Season 7 Episode 1

What You Seed is What You Get

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 11, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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What You Seed is What You Get
Ash and friends begin their journey to Fallarbor Town, so May can compete in another Contest. In a field of rare Watmel Berries, Ash battles with the protector of the Watmels to strengthen his Treecko and make it learn new abilities.

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  • Best way to start a good season. Treecko learns Bullet Seed.

    On their way to Fallarbor Town they stop beside a river and take a break, then they see a bunch of Watermelons flowing down the river (of course it was TR's fault, they tried to steal watermelons but failed and fell into the river so that's why Ash and co. got it) then Ash tries to teach Treecko the Bullet Seed attack, but as Treecko could launch it a real strong Bullet Seed comes firing to them made by a Grovyle, Treecko's evolved form, then the owner of the melons, named Natasha, accused them of stealing the watermelons. Then her Electrode said it was not them then everything was settled. Natasha and Ash had a 2-on-2 battle but was paused by TR after getting rid of them they finished the battle but Ash lost. Then at the end Treecko learns Bullet Seedmoreless
  • Kind of Boring

    I found this episode to be a tad bit on the boring side. An episode about someone protecting watermeleons? How can that be entertaining? The only real good part the double battle and the battle between Treecko and Grovyle, now that was a really awesome battle. Thank goodness Team Rocket was in this episode, otherwise I would have fallen asleep! It was also nice that Treecko learned Bullet Seed, that was cool, like the final scene. Overall, this is a boring that episode that could easily put you to sleep after a while. I didn't find much of it to be entertaining.moreless
  • w00t. Season 7 is finally on CN...

    So Ash and the whole squad are leaving Mauville and argue whether to go to Fallabor Town or LavaRidge Town. In the end, May wins to go to Fallabor, but it doesn't matter, as they soon run into a watermelon patch, and Ash is trying to get Treecko to learn Bullet Seed. Good luck, Ash! He tries to get Treecko to shoot watermelon seeds for practice, but Natasha shows up and blames them for being Pillagers, when it's actually Team Rocket, stealing them with a giant Cacnea. Team Rockets blasts off, and a double battle, yes, you heard it here, folks, Treecko & Corphish v.s. Slugma & Groyvle. Well, Corphish and Slugma are down for the count, and Groyvle's Bullet Seed is more powerful, but Treecko did learn a technique. It had the battle and the adventure. Truly Pokemon.moreless

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