Season 11 Episode 37

Up Close and Personable!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jan 10, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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On the third day of Summer Academy everyone is assigned to choose a Water-Type Pokémon that lives in the nearby lake, research it, and bring back a report on it at the end of the day. When a strange, blue light from across the lake seems to be hypnotizing Pokémon that look at it, and Angie's Shinx goes missing, Ash and friends decide to investigate.moreless

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  • Although a filler, not bad. Ash & Co. continue their stay at the Summer School & a strange light hypnotizes the Pokemon.

    Ash & Co. quickly head into the lake to find a water Pokemon. A Dewgong suits Ash but fails. Angie fails as well. Brock & Dawn aren't satisfied either. Conway follows them and after a strange light shines, Pikachu follows the light, only to be stopped by Ash. They follow this light and end up in a cavern. They see a Pokemon called Lumineon. Jessie then comes in and calls out her Yanmega. Ash & Co. manage to not recognize her & Conway battles her using Slowking. Jessie is defeated & Ash & Co. use Lumineon as their report. They get full credit but because they journeyed out of bounds, they lose points.moreless
  • It's the second episode of the Summer School Arc, and the third day of Pokemon Summer Academy, and things are getting even more exciting!

    With all of the excitement of the first two days at the Pokemon Summer Academy in the past, it's time for "something different", as Prof. Rowan states it, on Day 3! All of the students are gathered by a large lake, teaming with a huge variety of Water Type Pokemon. Rowan explains that today's assignment is to choose any Water Type Pokemon they wish, and study it, bringing back a report at the end of the day, which will be scored. They can work alone, or in groups. They're not allowed, however, to stray far from the lake without permission, or catch any of the pokemon, since they're all still being researched. With much gusto, Ash, Dawn, Brock and Angie, along with Pikachu, Piplup and Angie's Shinx, set off to work together.

    The group come across a pair of Lanturn Boats, which Ash thinks would be great for getting up close to the Water Pokemon. Suddenly, a blue light flashes from across the lake, which is seen by no one but Ash, as well as Pikachu, who seems to get in a sort of hypnotized state, and wanders off in the direction the light came from. Ash notices this, and manages to snap Pikachu out of it by giving it a little shake. Ash and Angie take the first Lanturn Boat, and Dawn and Brock take the second. Meanwhile, Jessie, still disguised as Jessilinda, is relaxing in a Lapras Boat, having all of her "boy slaves" do all the work for her, which they are glad to do. James and Meowth are watching from the shore, and they're worried that Jessie may have forgotten that they're really here to steal the school's pokemon.

    All different kinds of Water Types are swimming and moving about, and when Ash sees a Dewgong, he decides he'll study that. Angie sees a Sealeo, and chooses that pokemon for herself to study. In the other boat, Dawn sees a Gorebyss she thinks is beautiful, but when she's about to take out her Pokedex to see it's description, Conway sneaks up in a rowboat, and beats the 'dex to the punch. He explains to Dawn that all of his "encyclopedic knowledge" is hers for the asking, then rows away. After a sweat-drop moment, Dawn decides to study the Gorebyss, while Brock chooses a Chinchou. Ash and Angie are studying the Dewgong and Sealeo, but when the two pokemon go in the opposite direction of where the two rivals are sitting, they bash heads together, each yelling that they should go the way their pokemon went. They finally get close to the pokemon, after a switch to a scene showing James and Meowth enjoying themselves in the wonderful weather immensely. Ash and Angie both made sketches of the pokemon, but they both think each other's look bad. So Ash decides to actually dive into and swim in the water to get closer to the pokemon. Angie, Dawn and Brock do the same. Swimming with the Water Types did just the trick, and after a creepy moment of Conway "stalking" Dawn underwater from below, our heroes return to shore.

    The group discuss their report, while Conway sneaks up on Dawn yet again to offer her his help. But while all of this is going on, the same blue light from across the lake flashes once again, this time getting Angie's Shinx, and there's no one to notice and snap it out of wandering off like a zombie... Ash gets up, ready to get back to work, but Angie then notices that Shinx is gone. The group goes in search of Angie's missing pokemon, and this time, everyone sees the blue light, which gets Piplup this time! Dawn brings it back, and Ash explains that the same thing happened with Pikachu. Conway sneaks up yet again, and says that in this case, "the legend" might be true. He explains that there has long been a legend about this lake, saying that whenever that blue light flashes, pokemon disappear. Our heroes decide that they have to go in the direction of the light. Conway warns them that they're not supposed to go far from the lake, but since Dawn went too, he decides to go as well. James and Meowth overhear this whole conversation, and decide that the blue light must be treasure, and go off to find Jessie.

