Season 4 Episode 26

Trouble's Brewing

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Dec 08, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • great episode

    Ash and friends are resting by a lake and Misty spots an ad for a Pokémon Tea Party. She convinces Ash and Brock to go and they suppose it wouldn't do any harm. They went and then they didn't know what to do when they were there. As adorable Eevee shows up and Misty practically pounces on it. She cuddles with it until the owner comes and introduces herself as Sakura. She's around Misty's age and looks like one of those old fashioned Kimono girls. She shows them around and shows them each of her four sisters. As usual, Brocks falls in love with her sisters and tries to flirt with them. Team Rocket shows up and wanting some of the food. And the sisters dont like them interrupting their tea party so they go for a battle. And guess what, coming out are Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, and Umbreon. Sakura's Eevee goes for it too. Team Rocket is amazed of the beautiful Eevee evolutions, so they try to steal them. Pikachu blows them away of course with either Thunderbolt or Thunder.
    The girls put on a show and Sakura screws it up. She talks with Misty while Eevee tickles Togepi with its tail. Misty suggest that she come with them since Sakura says her sisters dont need her. She wanted to go on her own pokemon journey like Ash anyways. Brock and Ash are ok with it but the sisters must insist on battling for her. First up, Misty's Poliwhirl againts one of the girls Vaporeon.
    Their water gun attacks are tied so Poliwhirl does Double Slap, Vaporeon does Quick Attack, and Vaporeon finishes it off with a Aurora Beam. Now its Pikachu versus Jolteon. Jolteon uses a great blast of Thundershock. Pikachu dodges and tries a Thunderbolt but is absorbed by Jolteon's Thunder Wave. Pikachu uses I think a Quick Attack and it wins. And before they can finish with the last battle, Team Rocket comes back with a machine that will hold each of the Kimono's pokemon. First Eevee tries to defend for them with Tackle Attack but Jessie's Arbok grabs it with its tail and throws it in the first box.
    Chikorita comes out and whips Jessie and Arbok into the second box with Vine Whip. Umbreon then comes out and one of the Kimono girls command it to use Agility to get Eevee out of its chamber. Then Pikachu blast James and Victreebel into the last boxes and it explodes.
    The girls say they need to win the match so they ask Umbreon to battle. But Sakura ask them to stop the battle. She will stay because if it weren't for her sisters, she would not have Eevee with her. So she stays and hopes her friends luck for their journey.
  • A good episode of the Johto saga with a bit of character development for Misty and Sakura. And let's not forget Brock's flirting!

    I would slightly agree that the johto has some lack of ideas, but this one is one of the many worthy episodes in the johto arc. I loved Brock's flirting with the Kimono sisters especially the ones where he says that his love sounded plucky and that the last sister was his Moccachino (The last part had me chuckling gleefully). Since this would be found on the All-stars DVD I would call this a bit of an episode for Misty as it would go into character development for Sakura and Misty as it has the scence where they talk about what life is like being the youngest sister. Overall, quite hilarious.
  • Kimono sisters!

    The Kimono Sisters makes it's actual apperarence here! I really enjoy this episode because it's just like in the games! You battle all Kimono Sisters to see if you're worthy of an opponent. Just like here, it's an intense battle, yet TR ruins the battle and simply takes all Eevee evolution Pokemon.
  • The reason this eppisode and eppisode Espeon, Not Included are my ultimate favorite eppisodes? The Eevee Family of course!

    This is my favorite Pokemon installment! It uses awesome sisters and my favorite pokemon!

    In this eppisode, Ash and friends meet up w/ super cool sisters, who have 100% PERFECT taste in pokemon! Each sister has an evolved form of Eevee, but Sakura, the youngest sister, who still has an Eevee. The sisters are Satauki, who has a Jolteon, Sumomo who has a Vaporeon (you go girl! you got the best evolved form!), Tamayo who has an Umbreon, and Comay who has a Flareon. And of course, they become part of Team Rocket's plan to capture the eevee and it's evolved forms to impress the boss, and as usual, get blown away by our buddy Pikachu.

    mainly I love this eppisode because I get to see the Eevee Family! My ultimate favorite Pokemon, especialy Vaporeon! A wonderful eppisode for Eevee & Evolutions fans like me! ^^