Season 4 Episode 35

The Wayward Wobbuffet

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Mar 02, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • great episode

    Knowing our heroes are still en-route to Olivine, Team Rocket lies in wait. Dressed as scientists, they explain they've just repaired the amazing "Poké Pod." To test it out, Pikachu is placed in the pod and locked in tight. When Team Rocket reveals their true identity and runs, Ash and Co. are in hot pursuit. When our heroes catch up to Team Rocket, there isn't a Poké Pod or Pikachu in site! Realizing Wobbuffet was hiding for the handoff, Ash chases after it. In Wobbuffet's rash retreat, it trips dropping the Pikachu containing Poké Pod and falls into the rapids of a nearby river. Since the only way to release Pikachu from the Poké Pod is to possess the key around Wobbuffet's neck, it's an all-out race to reach Team Rocket's blue bad-boy first. This proves problematic as Wobbuffet plummets over waterfalls, wanders through forests, gets taken for a ride on the roof of a run-away truck, blows for miles in a hot-air balloon and falls helpless to the helm of a speedboat! Who will reach Wobbuffet and the key first?
  • The escaping Wobbuffet!

    This episode has bought me attention when I first saw it! It was so funny that Wobbuffet had the key that can open the cage Pikachu was in. I mean why did it ran off with the key? Perhaps Team Rocket should've had possesion of the key and not him. But I enjoyed it still.
  • Funny! Funny! Funny!

    This episode is like one of my faves, mostly because it focuses on howw Team Rocket is like without that annoying blob around. Not to mention, I love to watch that guy take him hostage. It's like what I want to do to FOX for canceling Futurama! Down With FOX!
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