Season 8 Episode 50

The Saffron Con

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jun 17, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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The Saffron Con
Finally in Saffron City, May prepares for the upcoming contest. She checks out the stadium and meets Lilian Meridian, the younger sister of Vivian Meridian. At the Pokémon Center, she runs into Harley again. At first she doesn't want to believe him anything that he tells her, but after the info he tells her is true she believes him. He tells her that she can register for the contest with her Hoenn Pass by 11:00 the next morning, but Max doesn't believe him. She goes to train not realizing that he is lying and that Team Rocket is also entering the Contest and plans to steal all the Coordinator's Pokémon!moreless

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  • the return of harley...IT'S GREAT!

    This is one of the better contest intro episodes out there. That is mainly because harley is in it. Despite his evilness, he is one of the funniest character on the show. Once again he deceives may and co. into thinking he changed for the better, except max. Harley tries his best though as he tells may true info to gain her trust and helping her save the pokemon from team rocket. Speaking of team rocket, they had some pretty funny moments as well. That time when Jessie went in the operating room because cacnea was tangled in her hair was pure classic!moreless
  • A Great Episode with one of my personal favorite charaters... Harley!

    A Great Episode with one of my personal favorite charaters... Harley! This episode was somewhat of a filler episode with an important plot, but they fixed that with great comedy. This episode, unlike many, has some funny things. Some of the Jokes about Jesse were great, but my personal favorite was Harley. He is definetely one of my favorite characters, and this episode is definetely worth watching!
  • Harely Returns!!!

    I must say this is a really good episode. I love when contest have an intro episode like this. One of the reasons I liked this episode was because Harley returns. Harley is one of my favorite characters so I'm glad to see him back. Harley is also sporting an Ariados which I must say suits him. We also see Lillian for the first time. She was ok but I still like Vivian better. I loved when Squirtle used Ice Beam, I love that attack. This episode once again has comedy thanks to Team Rocket. My favorite part of this episode is when Jessie comes into the pokemon center with Cacnea tangled in her hair and the take her in the back to operate. Overall, this is a really good episode and sets up the next episode very well all thanks to Harley. This is one of the best contest intro episodes indeed.moreless
  • A great episode

    The Saffron Con is a great episode. The gang finally gets to Saffron City, where they meet the new contest emcee, Lillian. After taking a look at the stage, Squirtle really wants to be on it, so May decides to use him. They then meet up with Harley, who has supposedly changed for the better. He tells May that she has until the next day at 11 to register and she can use her Hoenn Pass. Meanwhile, Jessie tries to get Cacnea ready for the contest, and since James and Meowth think she'll lose, they try to steal everyone else's Pokémon, but fail. The next day May tries to register but can't until Lillian comes along and says to let her in. I think this was a pretty funny episode. Harley was back, and that means more funny talking and looks from him. It was also funny how Jessie wanted Cacnea to hug her, but it would only go to James. Overall this was an excellant episode, so I give The Saffron Con a 9.5 out of 10.moreless
Lisa Adams

Lisa Adams

Lilian Meridian

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Andrew Rannells

Andrew Rannells


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Bella Hudson

Bella Hudson

Nurse Joy

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