Season 1 Episode 44

The Problem with Paras

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Feb 13, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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The Problem with Paras
On the way to the next gym, Ash and friends are out of medical supplies and stop to get some. However, the town has no pokémon center or mart, so they head to a lady who specializes in special medicines. When they arrive there they meet her and her granddaughter Cassandra. Cassandra tells them that she wants to help her Grandma, but in order to do that she needs her Paras to evolve into Parasect. Ash decides to help her, but his Charmeleon goes a little too far and burns poor Paras. Meanwhile, Meowth has an immediate crush on Cassandra and decides to help her out.moreless

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  • Meowth's first love.

    Somewhat not a very good episode of all. It was a complete waste of time to see Meowth falling in love with Cassandra and her not training enough for her intimidated Paras evolve into Parasect. It just ran away when it battled Ash's Charmeleon and crying about it. She would've done a good job raising it, but she didn't. Also, it was bad of her to dump Meowth after all the help they did to get Paras to evolve sooner.moreless
  • Ash and co. help a paras evolve

    I\'m not sure why this episode isn\'t as enjoyable as others. It has originals in it. Charmeleon disobeys Ash for the first time, and gets it\'s rear kicked by a paras. Meowth falls for a girl and does everything he can to seek her approval. It has plenty of humor in it with cassandra\'s grandma and the pathetic battles with Ash\'s pokemon and paras. The only thing left is the plot. It has a lot of great side stories. It\'s just the main story isn\'t the best one pokemon has to offer. Having an episode revolve around a paras needing to evolve for it\'s mushroom just doesn\'t seem to interest one very much. Still the side stories save the episode. So that is why this is a great episode nonetheless and should be seen by all pokemon fans.moreless

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