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Season 1 Episode 73

To Master The Onix-pected

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 11, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

To Master The Onix-pected
Ash and Brock are watching Bruno of the Elite 4 on TV, when Misty turns it off and tells Ash to do some real training. Delia then mentions that she heard that Bruno likes to train at Mt. Hideaway near Pallet Town. They decide to try and go find him. On the way up the mountain they have a quick ordeal with Team Rocket trying to steal from an old lady. While walking on the mountain they notice that there is a giant trail, and t was made by a giant Onix that is coming after them! All of a sudden Bruno himself appears and saves them. Ash asks Bruno to train him, but Bruno's lessons are not what Ash had expected. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decide to capture the giant Onix, which causes it to go on a rampage.moreless

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  • Bruno the Elite Four!

    Great episode because Bruno makes his very own appearence in this episode! He is known as the Elite Four of the Pokemon League and collects Rock/Ground types. What really bugged me is when Ash always asked Bruno if there's a secret to Pokemon training, but he would always say no. At least Bruno revealed it to him later on.

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    • Jessie: Prepare for trouble, whippersnapper!
      James: And make it double, young feller!
      Meowth: I think we can fast forward through this.
      (he presses a button on his remote and everything goes faster)
      Jessie: (in hyperspeed) To protect the world from devastation!
      James: (also in hyperspeed) To unite all peoples within our nation!
      Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!
      James: To extend our reach to the stars above!
      Jessie: JESSIE!
      James: JAMES!
      Jessie: Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!
      James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!
      Meowth: (also in hyperspeed) Okay!
      (he presses the play button and everything goes back to normal speed)
      Meowth: (normal speed) Meowth that's right!
      Jessie: (also in normal speed, but worn out) Exhausting.
      James: (also in normal speed and also worn out) I think I bit my tongue.

    • Bruno: So you wanna know the secret of Pokémon?
      Ash & Brock: Yeah!
      Bruno: There's no secret.
      Ash: You mean you don't come to this mountain so that you can keep the secret secret?
      Bruno: The only reason I'm here is that I want to capture the biggest Onix. (laughter) But there's no secret that you need to capture a rock Pokémon to be a rock Pokémon trainer!
      (Ash, Misty, & Brock sigh)
      Brock: (Holding his head in disappointment) Ahh! My image of the great Master Bruno has just been shattered!

    • Ash: Guess I need work on the equal what-cha-ma-call-it.

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