Season 9 Episode Special 1

The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Apr 29, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • everything in this episode was great except for the new voice actors.

    Everything in this episode was great except for the new voice actors. Ash sounded like the weird version of Max and Max sounded weird, may and Brock both sounded like a adult, Prof. Oak sounded like a old man gym leader what Ash was in the Johto region, Jessie and James sounded like Jessie and James imitators, Meowth sounded really raspy and Misty was the only one who sounded almost like she did before. I just hope they are going to get the original actors back for the next season of Pokemon instead of these or other voice actors. Other than the voice actor change the plot was great.
  • cool, finally misty, mewtwo, and more... sadly much more

    this episode will rock i mean, mirage pokemon, a new bad guy with a mirage mewtwo, also here comes mew to kick some butts, and finally misty comes back and who knows maybe even more of ash and misty romance.
    to sad that the voices changed, poor people who put their lives in those characters scence season 1.
    still its going to rock, with mew, mewtwo, a new bad guy this is going to be the best episode EVER.
    but still... the voices, well even even if they do sound like the other ones i think it just will no be the same.
    where are max and may?
  • This was the worst thing I have ever seen!

    When I viewed this one fateful Saturday morning I had no idea what I would get. Do you remember the time you got a really crappy gift and just wanted to throw it into the nearest possible mine field and watch it explode? That's what I wanted to do. The voice actors which are the new ones in the ninth season by the way are just horrible! The story is one of the worst ever. I don't think Dr. Yung got up one morning and just said " I feel like inviting some kids over and trapping them in my evil plan to rule the world!" There is an upside to this episode though if you have enough patience to sit through it. The part where Mewtwo grows the heads and when mew saves the day by sacrificing itself were those parts. However I suggest you to not watch this and if you have well... you survived and you didn't do a Dr. Yung and go into a burning building never to come back.
  • This special is really awful.

    The storyline was new and exciting. At first, I was excited to watch this special. When I heard the new voices for the characters, they sounded horrible! The voices gave me a headache and I swear I cringed when I heard the voices. I swear I needed ear plugs for this episode.

    The music was decent, but it needed improvement. The intro song when they showed the title was horrible. Some scenes lacked background music and I didn't like that. The background music helps set the mood and it keeps me interested. For the scenes with no background, I almost fell asleep watching them. This special is one of my least favorite episodes of Pokemon.
  • I believe this mirage master may be the guy who tried to be the evil king of the mirage castle in the hoenn series and they met up wiv misty, im quite sure

    hey a review huh? well better make it as short as i possibly will be able to do, ah let me think reviews ... well i havent really seen this episode i just got a picture in my mind, well if you give me a few minutes ..... but then again, wait ... no .... no no no i cant think, gaaaaaah! ah i know now to think how i should start, gotta keep it clean. lets see theres the professor, the ash, the brock, the mirage guy, the *lightbulb* ..... guy with a shedinja! ok here it is ... The- thank you for reading
  • I don't understand why this is so unpopular...

    Admitedly, the voices were different, and some of the things were a bit OOC, but I still think this was pretty decent. It had a great storyline, and I didn't figure out who the Mirage Master was, although when you think about it it was kind of obvious...

    As for the voices, I honestly didn't think they were that bad. After hearing all the bad press about this I was well-prepared to hate them once I got to hear them (I'm in the UK and only recently saw it on the Internet), but I was surprised to find that I generally liked them (especially the narrators, I'm SO glad they brought back the original! I've missed him throughout Hoenn...). Admitedly, the girls voices (particularly May's, that was messed up for a girl who's, what, 11?) were all pretty bad, bar Officer Jenny's, and Jessie's. Team Rockets were all quite good, although what was up with the motto? I've heard that it changes a bit later on, but since Misty didn't yet have Azurill - actually, when in pokémon time was this set?

    Anyway, the voices were good. Moving on, I don't think it was really out of character, although considering this is a rare time that we get to see Misty, I'm surprised to see no AAML hints (which I support whole-heartedly!) (and there were plenty of opportunities), and why was Misty so surprised to see mirage Mew when she saw it the second time?

    To backtrack a little, I might be wrong on this, but I don't think, from hearing what I did, that they changed the (English) pokémon voices (bar Meowth's, of course). Still on voices, I of course will be missing the originals, but I have no problem with the new ones, and I welcome them to Pokémon.

    I also liked the quick shots of Tracey, Elm, Birch, and Nurse Joy, as well as the brief shots from the movies.

    To sum up, I'm one of the rare people who liked this, liking the plot, and accepting the voices.
  • Ash and friends was invited by a scientist who's name is Dr. Yung. When they arrived in te castle , they meet up with old friends-misty and prof.oak. This scientist creates mirage pokemon. They battled Misty... But why did the mirage pokemon turned evil?

    this is a great special!

    this features Dr. Yung an evil scientist who creates mirage pokemon. He created many mirage pokemon such as Mew, Mewtwo, Entei, Zapdos, Articuno, Aerodactyl, Kabutops, Omastar, Armaldo, Aggron, Houndoom, Absol, Mightyena, Machamp, Machoke, Ursaring and Magnemite. Here you go, all the mirage pokemon. This was only aired in United States. You can watch it on the DVD: Lucario and the mystery of Mew.
  • One word: Horrible!

