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Season 12 Episode 15

Trials and Adulations!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Aug 15, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

On the way to Snowpoint City, Ash and friends decide to stop and take a break. Dawn heads to a river to fill up her canteen, but is attacked by a wild Aggron and falls into the river. She manages to get out of the river far downstream, but is now lost. Aggron returns and badly hurts Mamoswine after Dawn sends it into battle. Now Dawn must take care of Mamoswine by herself, and hide from Team Rocket and Aggron at the same time.moreless

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  • It all starts with a rampaging Aggron...

    As our heroes continue onward to Snowpoint City, Ash and Brock rest on a roadside rock while Dawn goes to a nearby river to fill up her canteen. Things start getting awry, however, when an Aggron appears out of nowhere and Hyper Beams Dawn right into the river. She manages to make it out after being sent a ways downstream, but has no idea where she is. Nevertheless, she runs off to find Ash and Brock to warn them about the Aggron. Meanwhile, Ash and Brock wonder what's taking Dawn so long and go to the river to find her nowhere in sight, and her canteen lying on the riverbank. Fearing the worst, the two set off to find her, but not before getting attacked by Aggron themselves. Fortunately, they manage to get away, and Ash sends out Staraptor and Gliscor to search for Dawn from the sky.

    Team Rocket notice Dawn by herself and decide to stage a frontal attack, thinking it'll be easy to take down one "twerpette". The two sides start a battle, but it abruptly ends when Aggron stages its own attack. After escaping again, Dawn is eventually forced to confront Aggron with Mamoswine. It still refuses to listen to her, but getting rammed by Aggron's Double Edge angers it into striking back. Unfortunately, Aggron still manages to send them all over a cliff, which injures Mamoswine's leg and renders it incapable of battling until the wound is healed. Now Dawn has to take care of Mamoswine while hiding from both Aggron and Team Rocket at the same time...

    I thought this was a very good episode. Dawn and Mamoswine have a bonding experience, Jessie has Yanmega use AncientPower for the first time since she caught it (about time), and advice from a past episode is put to use nicely. I'm glad that Mamoswine's disobedience lasted a much shorter time than Ash's Charizard's. Now that Mamoswine is listening to Dawn, I'm looking forward to seeing the two of them kicking butt in the future.moreless
  • Mamoswine listerns!

    This was a veryy good episode in terms of character and Pokemon development, as Dawn begins to develop a bond with her Mamoswine, and it listens to her commands.

    I really enjoyed all of the scenes of Dawn and her Pokemon, and it really showed a level of caring for Mamoswine. I think Mamoswine understood how much everyone cared about it, and it responded to that affection.

    The Aggron was quite powerful, and Team Rocket were very hilarious, as usual, in the bid to capture it!

    I really enjoyed this episode, as it was great character/Pokemon development, and I can't wait until we see the next one! I definitely recommend this, and I think it was great!moreless

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