Season 1 Episode 35

The Legend of Dratini

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Unknown on Cartoon Network
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The Legend of Dratini
Ash and friends arrive at the Safari Zone, where they are ready to participate in the Safari Game and captured some new Pokémon. However, the Warden is extremely cranky and is not beyond pointing a gun to them. They talk with Professor Oak and tells them about the Warden and the rare Pokémon Dratini. They then take their Safari Balls and head out into the field. However Team Rocket is also at the Safari Zone and they have captured the warden and attempt to force him to tell them where the Legendary Dratini is.moreless
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  • Even w/o Columbine this EP likely would have been pulled

    Do you think a kids show (or even teen's show) should show as much gunplay as this episode does? There were good moments guns or not however, such as Hitler-Meowth, and the Dirty Harry-esque warden.

    Grade B+
  • One of the second lost episodes to be banned in the USA. Because of the terrible Columbine High School Massacre in April 20, 1999, this episode was skipped due to the use of a gun by the Safari Zone Warden and to have the similar events in it.moreless

    My personal thoughts for this episode is that it would've been aired if no one knew how in the world Ash got 30 Tauros and how he caught it. It was this episode here with all the proof. Enough of that, it was scary to see the Safari Warden get threatened by Team Rocket with a gun loaded in their hand. But I found it inappropriate that the Warden threatened Ash with a gun as well, which can be why this episode was skipped for US audiences.moreless
  • Man I have only seen screenshots to this episode but i would like to see more i cant find it anywhere and i just want to see it but from the sceenshots I saw it looks like and amazing episode.moreless

    This is one of the things that bothers me about american television. THey try and soften every show up just because they feel it will scar the children for life. I mean come on Japan televison is quality television that doesn't have to dumb any show down becuase "oh theres an image of a gun" I mean this keeps getting worse and worse America takes these shows and changes the whole plot and scenes just so it can meet their standards. I feel they are ruining the show and it makes me want to learn Japanese just so i can watch these episodes in their entirety and not have to worry about someone changing the whole plot line on me. They also ruined the first movie by making Mewtwo evil when all he was trying to do was teach humans a lesson and he mentions God a few times. But no we americans cant have some slightly evil looking creature talk about God. It can only come from our Preachers and Priests. And That is Why i give 4Kids 2 thumbs down for ruining it for the whole american audience.moreless
  • This is the episode where the warden was trigger-happy and where ash catches the Taurus.

    I saw this episode, it can easily be edit just take out the gun and replace it with something else. it's pretty funny. i saw it with subtitles though. i like how Jessie try to flirt with the warden. And when Ash tries to capture an Rhyhorn, he accidently caught another Taurus.
  • I wish they show this this episode

    In this episode Ash caught 30 Tatrous I got confuse when we see 30 Safei balls in Proffesor Oak lab that are Ash and When I discover at serebii.net that they do not show this episode and why they do not show it thanks the thw guns I still wish I can watch this episode.

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