Season 4 Episode 21

The Grass Route

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 03, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • great episode

    On their way to Ecruteak City Ash and co. come across a large grassy field. They see a Skiploom running to his trainer. The trainer's name is Eafrom and he calls his Skiploom Skippy. They say they are training for the gym and they challenge Ash to a pokemon battle using grass pokemon. Ash accepts and the battle begins.
    Ash choose Chikorita for the one on one battle. Skiploom starts by trying a tackle but Chikorita easily counters and knocks it back. Skiploom then uses double team but Chikorita hits it with a razor leaf on her third try. Skiploom then trys a leech seed dut Chikorita knocks the seeds away with vine whip and ends the battle with a tackle. Misty is mad at Ash for beating Skiploom so bad.
    They all head to Eafrom's house and his parents say how Ash must be an "elite trainer" because of his skill. Ash gets cocky and Misty gets angry. Ash and co. are invited to stay the night and they accept. Then they all walk out into the garden.Ash and co. learn that the best gardeners are grass pokemon. Ash finds out that Eafrom is competing in a grass pokemon tournament the next day so he decides to enter too.
    It flashes to Team Rocket eating. They find out about the grass tournament. It is a flyer that says that the winner gets a trophy and a collection of valuable leaf stones. James decides to enter with Victreebell and Jesse with Meowth dressed like a Sunflora. They start training.It flashes back to Eafrom training with Skiploom and improving its speed. Misty asks Ash why he's not training and he says it because its going to be so easy that he doesnt need to train.
    It flashes to the tournament the neext day and all the contestants are ready. Ash is entering with Bulbasaur and Eafrom with Skiploom. First Ash badly beats a Gloom and then Eafrom narrowly defeats James and his Victreebell. Then Jesse and Meowth battle Ash. After Meowth accidently uses scratch Ash uses Razor Leaf to reveal Meowth's identity. Bulbasaur vine whips Team Rocket out of sight after they do their traditional chant.
    In the final its Ash VS Eafrom. Skiploom starts with a doulble team and Bulbasaur trys to hit it with razor leaf but can't hit the real one. All the Skiplooms use leech seed but Bulbasaur hit them away with a vine whip and the real seed hits the real Skiploom ending the double team. Bulbasaur starts beating on Skiploom with a barrage of vine whips and Skiploom finally falls. Eafrom refuses to give up so Bulbasaur comes in with a take down and out of nowhere Skiploom fires a solar beam that sends Bulbasaur flying. Skiploom knocks Bulbasaur to the ground with a tackle, ending the battle.
    Brock says that Skiploom must have gonr up in level during the battles and that's how it knew solar beam. Eafrom receives his prizes proudly and the episode ends with Ash standing there smiling.
  • Ash competes with a grass Pokemon trainer on a tournament.

    For a tournament episode, this wasn't half bad. Much challenging of what you can expect, but this is very rare and unusual... A tournament using Grass Pokemon to win a collection of Leaf stones for evolving certain Pokemon. This episode is very similar to "The Bug Stops Here" in various ways. You win a Sun Stone and you catch Bug Pokemon there. Thumbs up for this episode.
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