Season 5 Episode 30

Whichever Way the Wind Blows

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Mar 22, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Whichever Way the Wind Blows
Ash and friends arrive at a windy grassy plain. They meet a guy named Steve who tells that that a lot of Gloom live in the field. Also, the winds are somehow able to evolve them. If the wind blows from the Northeast, they will evolve into Bellossom, and if the wind comes from the Northeast it will cause them to evolve into Vileplume. Both sets of pokémon love to be in sunlight, and this is causing conflicts between the two types and they are always fighting. Ash and friends decide to help by trying to stop the constant fighting. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is planning on attacking in order to steal all of the Pokémon.moreless

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    The last destination on the list before Ash can get to the Johto League championship, is Blackthorn city. And as usual, there's a lot of things to do between where he is and his destination. After walking along the route for a moment, the gang encounters a few Oddish knocked out in the grass. They wonder what's going on before something comes towards them. It's a whole army of Bellossom! Soon something else comes up on the other side, and it's an army of Vileplumes! They wonder what's going on until they soon engage into a large fight. Ash decides to take a stand in this and sends out Bayleef. He tells her to use Vine Whip, which seperates the two sides. Ash scolds at them for a while, then the two sides walk off.

    Someone soon rushes over towards them, it looks like a professor. He picks up the three Oddish that was there from before and notice that there's also some company. He says he's the local professor around here, and lately he's been studying the actions of the Pokemon here. He takes them to his place to explain the situation. The professor's name is Saiga, and he's an expert on grass type Pokemon. Apparently the area is a big field with a tree in the middle. This whole conflict started because one side is designated for Bellossoms, the other for Vileplumes. Now each side loves the sunlight, but because of the tree, one side gets shade, the other sun. Each time this happens, one tries to butt in on either side and a fight erupts.

    Saiga's been trying to find a solution to the mess before his Oddish evolve. They go outside for a moment to look at the effects once more. One area has most of the Glooms around.. they soon evolve into Bellossoms and Vileplumes. (Don't ask why or how, it just is) Some of them went to their side of the field, while only one or two went to a different place, where a small group of Vileplume and Bellossom where there, in harmony! Misty wonders what's with that group and the professor really can't explain it. Soon another fight starts to break out, except this time they go into as far releasing powders! Saiga hands them all a mask to cover their mouths and noses. Ash sends out Bayleef to settle this fight and all it takes once more is a Vine Whip. This is just going a bit too far...

    Some ways away resides Team Rocket spying upon them. Their attention is drawn towards the whole mess of Bellossom and Vileplume, looks like they can score a big one here. Just that they have to watch out for Ash...

    The professor and the gang head back into the house of his. They're pretty frustrated though, but maybe, they could use that small group of that was sitting out to influence the rest of Pokemon to act peacefully to one another. Just then, something outside was happening, another fight! They go out there and Ash once again tries to stop it, but someone else seems to be there, Team Rocket! Team Rocket laughs as they try to commence their plan, only a bit too late seeing that the two sides have already started their march on the war. The three Rockets get caught in the fight and Wobbuffet pops out just outside. Of course, mean as Jesse is, pops it back in the fray. Ash and Misty send out some Pokemon this time to try to resolve this fight. Ash using Totodile and Misty using Poliwhirl, both shot a spray of water towards the fight.

    The sides stopped fighting and soon wondered what happened. Misty starts to talk, about how stupid their fighting is and why can't they just get along. She mentions that small group that was still sitting out. The two sides look at each other for a minute and then towards the group. They couldn't find a truce that easily. With this, Team Rocket had alittle something in mind with the pause. Jesse and James had those infamous vacuums they used. It was turned on and soon it started sucking up both sides. That small group of Bellossom and Vileplume soon took action. They used a Razor Leaf attack towards them, but Jesse had Arbok deflect those with Poison Pin. Ash called out Bayleaf once more to settle this score as Bayleaf used Razor Leaf herself. That Razor Leaf was towards the vacuum's bag, releasing all the Bellossom and Vileplume. Soon with everyone out, they all attack with unison towards Team Rocket. Pikachu soon delivered the final blow with a Thunderbolt.

    Soon the field is left at peace as both sides arranged an agreement with each other. The Professor thanks Ash and the gang for all his help, and Ash goes off towards the route.moreless

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