Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 27, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • great episode

    Our heroes follow the Wobbuffet to a village where everyone has a Wobbuffet, the Pokémon that looks, well, constipated on the other side of town, Team Rocket is hiding in the bushes with their Wobbuffet, when they are spotted by a local villager who gives them food and a headband to Wobbuffet. Team Rocket, ever ungrateful, plots to steal the entire supply of festival food. Meanwhile a group of three guys are plotting to kick some Wobbuffet hide with their fighting Pokémon.

    Meanwhile, Wobbuffet are dropping left and right, and our heroes run into Team Rocket, who is promptly accused In any event, the real bullies are confronted, who were beaten away last year by a trainer's strong Wobbuffet and vowed revenge.
    The townspeople sent for the trainer and the local Officer Jenny Back at the site, our heroes find out that Pokémon battles are not allowed in town during the festival, out of respect for Wobbuffet's Second-Strike status. As such, the gang proceeds to destroy the giant Wobbuffet statue in the middle of town. Since battles are not allowed, only one rgoup of people can stop this madness-Team Rocket Yes, they beat back the vandals, then go back to their balloon.
    They might have gotten away with stealing the food, too, except their bag has a tear in it. They are promptly grounded, but show little concern, as they believe they are still under the no-battle rule. However, Officer Jenny states that that law no longer applies, as they have left the city limits
  • How can you say they\'re evil now?

    In this episode of Pokemon, Ash and co. reach a festival, cleverly called Wobbapalooza, which repesents the significance of, you guessed it, WOBBUFFET!

    Team Rocket are also on board. For the food, anyway. Later on, there are reports of a trio of lowlifes pummeling away on the Wobbuffet. Ash (of freakin\' course) accuses Team Rocket of the said crime, without any proof at all. Instead, Team Rocket defeat the punks, despite a ban on Pokemon battles, with their very own Wobbuffet. Still, the battle isn\'t tolerated with the village, so they are asked to leave.

    They understand, and it is then revealed that they have been stealing food from the village. Misty\'s Staryu rips up the balloon, sending them several hundred feet away from the Wobbuffet Village. Ash and his pals, with Officer Jenny, catch TR, who are confident that they can\'t be blasted off this time because the tradition won\'t accept that. However, since they\'re not the village grounds, the rule is waived as Ash proceeds to shock the Rockets yet again.

    Later that night Ash and co. are invited to spend the night celebrating, in spite of the impending Johto Journey. That\'s about it.

    Wait just a sec! How is battling off grounds allowed. Wouldn\'t it still violate the spirit of the festival, which is what tradition is all about?

    I guess cheating, stealing, lying, bullying, philandering, and harming of any kind is easily forgiven in the Pokemon World, just as long as there\'s no red R on your clothing.