Season 2 Episode 3

The Lost Lapras

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jan 22, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ash hleps out an abandoned Lapras.

    This episode was good out all the other ones. Since Ash and Misty are okay here, TR's back again to steal the Lapras Ash's taking care of. As they do, Ash follows them and releases Lapras from their hands. Since Lapras was rescued, it decided to follow him on their journeys.
  • The reason why I titled it A Very Special Episode because it introduces the best character in the entire Pokemon Series

    The Lost Lapras introduces the best character ever to grace Pokemon EVER.

    Tracey Sketchit, native of the orange islands, a very talented artist, and a very very skilled Pokemon Watcher. Not to mention, he is the biggest sweetheart ever, and is very smart.

    Tracey is the only one in the whole seires is worth caring about, whcih is why the Orange Island League is the best SEason.

    Tracey is older than Misty and Ash, like Brock is, and he's very keen on observing and taking care of Pokemon, and follows in the footsteps of his greatest idol, Professor Oak, in hopes of meeting him one day, and Ash and Misty gave him that dream come true. Mist and Ash could not have survived the Orange Islands without Tracey, he was very helpful in all situations, and he's very cute, and get's estatic about his work. He being a Pokemon Watcher gives him the Knowledge that Ash, Misty and Brock, could have never dreamed of achieving.

    Tracey Sketchit, even though we know very very little of you, thank god for. Thank god.
  • Tracey is introduced to Ash and the gang!!

    Yay, Tracey is introduced in this episode!! After Ash and Misty said good bye to Brock, they got set up by Team Rocket on going on ANOTHER blimp and Jigglypuff put them all into sleep!! In the end, they ended up on an island in the middle of nowhere! Then, Ash and Misty found a poor Lapras being beaten up by three terrible trainers!! Why terrible?? Well, that's when Tracey showed up and did reviews on the Pokemon trainer's Pokemon and only Pikachu was the best, of course! In the end, every one got a shock, if you know what I mean. However, Lapras is nearly kidnapped by Team Rocket and luckily Ash manages to save the day by saving Lapras!! In the end, Lapras joins Ash on his adventures!!

    Well, this episode is a good one too. Watching the Orange Island/League episodes again after a few years is quite good and nice again!! Hopefully, when I watch the other many episodes, they will be as good then!

    Finally most importantly:Do I recommend this episode to people to watch?? Yes! This episode is a nice one to watch with Ash continuing his journey with a new friend in the end! Yay!
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