Season 9 Episode 12

Time Warp Heals All Wounds!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 14, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Time Warp Heals All Wounds!
Ash and friends finally arrive in Fuchsia City with the Battle Pike only a day away. May's egg then begins to glow signaling that it is ready to hatch. However, before she can celebrate her Squirtle runs off. May finds Squirtle at the train station with an old lady named Edna. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to divide and conquer to capture everyone's Pokémon. Back at the train station, Edna explains that she is waiting for her husband to return. Then Edna's granddaughter, Katrina, shows up and gets her Grandma to go home. Katrina tells May that many years ago Edna's husband, Jonathan, left for the big city in order to become a Pokemon Doctor. Edna tried to reach the station but the train left before she got there and she wishes it had just been snowing that day so she could have told Jonathan they were going to have a baby. One year later, he died in an accident but she refuses to believe it. She also tells May that Edna lost her pendant that day. When May and Squritle find the pendant, they, along with Meowth (who was following and listening to them), get transported back in time to that exact day, and decide to fix Edna's future by fixing the past by making sure that it starts to snow.moreless

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  • One of the May episodes I actually liked.

    Well this is one of the first episodes of Pokemon that May takes center stage that I liked. To admit, I really like Dawn and Misty better than May, but oh well. I thought this was a really emotional episode because of Edna and the pendant. It was one of those real life down to earth emotional episodes with a happy ending in the end. And the first episode May's Eevee was seen which was cool, I wonder what pokemon it will evolve into. Also team rocket didn't make a cheesy appearance this episode because Meowth was on the good guy side, which I'm suprised he didn't stay on. Really emotional loved this episode.moreless
  • Now, besides the bad voice dubbing of Pokemon, here we have an episode that would made us remember the 4KIDS days....

    For those who still yankin about the bad voices that PUSA place instead of 4KIDS, here is an episode that may remember the good days of Pokemon dubbing at 4KIDS.

    The episode, of course the "Time Warp Heals All Wounds", was a pretty good episode and would love to hear the 4KIDS cast doing it better than PUSA and TAJ voice cast.

    Now, for the way that Meowth sounds, I would imagine that is making the series less appelative, but that would be the less to worry. At least Ash was not the main character, like in the prior episodes, so the voice of the dubber was not too annoying! So May along with Meowth where the main characters involved in this one and did not made the episode that bad at all. But still I prefer to hear the 4KIDS cast dubbing it.moreless

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