Season 8 Episode 2

The Relicanth Really Can

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 24, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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The Relicanth Really Can
On their way to Mossdeep, Ash and friends stop on a beach and they see a diver coming out of the water with a box. The man shows them a necklace made of Green Shards. He said he found it on a Relicanth so he brings them to his shop and says he's going to look for the treasure of a sunken ship. Ash and friends agree to go with him and they go in a sub. Meanwhile, in their Magikarp Sub, Team Rocket sees all the Relicanth underwater so the plan to steal all of them and the treasure so they can give it to Giovanni.moreless

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  • Kind Of Boring.

    This episode was boring. the overall plot was ok but the action wasn't exciting to me. Plus, I find Relicanth ind of a dull pokemon so that made the episode not so entertaining to watch. A good part was the Green shard deal, Episodes that don't always focus on battles and stuff are good. Plus, how could a ship be in a underwater cave? I don't get that part what so ever! Overall, kind of a dull episode that doesn't have the best action, but there a couple of bad things in this episode making it not the best episode to watch.moreless
  • Green Shards from the RSE Games! And Relicanth as well.

    This episode seems a bit boring, but exciting. I like the way that the Green Shards are introduced here. Through it's history I learned from, it was very rare during ancient times, but less valuable now. But I don't think there's no value at all in the RSE games seeing it's traded away for Stones. My favorite part was Relicanth! I'm glad it made it's real appearence for real.
  • This episode was good! it lacked plotting a little bit!

    Ash and his freinds come across a guy who is trying to find tresure at the bottom of the sea where the Relacanth live but on there way to the bottom team rocket mess up thier hopes for findeing anything at all they get closed inside of the cave with the Relacanth beacuse of one other of team rockets plans. Team rocket get away with the tresure. Ash and his freinds are stuck in the ocean cave or so they tought then the Relacanth show them a way out. They make it out safe and then get on a boat to try and find team rocket with the the stolen tresure. They finally come across team rocket and send them blasteing off once again. It sucks to say they only find some cheap jewlery at the end but it looks sparkly anyway.Maybe it worth more like 100 year ago.moreless

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