    It was bad enough that I woke up at 10:24 and missed 1/2 of it... but I was absolutely disgusted with how this movie turned out.
    1) it was totally lame with the things they were doing, with Mewtwo having all of those Pokémon faces coming out of it... that's not natural
    2) the most important: the voices!!

    I mean... that was so horrible the way they had other people doing the voices... It's nowhere the same as the original voices.
    Ash and Brock were the most messed out of them all. I mean, Ash sounds like the kid who took over the voice of Mokouba Kaiba in the past seasons... nowhere close to Veronica Taylor At All!!! I mean, I wanted to throw the TV out the window after I saw what they did or at least complain to those who are responsible.

    The only thing I liked about it was the storyline where Mew saves the day... other than that, the worst thing in the history of Pokémon! I mean, how can they have the 10th anniversary without the original cast? That's just wrong.

    If they ever try to pull that with the series itself, I'll refuse to watch because w/o Eric Stuart and Veronica Taylor behind the voices, there's no point. To me, the characters are as good as the voices and I'd be ready to drop the show if that ever happened for real.
  • Now Equally I love all pokemon episodes but this episode made bad episode lists for the first time and hurt millions of pokefanics ears...

    Plot: 4/10 I Like the plot of the story of the episode is going Mirgra pokemon? Ok, I guess...- (done it!)

    Graphics (Theme): -5/10: omg! what are they thinking!?!? They are using all 70\'s graphic junk!!!

    Voices: -10/10: I 100% hate the voices, they don\'t but much effort on the character\'s mood. \"Worst Voice Acting....yet!\"

    Length: 1 ear pain hour.

    My Truthful Words: This episode may be the 1st Worst episode of pokemon ever! (I can\'t beleve these words are coming out of my mouth!)

    Episode would be better IF...
    -Better voice acting
    -Old cast was here.
    -No 70\'s look like intro
  • I Turned On My Tv All Happy To Watch This Speacial And Then I Hear What I Think Is Annoying Alley Cats Fighting Loudly! But Its Really Just The New VA\\\\\\\'s And The Bad Acting!!!

    This Speacial Was An Intro To The New VA\\\\\\\'S Coming In Season 9 Of Pokemon.....Heres My Opinion On The VA\\\\\\\'s
    May: She Sounded Like a 27 Year Old Slut!!
    Ash: To Whiney And Crackely!
    Brock: To Deep And Gurgely Couldnt Hear A Thing!
    Misty: To Snotty Sounding And Light Voiced
    Max: Sounded A Little Like The Old VA But A Little To Much Like Ash\\\\\\\'s New Voice.
    Prof.Oak: Sounded Too Old!
    Jessie: ......Trying Too Hard???
    James: ....Trying Too Hard And Sounding More Gay Then The Original James VA.
    Meowth: Sounded Like A Human...
    Pokemon: Sounded The Same.

    Ok And The Acting Was Horrible!! The Pokemon Script Allows The VA\\\\\\\'s To Implement Their Own Dialouge Now And Then And What They Did Was Horrible!!! Heres The Pain I Sufferd From!

    Misty Gets Attacked Ash Says \\\\\\\"That Girl Needs Help\\\\\\\" He Should Say Sumin Like \\\\\\\"MISTY!!!!!\\\\\\\"
    May: Rescuses Misty \\\\\\\"I Guess Im Not As Useless As You Think\\\\\\\" She Looked Like And Sounded Like She Was Going To Let misty Fall Right Their....
    Brock Went A Little Two Predator Like Talking About Those Nurse Joys And Officer Jennys...
    Misty Shouldnt Have Been So Snotty To Ash When They Met At The Lab...
    Misty Shouldnt Have Been So Snotty At All!!!

    Many Other Flaws About This Speacial And I Like To Think Of It As A \\\\\\\"Speacial Episode\\\\\\\" (Stupid Mental Episode)

    Save The VA\\\\\\\'s By Sending Mail To:
    Pokemon USA, Inc
    400 Madison Ave
    New York, NY, 10017

    Or Emailing To:

    Real Mail Goes Farther Then E-Mails!
    Save The VA\\\\\\\'s And Get This Speacial To Be Redone!
  • Great story, but the voices give this special no where close to deserving a TEN.

    I recorded this on TiVo to hear the new voices so I could be a Pokémon fan and judge the voices myself, and THEY SUCK! Aye Carumba, I thought Sonic X was bad, but THIS, Not only do these voices not sound right, the acting is abysmal. I have to say, Pokemon is the one and ONLY good dub from 4Kids Entertainment and now they are not doing this anymore, the quality of this show will now finally be fully ruined if these voices get to continue, first Sega ruins Sonic and now Pokemon USA ruins Pokemon.

    However, I do think it was a great story line, yet I will NEVER watch that special again, the voices are just to freaking awful.
  • This episode could've been perfect, the plot sounded great, but the voice actors were horrible. Also, Mirage Master sounds like a four-year old imaginary supervillian.

