Season 1 Episode 29

The Punchy Pokémon

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 15, 1998 on Cartoon Network
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The Punchy Pokémon
On the way to the next town, Ash sees a Hitmonchan nearby. Ash starts battling it with Pikachu, but then the trainer, Anthony, comes and Hitmonchan easily beats Pikachu. The two of them leave and head to a gym to train. Anthony's daughter shows up and begs for them to enter the P-1 Grand Prix so that they can beat her father. She tells them that he is more concerned with training then his family and his daughter really misses him. Ash and Brock agree to enter with Primeape and Geodude. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decide to enter the tournament for the prize, and steal a trainer's Hitmonlee to enter.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • pokemon boxing

    in this episode Ash had decide to enter a Pokemon boxing match using his Primeape but it still won't listen to Ash and then Primeape fights a machop and that guy was about to hurt Primeape and Ash had saves Primeape and it starts to listen to Ash and meanwhile team rocket steals another guys pokemon call a hitmonlee and it beats it's rival hitmoncham and it defeats him and Ash and Primeape beats the hitmonlee and the guy who owns the hitmoncham ash Ash to leave Primeape with him so it can been a true champion and this is the 2rd pokemon ash leaves and primeape is never seen after this episodemoreless
  • The very first tournament where Fighting Pokemon show their amazing strengths!

    I loved this episode a lot. We finally see a tournament that only Fighting Pokemon can enter, where they show their amazing strengths. A guy who named Anthony is determined to win the P-1 Grand Prix. I pretty much agree with him since feeling determined does increase your optimism. Too bad his only focus was the tournament and not his family.

    This tournament attracted Team Rocket's attention, and they carefully plotted to steal a trainer's Hitmonlee and tie him in the bathroom so they can go off with their prize! (if they do win)

    The battles here are really rushed, though amazing. The best part was when Ash's Primeape gains his trust, after releasing its anger from previous episodes. It managed to beat many Pokemon it faced, especially a Machop. Brock is the next one, though he did forfeit quickly (never use a Geodude again, dude!) Next goes Anthony, but he was so close to winning, though Jessie was FULLY determined. He gave up in the end after he realized how much his family is important than this tournament, thanks to his daughter Rebecca.

    Ash going up against Team Rocket (after their disguise is foiled) is one of the best battles ever because even though they stole a powerful Pokemon, they didn't even care about how tired Hitmonlee was from the battles it faced. Though Ash managed to win the tournament, he let Anthony keep his Primeape so he can train it a bit to become more stronger than before. Really sad indeed, since they both started to bond and gain each other's trust.moreless
  • Good episode, too bad for primeape.

    Well, what's the idea of catch a new pokémon and let it go after 4 episodes, Primeape was a good pokémon and fitted in Ash's team very well so I don't know what they did to this little, well not so little but still poor pokémon. The idea of drop Primeape from the show was obviosly broght back after charmander evolves but I still have problems with this and after they decide to realease pokémon with the show no reaching still 30 episodes.

    Back to the episode, the best of the episode is that is fighting-type oriented so if you use them in your game will be one of your favorites. Another favorite part is when Ash watches Hitmonchan and after that he tries to catch it and teaches pikachu a good move. The Team Rocket did a good job stealing hitmonlee but did very bad entering in the contestmoreless
  • this episode is one of my favorites

    the punchy pokemon was one of my favorites because it was back when the first pokemon games came out an i had a primeape it was one of my favorite pokemon this episode was good an i think that it was sad at the end when ash gave up his primeape i was a little mad at that primeape was strong and i am still 2 this day asking y did he give up primeape he was good an strong i think that he should get primeape back because he had only had him 4 only like 2 episodes Bring Primape Back!!!moreless
  • Pokemon Grand-Prix...

    This episode is about the Pokemon Grand-Prix. It's a tournament where fighting Pokemons fight. They met a trainer who had a Hitmonchan. He convinced Ash to enter with his Primeape. Team Rocket also entered two. They didn't have any fighting Pokemon so they stole one (as asual). TR's Pokemon was Hitmonlee. Brock enter with his Geodude. To the tournament. Ash, the man, and TR pass bbut unfortunately Brock didn't. The three battled hard but Ash came in first place. Here is the match up for the second round: Hitmonlee VS Hitmonchan and Primeape VS Manchoke. Ash can through but the man didn't. Now to the final round: Primeape VS Hitmonlee. TR and Ash battled hard but Ash won in the end. Horray for Ash. The man said that maybe he could borrow it for a bit. He promised that he will raise him well. The gangs off to another adventure. Good-Bye Primeape.moreless

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