Season 4 Episode 48

The Kecleon Caper

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Aug 17, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • great

    While heading toward to Olivine City, their next destination, the team is suddely surprised by a big shadow! Heads up and they find out it's a blimp!
    Ash and co see it landing and decide to follow it to the airstop. Once arrived their, the pilot explains the blimp is actually a luxery cruise ship and is 100 mether in length! The captain of the ship comes out and says that everyone with Pokémon can enter for free, but have to help them. Ash and co are happy to shair their hands and go on board.
    Inside, the captain introduces the gang to two pretty girls and two, who are the owners of the blimp. Brock falls instantly in love with the pretty girls, but Misty draggs him away. Ash introduces himself and asks why the girls are looking so sad. They explain that there Pokémon, Kecleon are ill! Ash takes out his Pokédex that explains that Kecleon looks like a Chameleon and can so good camouflage himself, it is impossible to see him then.
    Ash wounders if they have got such a Pokémon, where it is then. The two girls take Ash and co. to their rooms, where the Pokémon lay on bed ill. Brock gives the Kecleon (a green one and a purple one) one of his Medecins and some food and the two Pokémon are immediately better! The girls are happy and thank Brock and return to the party
  • Shiny and rare Kecleons!

    Well, I'm too excited to burst it out here. I loved this episode so badly because Kecleon is seen here! Yeah they may not be Johto Pokemon, but they were previewed before the next season on a new region! Well, now that I got it out of the way, I felt a bit sad to see the Kecleon sick, and they don't deserve it one bit. But Brock was nice enough to heal them which is a positive decision!