Season 9 Episode 42

The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jan 27, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ash and May are feeling down in the dumps so every one tries to cheer Ash up. Meanwhile, May's gonna have another battle with Drew......

    Uhh..... I'll start with this. First, I felt sorry that May and Ash were down in the dumps because both of them had lost in battles and it was really nice for everyone to try to help cheer Ash up! Then, the battle with May and Drew was amazing! Although May still lost in the end, she managed to be snapped back to reality! Actually, this episode isn't too good to me, just above average. I watched this episode on Kids Central at 11am and this is actually the first episode of Pokemon I can see on TV again instead of on DVD!
  • Drew and Harley have their final appearance on the show!!

    Noooooooo I wanted to see more of May and Drew but then unfortunately, Drew has his final appearance on the show. That was sad. But anyway, it was great how they ended his final appearance because he helped gain May's confidence back into a Coordinator. In any case, it's sad how May's final appearance is around the corner :'( but it was good while Misty and and at least May were in the show!!
  • A great episode!

    After losing to Brandon again, Ash begins to lose hope and feel blue. Meanwhile, May is still thinking about her defeat against Solidad at the Grand Festival. Even the return of Beautifly and Skitty doesn’t seem to help. Then Professor Oak shows up with some gifts for Ash. Inside is a poster with Ash’s Pokémon’s hands and feet on it and the word fight across it, a lunch from his mom, a lure from Misty, and a postcard from Gary who is in the Sinnoh Region. The party gets bigger when Drew and Harley show up. Drew challenges May to a match, in which he will use his new Butterfree. Will this battle be able to snap May back into reality? Yes he can and May finds out that he is going to the Johto region.I mean Drew tells May. Of course Harley goes aswell.
  • A perfect episode!

    This episode was a perfect finally for May's contest story arc. It showed her and her rivals all in their best form.
    May and Drew having a spectacular battle, and Drew offering May some advice that restores her faith in being a Coordinator. Harley shows up to watch, and gets up to his usual antics, even going so far as to recognize Jessie as a good Coordinator and invite her to join them in their persuit of the Jhoto contest circuit. Jessie of course refuses, to which Harley angerly blasts them away with Cacturne.

    This episode also had some great moments for Ash, who was feeling uneasy after two losses at the Battle Pyramid. After Professor Oak shows up with gifts and encoragement from all his friends, and his truest rival, Ash is re-energized and ready to take on the final challenge once again. We also have the first mention of Sinnoh, which is where Ash will head after this challenge.

    Overall this episode is one of the best in the entire series. Mixing comedy, character development, an awesome battle, and nostalgia. A must watch for any Pokemon fan.

    in this episode ash trys to begin his training but he does not want to try to hard. and may is in the center with brock and scott. but may is still sad over her lost at the grand festival. then she gets confendence when drew comes back. then he tell may that he wants a rematch. also may's skitty and beautifly comes back and may says yes. she used combusken and beautifly and drew used butterfree and roselia. but in the end may loses to drew. then professer oak comes back to cheer ash on and brings a poster with all of ash's pokemon sighning it. then harly returns and saves may. weird! then drew and harly head to the johto region and may said she is going too. so when this season ends may and max are heading towards the johto region for the third grand festival. and i have a feeling that may is going to win it.