Season 1 Episode 32

The Ninja Poké-Showdown

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 20, 1998 on Cartoon Network
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The Ninja Poké-Showdown
On the way to the Fuchsia City, Ash and the others notice a giant mansion and decide to stop and get directions. When they enter the mansion, a Venonat begins to mislead them around the various traps in the mansion, including hidden Voltorbs, collapsible walls, and invisible walls. After falling through one to many traps, the wind up in a room with ninja Aya, who challenges Ash to a battle. Ash quickly defeats her, and her older brother comes out. It turns out that they did wind up at the Fuchsia Gym after all and Aya's older brother is Koga, the Gym Leader. Now Ash finally has his chance to win his sixth badge. Meanwhile, Team Rocket plans on attacking the mansion and stealing all of the poison pokémon inside.moreless

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  • Kimono Rockets

    Team Rocket's disguises reminded me a fair bit of what would later be the Kimono girls (GSC/HGSS). I'm also amazed they had time to squeeze in Ash's battle with Koga.

    Grade C+
  • Ninja Traphouse!

    I love this episode because the traps was set up in the Fushcia Gym to prevent intruders. Doesn't it remind you when you go inside on someone else's house and there are traps there? Anyways, I found it funny when the heroes had too much of trap adventures which really humored me.

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    • Ash: Venonat? It's you! I'm gonna teach you a lesson! (runs up to it until it jumps into the room) Come back! (runs through the secret door and sees a couple of shurikens hurling towards him and pins him on the door)
      Misty & Brock: (upon hearing Ash's fearful scream) Ash!!
      Misty: (Brock and Misty go through the secret door and finds an empty room) Huh? Where is he?
      Brock: There must be another way out!
      Misty: Maybe it's just another trick.
      Ash: (the secret door spins and reveals Ash pinned onto the other side of it) Someone help me!

    • (Psyduck hides behind Misty's legs)
      Misty: (angry, with Ash holding her from behind) Psyduck! You're driving me crazy!
      (Psyduck backs away for a moment)
      Misty: (angered) What attack can Psyduck do?!
      Ash: (smiling) Here, ask Dexter!
      Pokedex: Psyduck's attacks, number one: Tail Whip.
      Misty: Psyduck, Tail Whip attack now!
      (Psyduck wags its tail and starts to blush, while everyone falls down in embarrassment)
      Misty: (stands up, still angry) How can you call that lame tail wag an attack?!
      Ash: (stands) It must have other attacks!

    • Ash: I accept your challenge. (Pause) But first, can you get me down?
      (Everyone else facefaults)

    • Misty: (On Aya's hot pink outfit) But don't you think that color is a little bright for a ninja?
      Aya: (annoyed) I don't need your fashion report!

    • Misty: Hey Brock, wanna trade Vulpix for Psyduck?
      Brock: No way!
      Misty: It wouldn't take much time to brush because Psyduck only has three hairs.

    • (The wall collapes with Ash on it)
      Brock & Misty: Ash!
      (There is no sign of Ash)
      Brock: He's gone.
      Misty: Oh Ash. (starts crying)
      Pikachu: Pika.
      Ash: Hey guys, I'm still alive.
      Brock & Misty: Huh?
      Ash: Down here, help me up.

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