    Ash and the others go off, too, and not knowing where the light came from, Conway sneaks up yet another time, and says it was directly North-West. Meanwhile, Jessie is getting a relaxing massage from her "slave boys", when James and Meowth come up, beckoning her to follow. The sky gets stormy as our heroes arrive near a cave. Conway says he'll protect Dawn, but right after a flash of lightning, he runs off screaming into the cave. Everyone else decides to take shelter there, too, and when the same light glows from it's depths, Conway remembers the legend also stating "the blue light coming from the back of the green cave". They all decide to go deeper into it, and the light flashes again, getting Pikachu once more before Ash wakes it up. The group come to a lake in the back of the cave, the light shining brighter than ever! After catching Piplup, and Dawn waking it again, the light gets closer, leaps out of the water, and reveals itself... as a Lumineon!

    Dawn takes out her Pokedex, but Conway beats it once more, and realizes that Lumineon shouldn't be dwelling in a place like this. Just then, Shinx walks out from behind a rock! Angie runs and snaps Shinx out of it, relieved that it's alright. Brock then says that since they don't know why Lumineon is here, it would be the perfect pokemon to write a report on. Everyone agrees, but then, "Jessilinda" shows up, declaring that the Lumineon is perfect for her because of it's beauty, and decides to catch it, and write a report on it. Ash and Dawn yell that it's against the rules to catch the pokemon in the area, and that they found it first, but Jessilinda doesn't care, and says she'll "catch what she wants to catch". Dawn mutters that that sounds like a Team Rocket line... Gee, Dawn, you think so? Anyway, Jessie sends out Yanmega for battle. Everyone gets ready, but Conway steps in saying he'll take care of it, even dedicating the battle to Dawn. After sending out his Slowking, the battle begins!

    Jessie orders a Sonicboom from Yanmega, but Conway tells Slowking to use Protect, which cancels out the effect. Dawn complements on how strong Slowking's move was, and Conway, flattered, gets even more motivated and tells Slowking to use Water Pulse, which hits Yanmage head on. Jessie gets angry, and commands a Steel Wing, but Slowking Protects itself again, throwing the big bug back. For the final move, Conway tells Slowking to use Psychic, which sends Yanmega flying into Jessie, and both of them out of the cave, ending the battle quickly. James, Meowth and Wobbuffet pick the two up, and dash out of the scene, leaving just an empty tunnel to out heroes when they arrive.

    The group go back to study the Lumineon, but find it was chased away by all of the noise. Ash sends out Buizel so the two can go underwater to find out where it went, but they just find an underwater tunnel... Back at the surface, Brock discovers something, but Ash and Buizel just come up to say that they only found that tunnel. Brock then makes a deduction, and explains that the underwater tunnel must connect to the ocean, where Lumineon lives, and that it must come here to feed on a special seaweed he just found, that Water Type Pokemon love. And since no other pokemon comes here, and a lot of the seaweed has been eaten, it must be the Lumineon! Concluding that's they'll have a great report to share, everyone leaves the cave, to find that the rain stopped. After witnessing a gorgeous rainbow, Ash, Dawn, Brock, Angie and Conway all head back to the school to share their report on Lumineon.

    After announcing it to the school, Prof. Rowan gives them a full ten points for an exceptional report. However, since they broke the rules and wandered off from the lake, he subtracts four points from each of them. In the evening, Ash and his friends are cleaning the school's windows while discussing the day. And with hope that they'll all see the Lumieon again someday, Day 3 ends; but the stay at the Pokemon Summer Academy continues!

    A great episode, and although it was creepy seeing Conway sneak up on Dawn and "stalk" her all the time, the episode was still really awesome, and seeing Lumineon for the first time was cool, too. But the excitement of the Summer School Arc is only half-way through, so it's time for the next suspenseful adventure for our heroes and Angie!moreless
Zoe Martin

Zoe Martin


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Bill Timoney


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Jimmy Zoppi

Jimmy Zoppi

Professor Rowan

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