    When I heard about this episode, I got so psyched. It wasn't great. It was the first pokemon I have ever Tivoed and not watched the first chance I got. It was that bad. The voice actors were just horrible....

    But this is a review for the episode... Well, Ash and the Hoenn gang got invited to test a new battle facility (hmm suspicous) and so did Misty. The new battle system is called the Mirage Pokemon system. Dr.Yung, the scientist that invented the system, can make any pokemon, with any attack, with no weaknesses. Ash and Misty battle him, Misty loses, and Ash's battle is interupted when the Mirage system breaks down. Then, Dr.Yung is kidnapped and a new villian comes to the scence. His name is Mirage Master (eww) and he kidnaps Dr. Yung so he can take over the Mirage system and make pokemon for himself. He ends up making a mirage mewtwo, and starts battling the gang with it. Prof. Oak deduces that Mirage Master is actually Dr. Yung in disguise, and he wanted to use the mirage system for evil because other scientists wouldn't accept his ideas.

    A mirage mew comes (I thought it should've been a real mew) and is able to beat Mewtwo and destroy, albeit taking itself down too.

    I thought this episode was ok, if drawn out... It could've been great if not for the crummy voice actors!
  • Good Storyline, but not a perfect ten due to voices.

    Like I said the storyline was great but the voices were so horrible I can't give it a perfect ten. The story was awesome! The battles were great too but one thing I noticed, besides Dr. Yung no one else used more than 2 pokemon. One thing (besides the voice) that mad me made was that Brock barely played a part in this special over than drooling over Jenny & Joy! Even Max, who has no pokemon had a bigger role and none of Brock's pokemon were shown! Horrible. Another thing Pokemon USA had the characters say stuff they would never say. Pokemon USA, try again!
  • Ash, Misty, and Prof. Oak get invited to this labaratory that just popped out of nowhere, basically. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

    Ash, Misty, and Prof. Oak get invited to this labaratory that just popped out of nowhere, basically. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

    Okay, first thing: The Plot! Was that a plot? Oh, right, the plot! Personally, I thought there was none. C'mon, we all were expecting better. And we got some crappy imitation. The only thing I DID like was the Pokemon's voices, how they were still in Japanese. ^^

    2nd: The Voices! Oh, sick sick sick. Ash sounded 8. Brock sounded 31. May sounded 16. Max sounded 6. Jessie's kept cracking. James's kept squeaking. Meowth's made my eardrums bleed. This is EXACTLY why we're trying to STOP the va change...

    3rd: The Characters! They were all out of character!!! No one wants to see an imitation!

    4th: The violence! Okay, everyone wants to see a little violence in Pokemon, but not on the imitation. I mean, a person walking into a flaming building on purpose just isn't Pokemon material. Neither is the mirage Mew "dying" then the ppl saying it had a "soul" and such afterward.
  • 10th Anniversary Special

    The reason I gave this a 9.9 is because of one reason: the new voices. Everytime I heard Ash talk, I was reminded of Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. May's voice did not fit with the character. She's ten, net twenty-something. Cons aside, this episode was purely amazing. The plot was well thought out. The animation was just superb. THe animation was on level with the newer movies. Seeing that many legendary Pokemon, even if they weren't real, was so cool. Everyon one was in character, even Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. The show had several hilarious points. Overall, amazing episode. Would have been perfect if it wasn't for the lousy voices.
  • Exactly what the classification said, clever plot, the only reason I give it a 10

    This was a good episode with an exceptional plot, but absolutely horrible voice acting. The new voice actors aren't close to the originals. I like the idea of Mirage Pokemon, and the episode was very well written. I'm really glad Misty was in it, she made this special better, and without her, and her ok voice actor, I would've only given this an 8. It was good seeing Pokemon like Mewtwo and Mew again, and it was a great twist when Mirage Master was revealed to be Dr. Yung. In the end, a great plot, and horrible voice acting.
  • Only sad because of what people in this country do, just to make more money!

    I almost blew the top off my skull!! I had heard rumors that they were replacing the voices of the characters, only because their pay role was too much. So instead of negotiating it, like adults, like our parents tell us, they just go and fire them. They couldn’t have just sat down and negotiated that if they wanted to stay on the show (which I believe they all did) their pay role was going to be smaller, which is probably not a big deal for them considering they probably have a ton of money after doing this for almost eight years now!! Also, I also heard that they were going to try and find people who's voices were somewhat similar, and we all get stuck with this!! At one point in the movie when they had them all together and had Ash talking, I wasn’t looking at the TV screen and I thought that Max was saying something until I turned around and saw Ash's mouth moving. I am not even joking!! I mean, I was very excited to see Misty back, BUT was also hopping for some AAMR which they DIDN’T put in!!! They new person they got for Misty is close to her voice but for us big Pokemon fans out their, you can really hear the difference. I am so angry with what they did, hopefully I’m not the only one who feels this way and hopefully we can all get used to the new people. Maybe if ALL of us write a billion letters to KidsWB and complain that we want the other actors back.... who knows, its worth a shot and better then doing nothing. The movie was good, but it would’ve been better if we had our same actors.