Season 11 Episode 4

The Keystone Pops!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM May 10, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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On the way to Solaceon Town, Ash and Dawn are doing some late night training with their new Buizel and Aipom. During the battle, Buizel accidentally destroys a nearby stone tower, and unleashes the pokémon Spiritomb. Spiritomb attacks them before flying away. The next morning Ash and the others arrive in a nearby village that was attacked by Spiritomb. They meet an old woman who tells them the tale of Spiritomb. After realizing the trouble they have caused, Ash, Dawn, and Brock decide to help seal Spiritomb away. Meanwhile Team Rocket disguise them selves as psychics in order to capture both Pikachu and Spiritomb.moreless

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  • I Love this episode.

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes in the history of the show. I highly enjoyed this episode due to the appearence of one of my favorite pokemon, Spiritomb. Spiritomb has to be one of the coolist pokemon in existance. SPIRI-TOMB. SPIRI-TOMB. I LOLed at the Team Rocket moto ripoff that Ash, Dawn, and Brock tried. Spiritomb was voiced by Dan Green. Wierd, didnt know Egyption Pharohs, red echdinas, and evil pokemon who related in some way. I was angry when this episode got delayed, but Im glad they aired it.moreless
  • What na evil Spiritomb!

    This was a really great episode, with a truly villainous Pokemon. Spiritomb was really funny to watch, as was Team Rocket's Japanese outfits to try and steal some more Pokemon.

    I really enjoyed the hunt for Spiritomb. That Pokemon was very Powerful, and it seemed like a legendary with all of the moves it was using. The fact that it has no stype weaknesses is also interesting, which gives Spiritomb a great advantage in battle.

    Team Rocket is as hilarioujs as ever! I loved Meowth's impersation of a Sneasel, and moreso, I loved hthe kids' scheme to trap Team Rocket to get to spiritomb. I also enjoyed the Team Rocket Impersonation!

    All up, a very entertaining episode. The eveil Pokemon, the funny scenes and Team Rocket culminated in a gret show! Keep it up, guys!moreless

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