Season 1 Episode 56

The Ultimate Test

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Apr 24, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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The Ultimate Test
While everyone is eating lunch, Misty mentions that it has been a while since Ash received a gym badge. Todd then tells Ash about a test that he can take that will allow him to enter the Pokémon League if he passes it. Everyone heads over to the building and Ash enters, and Jessie and James (in disguises) also enter. However, the test turns out to be harder then they thought, and Jessie quits during the first part. When it comes time to battle with random pokémon that obey whoever uses them, Team Rocket come up with a plan to capture all of the pokémon and Pikachu!moreless

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  • Pokemon examination!

    I think this episode was very skillful because the way that Ash wanted to test hisself to see if he can win that badge without collecting the others. But look at Team Rocket, they couldn't show some effort as they guessed too many answers, getting eerything wrong, even Ash. I loved when they all got a zero! -laughs-
Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)

Exam Instructor

Guest Star

Jimmy Zoppi

Jimmy Zoppi

Todd Snap

Recurring Role

Megan Hollingshead

Megan Hollingshead

Nurse Joy

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Ash answers true to Vulpix evolving into Ninetails only through the use of a Fire Stone. Jessie answered true to all of her questions, which included Lickitung's tongue being twice as long as its body, and Splash being the only attack that Magikarp originally knows, but they both got 0% for the exam.

    • Jessie says she's 17 in this episode.

    • When the instructor says that Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl, it shows Poliwag and Poliwrath.

    • In the scene where Jessie said, "It's an Arbok all curled up!" her eyes are green instead of blue.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • James: Pikachu, Thunderbolt. Ooh, that feels great to say!

    • Computer: The only attack Magikarp originally knows is Splash. True or false?
      James: Grr, Magikarp...Just tearing that me makes my...my blood boil.
      Jessie: True. That's true too.
      Computer: Caterpie is the world's smallest Pokémon. True or false?
      Jessie: Yeah, that's true.
      James: Look at her. She's so good.
      Computer: Koffing was first discovered in a public bathhouse. True or false?
      Jessie: True. True. True. All I have to do is guess and I'll get half of them right.

    • (Jessie and James don't recognize each other. James submits his exam form while Jessie's filling her own one)
      James: Here's the exam form.
      Instructor: Fine. Let's see. Your name is James.
      (Jessie turns)
      James: Will you, please, keep it down??
      Jessie: Is that...
      James: Hey, get lost, old bat!
      Jessie: Haaa, old bat?!?!
      (she becomes angry)

    • (About Ash beating Flareon with Weezing)
      Brock: Team Rocket could win if they battled like that.
      James: (Jessie and James are holding notebooks and pens) Hurry, take notes! Take notes!

    • James: Thundershock! Thunderbolt! I've been defeated by Pikachu's attacks so many times, I know them all by heart!!

    • Todd/Snap: I have to get a picture of this! His face looks just like Weezing!

    • Instructor: Question #1, what is this Pokémon? (A shaded circle)
      Ash: It must be a Voltorb!
      James: Obviously it's a Pokéball.
      Jessie: It's an Electrode.
      Instructor: The answer - a Jigglypuff, seen from the top. Next question, which Pokémon displays this image? (a swirl)
      Ash: I know, it's a Poliwhirl.
      James: It's must be the Omanyte shell.
      Jessie: It's an Arbok, when it's all curled up.
      Instructor: The answer - a Poliwag. As many Pokémon trainers know, when a Poliwag evolves into a Poliwhirl, the swirl on its body converts its direction.

  • NOTES (1)


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