Season 1 Episode 61

The Misty Mermaid

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 23, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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The Misty Mermaid
On the way to Viridian City, Misty notices that Horsea isn't feeling well. She decides to take Horsea back to the Cerulean City Gym to get a chance to swim around in their bigger pool. Her sisters get an idea to generate publicity for the gym by having an underwater ballet. To everyone's surprise, they picked Misty to be the star of the show. She reluctantly agrees and the ballet begins perfectly. However, Team Rocket have stolen the villain outfits from Violet and Lily and are planning on crashing the ballet in order to capture the pokémon they are using.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Misty the Mermaid!

    This episode was really great because Misty was part of a show and she had to act as a mermaid, which she was. At least this episode bought more focus to Misty Fans. But Team Rocket had to steal the show by stealing Pokemon, which that's the only thing they can accomplish. It was really cool that Seel evolved into Dewgong and teach Team Rocket a lesson.
  • misty is the star of a show as a mermaid

    This is a great episode to me because this is one of the few times someone in Ash's gang is in a show. That makes the episode original. It is also pretty funny at times because the way misty's sisters talk is funny, and it's also funny because Jesse and James get their costumes mixed up, allowing them to look pretty funky. There is also a pokemon evolution in it. Seel evolves into Dewgong! It's also great because Misty is basically the star of this episode and everyone loves Misty! Sadly though, she leaves her Horsea and Starmie at the gym, and we never see them again...moreless
  • One of my favorite Misty episode ever!

    Out of all the episodes the center around Misty this has to be one of my favorites. This episode is very silly and I find it exciting every time I watch it. One thing I didn't like was Misty left Starmie and Horsea at the gym and those pokémon were barely used. The plot of this episode is interesting and I love it. I laughed when Jessie and James dressed in the "wrong" clothes. I liked how Arbok was able to battle underwater which was cool. And it was funny that Weezing tried. Overall, this was a really good episode and I love to watch it numerous times.moreless

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