Season 12 Episode 12

The Drifting Snorunt!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jul 25, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Ash and friends are lost in a blizzard when they run into a Froslass. Froslass leads the trainers to a small lodge, where it provides them with warmth and something to eat. However, it turns out to be a illusion and Froslass imprisons Piplup in a block of ice. Froslass has also captured Meowth, and through Meowth tells them that if they want Piplup back, they must go help find its child, Snorunt. They head out, and soon run into Jessie and James, who are also looking for Snorunt. They all find Snorunt, but it is held captive by a poacher, and they must defeat the poacher if the want to rescue Snorunt.moreless

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  • From a hostage-holding Froslass to a Pokemon Poacher...

    A blizzard is howling through a forest and Team Rocket are as cold as icicles. A Froslass appears, however, and motions for them to follow it. Thinking it might be offering them shelter, Team Rocket gladly do so. Meanwhile, Ash and friends aren't faring much better as they're also caught in the blizzard. The same Froslass appears though, and motions for them to follow it into what seems to be a cozy, warm cabin. It isn't long after they settle inside, however, that they discover that it's all an illusion -- the so-called cabin is actually an ice cave and Froslass only lured them there to capture Piplup, and hold it hostage as it's doing with Meowth.

    With Meowth translating, Froslass says that it'll only let Piplup and Meowth go if Ash and comp. go out and find its lost friend, a Snorunt, just as Jessie and James are doing now. Ash and the others try to convince Froslass that they'll go find its friend anyway, but it apparently lost its trust in humans after it was deceived by one not long ago. Thus, Ash and friends head back out into the blizzard to find the Drifting Snorunt...

    Pretty good episode, with a hostage-holding Froslass, an Ash and comp./Team Rocket truce, and a Pokemon Poacher all thrown in to spice it up. Not to mention that the entire Snorunt evolutionary family was shown.moreless
  • Now there is apparently a Pokemon Black Market!

    This was a very good episode, and the great standard of the episodes continues to be maintained! In this episode, we encounter a Froslasss who uses illusions to lull both Team Rocket and the "Twerps" to a cave, where she captures Meowth and Piplup respectively, in order to use as leverage.

    We then encounter a Pokemon Poacher who seells pokemon on the Pokemon Black Market! That was something I found to be very hilarious! Really funny moment!

    The episode was cool, as we saw Snorunt, Glalie and a Froslass! I have never use d Froslass, but I once used a FDGlalie in the Emerald Version, and It is now at Level 100. I really like Glalie!

    All up, this was a very enjoyable episode! I definitely enjoyaed it a lot, and I think we have now had several successive brialliant episodes! Keep it up, guys, and i can't wait until the next great episode! Great work, and I definitely recommend it!moreless
Tom Wayland

Tom Wayland

Pokémon Poacher

Guest Star

Michele Knotz

Michele Knotz

Sinnoh Pokédex

Recurring Role

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