Season 1 Episode 50

Who Gets to Keep Togepi?

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Mar 27, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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Who Gets to Keep Togepi?
Continuing onto the next gym, Ash and friends stop by a pokémon center where Nurse Joy gives Ash a message from Professor Oak. Ash calls him, and the Professor offers to give Ash's pokédex an upgrade, which he accepts. After they leave the center, they encounter Team Rocket, who disguise themselves as eggs thieves. They mix up all their fake eggs with the egg Ash found, and they grab it an run off. However, they leave a trail of eggs behind them and Ash and friends follow them to a cabin where an all out battle ensues for the egg. During the battle, the egg hatches, revealing the pokémon Togepi. However, no one can decide who gets to keep it. To solve the problem, Ash, Misty, Brock, and Meowth decide to hold a tournament to decide Togepi's owner.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Debut of Togepi

    For a debut episode it wasn't particularly amazing... The real star of this episode is Misty who winds up with Togepi at the end. It's also a nice lead-in to "Princess vs. Princess"(even though it wasn't meant to be that way).

    Grade B+
  • The battle for Togepi.

    The gang was just passing by when then stop at the Pokemon Center for a break. They recieved a message from Professor Oak. They called Professor Oak. He talked about the upgraded Pokedex. Ash upgraded his Pokedex. Then TR decides that they want to get it. They stole the egg by using other eggs to fool the Ash and the gang. It worked. Meowth took care of it. Then the egg hatched. It hatched into a Togepi. They decide who gets to keep the egg by battling. Meowth battle Brock. Meowth won. Ash battled Misty and on. The final match was Ash VS Meowth. Ash beat Meowth with his Pikachu so Ash gets to keep the egg. Togepi was like hugging Misty. Dexter said that that the first person it sees think it is its mother, so Misty gets to keep Togepi.moreless
  • The battle for the new prized Pokemon!

    This episode was really great because Ash, Misty, Team Rocket, and Meowth face each other to see who would keep Togepi because they did all their jobs raising and caring for it. But Misty keeps it because it was the one who Togepi saw when it hatched. Meowth was very upset that he lost and left the scene. But at least they fought and that's what's important.
Stan Hart

Stan Hart

Professor Oak

Recurring Role

Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Kanto Pokédex

Recurring Role

Megan Hollingshead

Megan Hollingshead

Nurse Joy

Recurring Role

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