Season 4 Episode 41

The Heartbreak of Brock

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Apr 13, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • A girl falls in love with Brock?!?!?!?

    "The Heartbreak Of Brock"

    Grade: A*

    Haha! This episode was awesome, in which Brock bumps into a girl that falls in love with him. Not only was the episode really funny, it was totally in character and ironic for him, due to the fact he's been trying so hard to find one, but doesn't know what to do when he actually falls into the situation! The episode also includes one of the best lines of dialogue from Pokemon ever, in where Misty tells Ash that "You and I will be married someday too", in which Ash responds back in a very surprised fashion. Here's a quick summary of the episode below:

    Brock accidently saves a girl from tripping over. The girl falls in love with Brock straight away. The problem is, Brock has never been in this situation before, and they are all escorted to her mansion. Misty tells Brock that he needs to respond back, in which Brock questions how Misty knows all of this dating stuff, but nevertheless Brock is still too shy to answer to her. Team Rocket come in and decide to try and steal all the Pokemon outside the mansion, and their plans are foiled, but they accidently take the girl that Brock was with. When James accidently saves the girl after tripping again, the girl falls in love with James instead! James is again confused by this, but Jessie tells him that if he gets married to her, then they'll be able to take the Pokemon inside the mansion without any issues.
    Ash, Brock, and Misty are trying to find the girl, but they learn to find that she's returned to the mansion, with another man. Ash and the crew discover its Team Rocket, and they battle out and win, but in the process of hurting the girl badly as well (as she took a hit for trying to save James). Team Rocket lose and go blasting off again by Pikachu.
    In the hospital, Brock is waiting by her bedside to see if she recovers. She wakes up, and because the Doctor is the first person she sees, she falls in love with him and the Doctor proposes to her and accepts. Brock is annoyed by this because he was ready to be with her, but Misty tells him that not even a Pokemon Breeder can compete with a Doctor. Nevertheless, Ash and the others wave the girl and the Doctor away, as Brock is left heartbroken. Misty tells him that's "there's plenty of fish in the sea" and Brock runs down the road, looking for new girls to find in the next city.
  • great episode

    At the end of a long day, our heroes search for a Pokémon Center in a small town near Olivine City. Unable to locate one they ask a local lady for directions. She explains the nearest Pokémon Center is ten miles away! Too exhausted to extend today's journey, the gang decides to set up camp in a local park. As he gets water from a nearby fountain, Brock notices a Nidorina approaching to take a drink. Running after Nidorina is her trainer, who trips and almost falls into the fountain. She is narrowly saved by Brock and immediately falls head over heals in love with him. Introducing herself as Temaku, she insists Brock and his friends stay with her at her father's house. How will Brock handle a large does of his own medicine from the smitten Temaku?
  • man i bet it took guts for misty to tell ash to get marry to her.

    This episode was very good i like it, Misty has heart she goes to the distences, i wish she would told ash i love you, you light up the sky or sumthin like that. but the thing is will she ever return to pokemon diamond for one last final saying to ash? it deserved to be 200th episode. thumbs up.
  • Someone falls in love with Brock for a change...and he doesn't know what to do!

    Ok. This has GOT to be the funniest Pokemon episode ever!!! First of all, it's surprising cuz ppl don't usually like Brock. Second of all, there are soooooo many aaml hint in this episode! First one: Ash-Wow, imagine Brock married? Misty-You and I will be married someday too. Ash-*nods* Mmm-hmm....HUH!? heh. hilarious. Then there's the other one: Misty-Take it from me. It's a lot easier to like someone who likes you than to like someone who doesn't. Brock-How do you know? Misty-*freaking out and blushing* Well that's...what I've heard. HA! The best line in the episode. Total aaml hint right there. It's so obvious she likes him!
  • Brock's first love!

    Out of all the episodes I've seen yet so far, this episode is what truly amazed me! Seeing how Brock got a temporary girlfriend named Temaku who was in love with him, I couldn't imagine such epidemic! It was about time a girl would fall in love with Brock, although I'm not too much thrilled as Brock didn't feel the same way when he flirts with girls. This was his only chance to do it and he blew it. James couldn't do it as he has Jessie XD. But I found it romantic.