her Psyduck with a rental bike for not doing anything at all. Is she trying to hurt her Water Pokemon even if that's her specialty?
  • Yay bicycles!

    Ash and Co. have just left the Safari Zone, and are heading for the next city. It's across a bridge, but they're doing construction. However, the Bike Path is fine, only the group doesn't have any bikes. Misty states that if someone (Ash) hadn't destroyed her bike, then they would be riding along the bridge by now. Nurse Joy at the Pokemon Center says that there is a sick Pokemon at the Pokemon Center in Sunny Town. Ash and Co. decide to to the task, and they're loaned bikes. But on the bridge, they're encountered by a Bike Gang! And Team Rocket appears! What will happen next?